Modi Must Learn From Khadeeja & Abdullah…

Assalam O Alikum my name is Mubasher Lucman and you are watching Mubasher Lucman youtube channel Today’s video is for Narendar Modi and all of you that are watching this video should forward it so much that even narendar modi receives it and that man should feel ashamed for all the anti-muslim work that he is doing there the extent to which he has made India a living hell for muslims that now you cannot help but pray that Allah gives India another 14th August 1947 so that modi and others who think like him, the followers of hindutva should come to know the disservice that they have done with India and not just with muslims in Kerala a state in India, where a muslim couple married off their adopted hindu daughter, which is being presented as an example of religious harmony that girl was Rajeshwari her father was a coolie at Kerala railway station and used to come to Abdullah’s house for work -Abdullah, her adoptive father- that is how Abdullah knew Rajeshwari then both of Rajeshwari’s parents died and Rajeshwari was alone in the world no one was willing to care for her, she was poor … the poor girl who knows how many millions such people are there in India Abdullah and his family brought her to their home and Abdullah and his wife Khadija they raised Rajeshwari just like their own daughter and they cherished her and loved her just like a father or a mother does for their own child a hindu girl was brought up, and grew to adulthood in a muslims home, but she was never coerced to change her religion she remained a hindu and when it was time for her to wed, not only did her adoptive parents find her a hindu boy to wed, as per their status, moreover, on demand by the boy’s family she was married in a temple of her choice with all their religious ceremonies being observed and Rajeshwari’s relatives were also invited to this wedding her other relatives and they also felt ashamed that they could also have fostered her, but she was raised in a muslim home, and today they are standing there in the mandir with her for her wedding for her ‘seven steps ritual’ (saptapadi), in front of the pandit and when departing (bride and groom), Abdullah and Khadija had tears in their eyes, tears of joy, like all parents have for their daughters in a way, she became their real daughter on the one hand you have Abdullah and Khadija, who were such role models that the world is full of praise for them and on the other hand you have Narendar Modi and his hindutva thinking that has made the lives of muslims dire in Kashmir and converted the Kashmir valley into the world’s biggest jail. it is 201 days now, their troubles are endless one has to wonder if they even consider them humans or not Narendar Modi first abolished article 370, changed the constitutional status of Kashmir and then made all of Kashmir a jail the occupied valley has been in Indian-lockdown for 200 days now, today is the 201st day, and communication channels are down as a matter of course, but let me tell you, this morning, even the VPN services have been shutdown, VPN where you can use proxies to log on to websites, because they have said that you can only access 5-6 websites from here on the internet, and if you try to access any another through VPN, a new law has been enforced now, that for a period of two years, without any formal charges, courts, or even witnesses you can be locked-up for two years this according to the **** act, they will be tried and charged, amnesty international executive director in India opposed the shutting down of VPN services and said, to prevent access to social media, Indian police is using an extremely harsh and horrific law and to top it off, Kashmiri leaders who favoured India have also been locked up are you satisfied now! are you at peace now! you had so many examples for India; india secular this, india secular that … that image of secularism has been shattered now, according to Kashmir media service, Farooq Abdullah Omar abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and Shah Faisal have already been arrested under PSA it will not be applied; it has already been applied, and now Indian minister for Hone-Affairs Amit Shah has for the settlement of hindus in occupied Kashmir, set aside 10 separate areas are you happy now! under the leadership of Narendar Modi, the hindutva governement has crossed all limits to change the population ratio in Occupied Kashmir they want to get so many people settled over here, so that