Mom Hockey: Kathleen’s Story

I’m Kathleen Daniels and
I have two boys, 15 and 11. I’ve been playing hockey for about
nine and a half, 10 years. My oldest thought it’d
be funny if his mom tried to play hockey and didn’t
think I could do it. I always try to prove my kids wrong, so. I think both of ’em are proud of me. My youngest Joey, he thinks it’s awesome. It’s just special that she plays hockey and no other mom I know plays hockey. Their friends will be like, what? And then my kids will be,
“Yeah, she plays hockey.” It’s just different from
what a normal mom does usually. She’ll go to one of our games or practices, and she’ll come home and start
getting ready for her game. I mean I know they think
it’s cool that I play, but, at the same time,
they do like to tease me and pick on me and tell me the things that I need to improve on. She has good hockey sense
and is a decent passer. I’ve been told she has
a good backhand shot, but that was by her, so. She’s definitely a very
competitive person, just naturally that’s how she is. I did get a penalty this
year for the first time. I got a cross-checking penalty. I apologized. My hockey community is very important. I mean we’re friends and we
do have each other’s back whether it’s off the ice or on the ice. In the locker room, we talk
about just about anything. I mean we’ll talk about our week, sometimes we’ll talk about recipes. You know, before the game,
we’re talking about the game with the coach a little bit. Every Sunday night is my time to play. I know that it’s all about me finally. I think everybody needs
time for themselves. Watching my mom makes me feel proud. My favorite hockey player is my mom. Because she’s always working hard, and she’s always trying
to be the best she can be.

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