Monster Factory: Jim Johnman is playing BASEBALL in Don Bradman Cricket 14

– [Griffin] Justin, you just can go ahead and call me Jiminy, my man, because I have become cricket since last we spoke – Oh yeah? Me too.
– to Professor Bradman’s fourteenth cricket experience. – [Justin] I don’t like
Don Bradman anymore. (upbeat eerie music) My favorite cricketer is now David Boon. – [Griffin] Oh, okay! – [Justin] From Australia. He’s an inspirational true
story of April 30th, 1989, when he flew from Australia,
landed in Singapore, carried on to London, and in
that flight, drank 52 beers. (Griffin laughing) – [Griffin] As we promised,
we both have done, we have both taken honorary
doctorates in cricket. I got mine at the
University of Kentkingsh- kentklungklicklingshirekington. And that’s in London, Junior. – [Justin] I got mine at the Royal Academy of Globestonstire, and oh, look at that! A beautiful day for cricket. – [Griffin] Beautiful day for cricket. So, I think we were a little panicked. I still don’t know why there’s two of me, but I think we were a little
panicked when we started. – [Justin] That’s not a cricket thing. – [Griffin] I’m just
gonna stand right here, wait for if it comes my
way, I’m going to field it, back to the bowler. – [Justin] Let’s look at you go. So proud of you. – [Griffin] Thanks, Juice. Did you know it’s a complex sport? There’s a lot more going on here. Now that’s a stinky toot, that sometimes the bowler can make,
and the man in the hat does have to tell everybody. We’ve got a mid on, forward square leg. I guess I’m first slip? I’mma press Y, and see what happens, okay, now we’re getting a cool spreadsheet, and I would love to get in
there and play the game, but it doesn’t look like
I’m on the batsman list! – [Justin] It’s, you’re, it’s just, there’s gonna be ten outs, it’s a long, that’s half the game,
– Yeah, you’re right, – just skip half the game.
– I forgot it’s ten outs. Okay, that’s good, I’m ready to– Yes, fuck, yes! Fuck yes!
– Look at you go! – Absolute fucking unit! (Justin wheeze laughing) – Fucking cricket warrior.
– Absolute fucking bad boy. – Here we go, baby.
– God, I need to pause, ’cause, Justin, I just got like, my nerves just started kinda going. ‘Cause I only get one chance at this. – [Justin] That’s not true, you get six. – [Griffin] No, I know, I’m just looking for controls layout. – [Justin] Look through eyes. (both laughing hysterically) What a psychopathic control scheme! (Justin laughing uncontrollably) Feel with hands! – [Griffin] Why did I not
press good length every time? – [Justin] You are not,
listen, I understand the rules of cricket, this is not– – Getting better, okay.
– Like, it’s funny, I understand the rules of football, but I also can’t play Madden,
so like, I don’t know why I thought this would be–
– Batting, oh okay, aggressive shots, unorthodox shots. Okay, so I’m holding that left bumper. So, I’m gonna have mere moments to just sort of steady myself, so here we go.
– Synthesize all this. – [Griffin] (giggles) Run, run! – [Justin] Run, run, run! There was a button, there
had to be a button to run. – [Griffin] Dive, cancel run, – [Griffin and Justin] Run is X. – [Griffin] My problem, I
was using the analog stick, because I assumed it was a video game? – [Justin] Are you bowling? Are you the batsman? – [Griffin] Oh, I’m
definitely the batsman. – [Justin] Okay, okay. – [Griffin] Now, and
that, I can, you know, I’ve only known the
rules for a little bit, but you can’t throw four balls
at the same fucking time. Now, this guy’s got a bat, also. Justin, you wanna tell them
what’s going on with that? – [Justin] What do you mean? He’s the other batsman, you
always have to have two batsman. They have to run. One of them, is… – [Griffin] Succinctly put,
Justin, succinctly put. The hat man likes it.
(Justin wheezes) – [Justin] Let’s see
where you went wrong here. Okay, you ran halfway, stopped, ran back, ran forward, and yes, that is out. Right there, he touches the wicket, you’re done.
– Yeah, they knocked over my stick tower that I spent a long time making this weekend. Just knocked some of the,
knocked their hats off of it. So, that one’s gonna
get you out every time. – [Justin] Griffin, did you– – [Griffin] Which website did you do? – [Justin] Did you learn the
rules of cricket, Griffin? – [Griffin] Which website
did you use for it? – [Justin] I’m not, Griffin, did you learn the rules of cricket? – [Griffin] Yes. – [Justin] I watched
videos, I read websites, I read books, I–
– Oh, listen, I read books, I went to the fucking library, dawg. Where real knowledge lives. – [Justin] I forget, when we started this, did we use T20, or is this test cricket? – [Griffin] This is definitely T20. – [Justin] Okay, thank god. – [Griffin] I think. It was a month ago.