the hindu population exceeds the muslim population so that they can say that the valley is not muslim majority, it is hindu majority according to ‘south asia wire’, the Indian Home Minister has announced that the Delhi government will provide a separate settlement for hindus in Occupied Jammu & Kashmir for hindus what an odd thing, that the heirs of the valley, heirs for many centuries, have been imprisoned whereas in their stead, the settlement of hindus in their areas is accomplishing the hindutva philosophy on the other hand, BJP government by introducing the black law of the citizens act has started acting on their plan for discriminating against muslims protests are ongoing across the country against Modi’s citizenship act all across India, and not only muslims but hindus also are out on the roads against Narendar Modi’s and BJP’s disgraceful thinking and they are a protest embodied in Kashmir slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ were shouted of course, and now because of the exploits of Modi they are being shouted in India as well and today a girl was sentenced to jail there, who shouted the slogan of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and her best friend was arrested because she had not reported her previously for her beliefs this happened there, no trial, no nothing … and recently in Bangalore in south India in a protest against Narendar Modi one, another hindu woman was arrested for chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ during a protest she too has been charged with treason this woman was participating in a protest against the controversial citizenship act in India and fine … she did it … and a hindu extremist group went to that girl’s house and they surrounded her family members and the girls parents and relatives were forced to shout slogans of … weird slogans no one knows what these hindutva indoctrinated people will do to the girl and her family because when the butcher of Gujrat will be in government, then who will protect the people, the claimants of the world’s biggest democracy India is currently the world’s biggest autocracy where an alliance of BJP and RSS had created an atmosphere of fear now the reality of Narendar Modi is clear for the world to see and his black and sick face is visible to all American commission USCIRF, that observes circumstances of religious freedom abroad, issued their annual report on wednesday in which they said that religious violence is rising very rapidly in India the controversial citizenship act CAA, and NRC were presented as examples of discrimination on the basis of religion the american commission also said that NRC was made specifically for discrimination against muslims in the state of Assam an updated registry of the NRC was issued following which the citizenship of 1.9 million people was brought into question because their names are not included in the citizens registry and this report says that after the CAA was passed protests were held in many places in India at a grand scale and the government dealt with the protestors in a draconian manner the report also raised questions about the NPR NPR is worrying because it is feared that through this law, the government will prepare registers about the citizens on a religious basis which can be detrimental to the muslims now let me tell you … look at what a huge spectacle this is Indian Kabaddi team came to Pakistan to participate in the world kabaddi championships not only did they disown the team, they said India does not have a team they said we are not going to do it, they realised it only in hindsight every single immigration officer that stamped their visas and the policemen who gave them a police clearance report they have all been dismissed there are about 2-3 dozen people in every shift, cases of treason have been filed against every single one of them and what are we doing here? that on the opening of PSL we are calling a girl from India here, that she is going to conduct the opening ceremony we also need to shake people and wake them up, we tell everyday that this happened in kashmir, such and such happened to muslims there it seems to have been relegated to the status of just a news item only the person going through it, knows what it’s like ask those muslims, appreciate your country and may by the grace of Allah, India experience 14th August 1947 repeatedly only then will they be satisfied you are watching Mubasher Lucman youtube channel, until the next time, Allah Hafiz.

