21 thoughts on “Moment Jose Altuve was hit by pitch

  1. 1. Vacate the 2017 WS title ASAP. 2. Baseball will go on and slowly get it’s integrity back. 3. Hopefully no one fan, players or coaches will get critically injured.

  2. Hold up. All you sad ass people hoping someone gets hit because is a vague rule. Isn't stealing in baseball. And this sign stealing shit is ridiculous. If you are out there and we can steal your signs well too bad because your in the open and that what can happen. As. I have said before, "fans are the worse".

  3. In before Astros lead the majors in all-time number of batters hit by pitch…and have an historically great offense because of it. I hope not obviously, but kind of a funny thought.

  4. Sad. Now he regrets the cheating. That’s like sin. We enjoy it for a season, but pay for it later. Repent and trust in Jesus Christ

  5. Y’all are fucking pussies, don’t act like no other teams have been doing this shit, all these fucks are hypocrites smh

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