MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: Batting Stance Creator | PS4

STEVE MERKA: Hey everyone,
Steve Merka here for MLB The Show 18. And welcome to the first MLB The
Show Monday powered by GameStop. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] New to the show 18,
Batting Stance Creator. Want to get your hands
up high over your head? We got you. Like a little bat wiggle? Go for it. You will have control of
hand positioning, hip, elbow, and
front foot placement. Did someone’s batting stance
change during the season and it’s not in the game? Create it. We think you will really
enjoy the level of control, and we can’t wait to see
the stances that you make. Do you like home run
celebrations? We know we did. And in The Show 18, players will
now react accordingly to the impact of their home run. Because let’s face it, a home
run that ties the game is way different than a home run
in the middle of a blowout. Did you catch the Cub’s pitchers dancing in the bullpen
last year? So did we. And now they’re in the game
along with other team-specific celebrations. And, of course, we have Aaron
Judge’s celebrations and the Judge’s Chamber. Our pitching animations have
been improved to reflect a more natural and fluid motion, with more realistic arm slots
and releases. This year you will experience
a more diverse atmosphere including fog and improved rain. But what is rain
without rain delays? That’s right.
We have rain delays. Now if your game gets
postponed due to rain, you will have some decisions to
make when the weather clears. Well, that’s it for me. Make sure to join us next week. And make sure to preorder
MLB The Show 18 to receive ten standard packs,
one legend card, in addition to being able to
pick up your copy on March 23rd. Preorder from GameStop and
receive their exclusive five standard packs, bringing
your total to 15 packs.

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