– Well, get it right– – [Griffin] Gotcha, gotcha! Got it, got it!
– Oh, hell yes! That’s what we’re talking
about here in the factory! – Here he fuckin’ comes.
– There he is. – [Griffin] The absolute
beast, that fucking mini-fridge of a motherfucker. – [Justin] What are you
gonna go for Griffin, here? – [Griffin] Well first, I’m
gonna look with my eyes. – [Justin] Look through eyes, correct. – [Griffin] They’re not
gonna go, as long as I’m looking through my eyes. If I’m not looking at ’em, they can’t throw it at me, so I’m gonna get a quick look at the field
– They’re unimpressed. He’s just waiting for you to fuck it up. – [Griffin] Look at that
short, fuckin’ fine leg. Clayton, zoom in on that fuckin’ leg. (groaning) Ooh, fine. Leg so fine. Now, that deep backward square leg is nothing to write home to dad about. – [Justin] Well, certainly not if you’re up to bat, my friend, I mean, no shade, but those guys can go get a cold one or 52
cold ones if they like. – [Griffin] Alright, I’m ready. – Come on, baby.
– You ready for this? – [Justin] Drill it– no, that’s… – [Griffin] Well, that’s fine, ’cause it didn’t hit my tower. – [Justin] You need 327 runs to win. Let’s go. – [Griffin] That’s a lot of fucking runs. – [Justin] Three and a
half overs, you’re good. Okay, that guy just did a
merge from the other dude. I saw that, nice try, cricket. – [Griffin] Oh, they’re
gonna switch out the– Oh, that was the end of the day. – New day.
– Alright, so now it’s tomorrow. (laughing) Smash it! Smash that like button! – [Justin] Get it, get it, get it! Run, run, run, run, run, run, run! Oh, hell yeah! That’s a run. That’s a run. That’s a run, my dude.
– Oh, and I get to play more! Yeah, cricket is great! It lets you play more if you do good. – [Justin] If you do good– – [Griffin] Oh! – [Justin] Oh, come on, baby, keep going, keep going, go, go, go, go, go! Why wouldn’t it follow the ball? – That’s a good, yes!
– Hell, yes! – [Griffin] Let’s see
what happens so I can exactly know what I did today.
– It didn’t follow the ball, so you didn’t see where it went. – Blasto, oh my god, Justin!
– I think you blasted it into, yeah, that’s six, baby. – [Griffin] That’s six
big ones on the board, even I know that.
– That’s six points! – [Justin] Oh, you kinda– – [Griffin] Did I nick my own, did I sorta doink my own… – [Justin] I need a… – [Griffin] I mean, it’s a replay, ’cause I worry that I doinked my own– Did I doink my own?! No, thank god, thank god.
– You moved out of the– – [Griffin] Listen, they
would not have let me back in the dugout if I doinked my own. Looks like the score, I do not know where the score lives on this page. (both laughing) I don’t know which number– Oh, is that it? – [Justin] I guess that’s it. – [Griffin] Yeah, I mean I guess, man, I guess maybe there
are a few more pages in the cricket book I read, that I just, maybe somebody had torn out. I did just transform into
Jim Johnman from Don Bradman, you can’t take that away from me. I think the power of–
Oh, that’s what it is! Whenever Don Bradman hears Rokit, he just transforms into Jim Johnman. (Justin laughing) I’d love to, you know what, I wanna take a turn at
bowling, next, after we– – [Justin] Yeah, you can bowl. – [Griffin] You know, get
the big W on this one. Which, I think you get
by getting more runs. – [Justin] What do you mean? – [Griffin] If you get more
runs than they get runs, then you can’t possibly tie. That’s just sports right there, that’s just good old-fashioned sports. Now, I can’t notice, did I
change teams at some point? And what’s with the huge,
huge liver spot on my neck? Christ alive.
(Justin laughing) Oh god, I’m invisible! – [Justin] How did that happen? – [Griffin] What did I hide from?! I was invisible! You don’t high five! What the fuck just happened, Justin? – [Justin] Uh, let’s see here… – [Griffin] I don’t need
first-person disappointment cam. I guess it’s over. I guess the match is over, and my boys… – [Justin] You won by six wickets, nice. – [Griffin] But wait, I
think I’m the other one. Which fucking team am I on, Justin? – [Justin] We gotta look at
what you’re setting up, here. – [Griffin] Rokit! – [Justin] (laughing) Rokit! Transform. The difficulty is pro. Is that anything that you could– Okay, maybe, alright, maybe things are gonna start turning around now. I hope Brad Donman isn’t too upset, I mean, were he alive,
about how little of his game is cricket, and how much of it is menus. ‘Cause, it’s a lot menus, it is not doing this beautiful game justice. – [Griffin] Oh my god, what the fuck. He heard you, he heard you and he wanted to tell you a fun story. – [Justin] You unlocked
a Don Bradman audio log. (Justin laughing) – [Griffin] Like, I’m
a fucking ghost again! – [Justin] It’s just so you
can see the ball, my dude. – [Griffin] Alright. – [Justin] That’s unnecessary. – [Griffin] Did you like that shit? – [Justin] You don’t have to
turn into fucking Storm Shadow. – [Griffin] Do you like
that ghost dog shit? (Griffin laughing) – It’s unnecessary.
