Mom Hockey

My favorite hockey player is. My favorite player is. My mom. My mom.
– My mom. My mom. My mom. There you go. I started playing hockey
because my son was into hockey, he was having a tough time, and I thought, well maybe
I need to try it, too. My oldest thought it’d be funny if his mom tried to play hockey, and didn’t think I could do it. I always try to prove my kids wrong, so. It’s my favorite sport, it’s my son’s favorite sport. It was my dad’s favorite
sport, it’s in our blood. Get your bags. A general day for us is pretty chaotic. So you have something
every single day next week. Hockey is that one thing
that I just look forward to all week long. Every Sunday night is my time to play. I know that it’s all about
me, finally. It’s just nice to get
on the ice and be able to not think about all the
other stuff in your world. You’re just focused on playing. Two, three, Queens! There’s a team I play
on, is the Ice Queens. We have some 20, 21-year-olds,
all the way up to 60. We hit the road. We play
teams from Chicago, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, just all over the place. It’s just different from what
a normal mom does, usually. She’ll go to one of
our games or practices, and she’ll come home and start
getting ready for her game. We’re gonna have
Kathleen and Catherine at center. People have an image of what a typical hockey
player might look like. Do you have a black eye,
you’re not missing a tooth. Queens, let’s go, woo woo! You know, I get my nails
done, I wear make-up, but, I still play hockey. Go mom! Go mom! Go! My son is just as supportive
of me playing hockey, as I am of him. Watching my mom makes me feel proud, it’s just special that she plays hockey.

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