Monarch Butterfly Migration to Mexico by the MILLIONS!

Stacy’s being lazy. How you feeling? I’m exhausted and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Well we’re gonna go see the
butterflies today. We’ll only have like a mile straight uphill hike… see.. so it’s not that bad? Mr. Kitty what do you think about
the butterflies mmm? You wanna go see some butterflies? Well
you’re gonna be staying here actually but what do you think about butterrflies as a whole? What about mornings? why me? Mr. Kitty what are you doing? hey? They’re everywhere! They’re so beautiful
you probably can’t see them on camera but they are absolutely everywhere! You guys all I can say is what an
amazing experience that was probably the most surreal thing Thomas and I have
ever done. It was so breathtaking that we had a
hard time even filming it so I want to give you a little bit of a backstory as
to how it works if you want to go see the butterflies and what it cost and
kind of what the butterflies journey is like. lf you’ve never been to see the
butterflies you can actually see them in Mexico you can see them in Canada and I
believe there’s a small 30,000 butterfly population in Southern California that
you can see. Now there are three places in Mexico to go. We went to the one that
was closest to our campsite because the other was about a two to three hour
drive and hiked away. The one that we went to was about
45 minutes away in Valle de Bravo. It cost 70 pesos which is about three dollars and 32 cents a person and
then 30 pesos to park so about $1.50 to park. Super cheap experience and you have two options you can either hike up the mountain on foot or you can go by
horseback and the horseback was an additional fee we did not opt for that
so I can’t give you a price on that but it was additional I will say that hiking
was no easy feat if you are not in shape I would not recommend the hiking is
steep and some of us really really struggled how hard is it that’s how hard so we’re
the ones that convinced Dennis and Liz to walk instead of ride horses any
regrets no regrets as you can see Dennis and Liz had a hard
time we had a hard time and I think we’re in a little bit better shape than
them but I was definitely huffing and puffing all the way up that mountain so
it was not easy at all but once you’re up there it is completely completely
worth the hike now you cannot go on your own everybody has to go with a guide but
believe me that does not take away from the experience although everyone has a
guide they might not be very talkative because the majority of them speak
Spanish only so unless you speak Spanish you probably are gonna get much out of
your guide ours was a very very quiet guide unless Liz spoke to him he really
didn’t say much but that was okay he was extremely nice and eager to point out
areas for us to look at as you’re hiking up the mountain you will start to see
butterflies everywhere they start in small patches and it’s just a glimpse of
what you’re gonna see when you get to the top and when you get to the top I
just can’t even put into words how beautiful it really was we decided to go
mid morning around 10 o’clock in the morning and I would suggest mid-morning
absolutely even 11:00 might be better to get to the top around 11:00 11:30 and I
say that because you’ll have the opportunity to see the butterfly in all
of its different wondrous forms and what I mean by that is whenever you get up to
the top you will see them in huge clusters all over the trees when they’re
like this they’re basically sleeping it’s too cold
for them to fly around and you know be interactive you might even see one or
two that of into the ground and they might be
shivering it’s such a cool thing to see a butterfly shiver I’ve never seen it
before so they don’t like the cold they love whenever it heats up and when it
starts to heat up that’s when the magic happens and that’s when they just go
crazy and they’re flying all over the place you it was almost like watching a million
bats just fly out of a cave they were literally everywhere and when you’re up
there at the top of the mountain you are so quiet because you want to hear them
you want to hear the flaps of their wings and you don’t want to disturb the
other people who might be on a tour as well so it’s super peaceful very quiet
just an incredible experience after they’re done flying around and enjoying
the sunlight taking it all in that’s when they start getting a little hungry
and so you’ll see them eating nectar from the various flowers around and well
I like to believe they’re doing is getting energy ready because nothing was
really pg-13 about this mountain guys I have a huge secret for you butterflies
they like that’s right you guys these things have
loads of sex they’re having sex all over the place and it’s actually kind of
funny to watch because that’s basically who they are they wake up they enjoy the
sunshine they get their bellies full and they go and procreate so you’re gonna
see a lot of that and they have so much sex that they wind up sexing themselves
to death after they have sex they lay their eggs and then they all die so that
is another thing you will see at the top of that mountain tons and tons of dead
butterflies the journey of these guys is so neat I’m not an expert so I’m just
gonna give you a rough overview of what their life is like around March every
year they leave Mexico in the southern parts of the United States and they
start making their journey northward and some of them will go all the way up to
Canada it takes three generations for them to get up there the first
generation to leave Mexico flies north they lay their eggs and then they die
and then the next generation continues to fly north lay their eggs
and then they die this happens three times and I think that’s super
incredible because how do they know where they’re supposed to be going
that’s kind of the big mystery and then what happens is after that third
generation lays their last eggs they’re actually laying what’s called the super
butterfly the super butterfly is born they’re bigger than their parents and
grandparents and they live four times longer because instead of taking
multiple generations to go north back down the south way it only takes one
generation so these super butterflies leave the north they fly all the way
south and they’re not fertile at all they don’t have sex they don’t lay eggs
they just make the long journey down all the way to Mexico at that point
something in their biology changes and they become fertile again and so that’s
when they start this cycle of enjoying the sunshine eating great food in
procreating and then those butterflies will die off
and it will start all over again now the migration happens from Mexico
around every March and then from Canada around every October so if you’re trying
to see these amazing creatures you want to keep that in mind for when the best
time to see them is definitely January February would be the best time in
Mexico because that’s when you’re going to see the biggest population of
butterflies there’s millions of them it’s amazing if you guys look into the
monarch butterfly you will find that the populations are dwindling and there’s a
lot of reasons why climate is one of them there have been winters that have
been really heavy in the areas that they come to for the winter and millions of
butterflies will die then they also are being killed off because there’s not
enough natural milkweed and other plants for them to nourish themselves from for
their journey north and south so if you are into butterflies or you want to help
the environment you know look into that plant yourself some milkweed in your
yard it’s actually not a bad looking plant and it will bring something very
beautiful to your home if Thomas and I ever go back to istic sand bricks it
will be something that we are definitely going to do if this experience has
taught me anything if the butterfly has taught me anything it’s that life is
short and so I encourage you all to be like the butterfly enjoy the sunshine
spread your wings eat great food and just take advantage of all the pleasures
life has to offer because it is a short life we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow and
you only get to do it once so go out there enjoy your life to the fullest no
matter how you’re living it and try to be as happy as you can we hope that you
guys enjoyed this video and I hope that you’re inspired by it and if you ever
ever ever get a chance to experience the butterflies in Mexico I highly highly
recommend it we’ll see you next week