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  1. عمران خان نے چین کو بڑی پیشکش کر دی۔۔کرونا وائرس پاکستان کے تین ہمسایہ ممالک میں پہنچ گیا

  2. Aoa sir.
    Jis pay guzar ri ha woi janta ha pal pal marrna Jena Kia ha
    Warna.maot ghar walon ki hoti ha logon K liya Mela
    Allah Har muslman py rahmat Kary

  3. مبشر صاحب دوسروں کو سبق دینے کی بجائے. یہ سبق اپنے آپ کو اور اپنے ہم وطنوں کو دیں. یہ taunt نہیں ہے مشورہ ہے.

  4. Aap jaise logo ke lakho vedio milte hain modi ji ko bhai.. Galat afvahe faili hai.. Modi ji bure nhi hai. Muslima bahut achhe hain yahan jitne aap log pkistan me hain.. Yakin nhi tho kabhi dekho aake balki hindu pareshan hai Dhuki hai gareeb hai

  5. थू,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,है रे पाकियो तुम पर🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. اسلام علیکم
    مبشر بھایُ
    ہمارے پیارے نبی حضرت محمد کریم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے صحابہ کرام رضوان اللہ علیھم اجمعین کو ایک دعا ارشاد فرمایُ تھی کہ کسی مصیبت زدہ کو دیکھ کر پڑھنے سے آپ اس مصیبت سے محفوظ رہ سکتے ہیں ۔
    آپ کے تو کافی لنکس ہیں کیا آپ ہمارے چینی دوستوں کو اس دعا کے پڑھنے کی تلقین کر سکتے ہیں ہو سکتا ہے کہ جب وہ اس دعا کی برکت سے اس بیماری سے محفوظ ہو جایُیں تو اللہ تعالی انکے دلوں کو بھی پھیر دے۔
    دعا یہ ہے ۔
    الحمدللہ الذی عافانی مماابتلاک بہ وفضلنی علی کثیر ممن خلق تفضیلا۔
    ترمذی شریف حدیث نمبر 3353

  7. wo sab thik hai .Tum pahele apna govt ko bolo apna students ko china se wapas lane ke liye. Tum per lanat hai apna students ko marne ke liye chod diya. Kuch sarm karo.

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  10. Mubasshir sir aap ki help chahye hm students ko!! Fazaia Ruth Pfau medical college, Karachi k admissions mein corruption huwi hai merit list k bghair he seats fill kr diye gye hain aur classes shuru hogyi hain aur hmain behlany k liye keh rhy hain k pmdc walon ny admissions rokay huway hain puray pakistan mein! Plz bhai hmri madad krain yeh log hmry future k sath khel rhy hain sirf ap he daring anchor hain jo is issue ko solve krny mein hmri help kr skty hain 😢

  11. We Indian's just learned from Pakistan what you used Shah ghlani to brain washed Kashmir Muslims and killed many Kashmir pundits and kicked out 500, 000 Kashmir pundits this is just pay back take as lessons for Muslims and Pakistan

  12. Pakistan June 2020 tak FATF Ki grey list main hai raha ga

    Mzeed jana ka lia mara channel visit karain

    Video achi laga tu subscribe bhai karain

    Thank you

  13. Pakistan me lakho hindu ladkiyo ko kidnap karke mussalmano ke saath jabran shadi karvai ja chuki he. Apko Iska kabhi dard nahi hua kya ?

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  15. hahahaaa Phir jali teri gand – tere gand main sirf musalmano ka hi dard hai – abbe tharki – Tu kya 1 example de raha hai – abbe gandu hum tho 1947 se musalmano ko paal rehe hai – Aur rahi baat 1947 tu 1971 ki phikar kar jo phir se hone wala hai – Aur tum log tho vo kom ho jo apne student ko dis own kar liya – China main zindagi aur maut se lad raha hai – Aur ek baat bata 1947 main 12% Hindu Pakistan main the aur aaj 0.2% – kahan gaye – Abbe tharki Lucamn phele apne gand ki ched dekh phir dusro ki dekhna – Aur jo tu betke youtube main duaa karta hai na – beta abb waqt aa gaya hai teri gand se dhua nikalne ka – wait for next 1971- And congrats once again for remaining in grey list in FATF


  17. Ap k videos k notification nai mil rhy me already subscriber b hn bel icon b press kia hoa hy wo b all pr but notification nai mil rhy

  18. When you talk to them on the media, when you do not say anything to them, when you stop speaking, when you have taken money, what have you done to those people, how can we deal with India on our behalf, India will work for us Let us be the most devastated in India, we have got to know someone from India. Our Pakistan is Pakistan. People go away leaving Gurbat and they go hungry, you do not talk to us. I believe that people are dying of hunger in India. They make our country so poor that they tell everyone in the world.