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  2. It's almost like there's a creator, like maybe God?? How can people deny a divine creator when there's so many of these instances? Peace and love to you

  3. Great video, very informative. Something I never even thought about, love nature, but you brought something that most people do not even think about. Waiting for the next video. Have fun wherever you are.

  4. A year and a half ago (end of Oct.) we seen this in Iowa. We stopped at a small town city park campgrounds pulled in and stopped. We look in the trees right next to and it was full of Monarchs.

  5. Thanks for the trip and the wonderful overview of the Monarch Butterfly. I was impressed with your knowledge of the Monarch migration and a note the Black dot on the tail wing is a MALE known as a sent glad. The antenna's are directional control for flight. Http:// and http;//

  6. You really captured the butterflies very well and could really see them! The others couldn’t talk you into para gliding?

  7. Fabian would have been fine hiking…Me on the other hand there would have been regrets. Also, guess there is no better way to dying than how a butterfly dies. lol Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hummm, was that a huge Monarch Butterfly following you up the trail ( oh no, that was Thomas in his teeshirt & monarch strawhat ), the colors did resemble the Flutterbies ( my departed Older Brother used to always say it that way, God Rest His Soul ) !!! Sounds like you guys are migrating south in March, shivering, filling your bellies, and drinking into a state for procreating, NOT saying that you did, but when in Monarch Butterfly Territory !!! All that heavy breathing Thomas, wasn't for naught ??? Great beauty in the video Stacy, and the Monarchs weren't bad either. Did I miss the results of " The Great American Drunk Off ", who won, and who lost …. it … ??? Always, Syn Silver !!!

  9. Great video. Stacy and the "set" looked GREAT on this video. Did you use a camera or phone for that shot? Questions: Where is Kenidda, what is kemping and what is a mow inn? (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) 🙂 🙂

  10. We love butterflies. There's a Butterfly World near by & we visit several times a year.
    They are amzing luttle creatures.
    Lou & Angie

  11. Lovely ! Super video, thank you. I now have another adventure to add to my Dollar Tree plastic pail. I keep my bitcoin block chained to my life list in the pail.

  12. Wow that is very fascinating. I never knew their history. I knew they flew down to Mexico they stopped off in Southern California but I had no idea that their journey back up to Canada took three generations. Fascinating

  13. Great video, looked like a tough hike up the hill with a great reward once you make it to the top. I agree, tomorrow is not promised live for today.

  14. Oh no. Larry would be killed if he filmed me like that 🤣. I would love to do this. The closest I’ve seen is the Butterfly 🦋 Rainforest at the Florida Museum in Gainesville, Florida. Beautiful. Love the hat 🤣. Wow. So cheap. Great tips. Wow. Those clusters. Funny. I was just thinking it reminded me of watching the bats 🦇 leaving their houses on University of Florida campus just before the sun goes down. Sex to death? Oh no. Yes. There are special plants to help them. Also cut down on pesticides on your plants. Use more natural solutions. Very cool info. What a great experience. Thanks for sharing. We need the distraction. We need the joy. We need nature any way we can get it. Stay safe. (RV DMC) Alice

  15. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and explaining the lifecycle of the Monarch so well! As someone whose passion in life is saving the Monarch butterfly and other pollinators by planting native plants, I applaud you for encouraging the use of Milkweed in gardens and landscapes. Without milkweed, there would be no Monarch butterflies as it is the ONLY plant the butterfly can lay it's eggs on. There are many varieties of milkweed, one for any landscape requirement. Just refrain from planting non-native Tropical milkweed, (Asclepias curassavica) as it has been linked to several issues that negatively impact the health of the Monarch butterfly. Also, if you decide to welcome bees, butterflies and other guests into your garden, get your hand off the trigger and stop spraying poisons into the environment. If you wouldn't drink it yourself, don't use it on your plants or around your home. No chemical is species specific. If it kills one "undesirable" thing it will surely kill a desirable one along with it. If you don't have a garden to plant milkweed in, you can encourage parks, beaches, road maintenance crews, your city officials etc to allow already growing milkweed patches to stand . Milkweed is out there, everywhere really, but it is constantly being mowed down or sprayed, killing millions of feeding Monarch butterfly caterpillars and eggs. With Monarch populations down by as much as 90% over the last decade, every milkweed plant counts. Protect those plants! Save Milkweed, save the Monarch. 🦋🦋🦋

  16. Very beautiful and informative! So, they like a lot of sex … too! Enjoy your travels! Stay safe! God bless your journey!

  17. There is a great film called "Metamorphosis" that details the miraculous life-span of the Monarch butterfly.

  18. Gotta go to Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival. They have a tent full of all sorts of butterflies. So cool!

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