  19. مبشر لقمان صاحب آپکو اللہ کریم سلامت رکھے انڈیا ایک دہشتگرد کنٹری ہین اللہ پاک موڈی آور اسک ملوث ہیں انہی ظالموں کو ظلیل آور سب بڑا عذاب دیں۔ سوال ہے کشمیر کیسے آزاد ہوگا ۔۔ کیاجنگ یا دائلاک اتنا صبر اللہ اکبر جل جلال ھو۔ جیوپاکستان

  20. majority indian hindu ki modi ka modi ki tarha ka he mind hai. had ho gai hai zulam ki sir hum apny ap ko bay bas samj rahay hain kya karain hum Allah sb muslamno ki hifazat farmaye ameen

  21. mubashar lucman sir china ne virus bnaya dushman ke liye lekin khud china ka beda gark ho gya .india ko torne ke sapne lene walo tumhara apna desh tutne wala he apni kher manao .
    bahut jyada dard ho raha he na indian Muslims ka ? yahi musalman pakistan ko khak me mila denge .
    haram khoro zulm vo he jo vuhan me pakistani students ke sath ho raha he .

  22. India is very near to be a huge collapse which is inhumane because of this beast of modi … INSHA ALLAH soon Allah will give freedom to our Kashmiri brothers and sisters … We all need to pray from the depth of our heart….. Pakistan zindabad … Kashmir baneyga Pakistan … Pak army zindabad ISI zindabad….

  23. Hahahhahah………… dua karne se kuchh nahihoga tu jihad kar ……. to pata chale………. Aur khadija ne kya kya kiya woh tuze kya pata ? Tu khud kaise musla bana woh pata hai tuze ?

  24. HISTORY IS REPEATING it self. MOZIE forgot why MOHAMMAD BIN QASIM came to SINDH 1400 years ago, because there was a MOZIE of that time and he needed to be KICK on his A$$, and then MUSLIM RULED the region for a longggg time. Get ready MOZIE another MOHAMMAD BIN QASIM is getting ready.

  25. Ek bar thappar khaa ke tera mann nahi bhada tereko jutte padenge ab mubasher lavde 😅😂🤣 jaa ukhadna hai ukhaad le but TUKDAYE PAKISTAN hona to allah ne tumare kismat me likh diya hai, Bhikmange saale pehle apni larkiyoon ko to chinese se bachha le jo wo tere porkistan se unhe lija ke china me chudva rahe hai prostitution karva rahe hain ispe to tune ek bhi video nahi banayi dalle!!

  26. Pakistani apna mu bnd rkhe to zyada behtar h ye hmari ldai h or hm mazbuti se lad bhi rahe h apki tarah nashukri or wavela ni macha rahe

  27. Kashmir panditoki jameen hai, ghusbethi mushlim panditon ki zameen pe kabza kiya hua hai. abhi sehi waqt hai zameen wapas leke panditon ko basana hai aur ghusbathio ko laat marke nikalna hai. Modi hamara hero hai. Modi aur amit saha ke jaga koi nahin le sakta. Kash yeh log bees saal pehle aa jate. Suna hai ki pakistan ki hukumat ne sari anaz bech diya hai. wazir ne jadu tona se desh chala raha hai jo haal hoga.

  28. Sir mai Kashmir me 2 din ki liya Internet services bahal kar skta hon or usko India 2 din se phely band nahi kar skta …I'm challenge to india

  29. Kashmiri Pandit ke bare me battyen jara…. Kaise raat ke andher me log ko kashmir chor kar vagna para…. Kaise Masjid se loudspeaker me bataya ja raha tha… Kashmiri pandit Aapni aurato ko chor kar kashmir se bahar chalen jayee…. Kyun ki Kashmiri musalman kashmir chahte hain aur kashmir pandito ke auraat….. Bastard stop reporting Indian news.. For people like u muslims r hated worldwide….everyone knows issues r there in Kashmir…. But u won't talk about muslim atrocities.. U will spin a different stories around them…. Stop talking about Hindus u don't have any idea about Hindu or hindutva….u r not a journalist… U r a bastard… Who can say anything for acquiring subscriber

  30. Sir, aap log to apne ki nahi ho sake.. To hamein nasihyat mat dia karo. Aapne apne bachchon ko china se nahi nikalte aur dusro ko samjhane ja rahe ho

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