– Fuck yeah, dude. Fuckin’ samurai and shit! Plap!
– It’s like, not necessary. – [Griffin] Shakow! (Justin wheezing) – [Justin] You don’t have to, like– – [Griffin] Oh, while you were dating, I was mastering the blockchain. And now that the world is on fire, you come to me to ask for help? (Justin laughing)
I’m Jim Johnman. I made this katana my– – Slow-mo samurai.
– I made this katana myself, at school! That’s my favorite swing. And I think I’ve figured
out how to do it every time. (Griffin laughing quietly) Oh, fuck, oh, did you– Justin, did that one come through your computer screen
and hit you in the nose? – [Justin] Now, we’re playing cricket. – [Griffin] Okay. They’re fucked, they’re
done, they’re fucked. They’re fucked.
(Justin laughing) – [Justin] Not a lot of fans
out there today, for cricket. They love their blue and brown shirts. – [Griffin] How fucking lucky are they that they’re gonna be here for the rebirth of the whole Jim Johnman brand? – [Justin] I was there when Jim
Johnman got his groove back. – [Griffin] Alright, you
ready for this shit, Justin? – [Justin] Hell, yeah. Now, are you gonna do,
like, a lofted shot? Or are you just gonna go– – [Griffin] Alright,
I’m back, I’m corporeal! Fuck you! (Justin laughing hard) This is my ball. Byeee! – [Justin] Oh, that looks like– – Byeee!
– Is that six? That’s six! See it– yes, that’s six. – [Griffin] I’m almost there. I’ve almost broken my record. Damn, that was fucking good. – [Justin] That was good. – [Griffin] Jim smash! Oh, they’re gonna let me go again. Ha ha, fatal tactical error, hubris. – [Justin] Oh, (laughs)
that’s not… (mutters) – [Griffin] Ow, it hit me! That’s it? Okay. I’m done playing, I
guess, I get two turns, but sometimes you get like, eight turns. Sometimes, you do like, five turns, and then another guy comes in, and does a turn while you still do a turn. Here’s my problem, Justin. With cricket, I guess, as a concept. They got 59 turns. 59.1 turns. – [Justin] 59 overs. – [Griffin] And then apparently,
it was just me out there, holding down the fucking set. – [Justin] I don’t
understand how that did– I don’t understand why that– We’re gonna have to look
at our lineup after this. I feel like maybe we only put Jim Johnman on the team, or something? – [Griffin] Ska-block! – Ooh, get going, get going
– Get that fucking – get going!
– shit outta here. – [Justin] That’s coming right for– Okay that, that was hostile. – [Griffin] That one was mean, and I did– Why? Well, it’s time for them to take a turn. What the fuck did happen, though? Alright Justin, no more skim-ulatin’, we’re gonna play, but now I’m gone. I guess I need to recover from the horrible ankle
smashing that the bad man tried to do to me.
(Justin laughing) But, now they fucked up, now Jim Johnman can kick super good, it’s
like Rookie of the Year. As we all know, kicking muscles are some of the most
important muscles in cricket. The original name was kick it! – [Justin] One more run. – [Griffin] I’m gonna
give ’em a weird one. I’m gonna give ’em some
blue cheese on this one! Gumbo! (in game yelling)
(Justin laughing quietly) – [Justin] Don’t do anything,
I have to see what happened. – [Griffin] What the fuck happened?! It didn’t, it didn’t… It didn’t touch anything,
what the fuck happened, Don?! – [Justin] Well, you’re not out. Unless that’s the other one.
– I’m half out. I guess I’m half out. – [Justin] (laughing)
Look at this human man! – [Griffin] I’m still doing it! (Griffin laughing loudly)
(Justin laughing and coughing) – [Justin] Unnecessary
dramatics by Mr. Johnman! – [Griffin] (laughing) Oh, fuck. – [Justin] That must have just been the– – [Griffin] Oh shit, oh shit, there he is! He was hiding! (Both laughing hysterically) – [Justin] He took it real sleazy! (Griffin laughing loudly) Like, real sleazy! Hit it! Hit it, dumbass! Pump it– (laughing hard) (both laughing) – [Griffin] I guess he’s tired. I think he’s tired. – [Justin] Fuckin’ drill it, dude! (Justin wheezing)
(Griffin laughing) He’s such a dumb– (laughing) Yeah, that’s out! (Griffin laughing)
(Justin coughing) – [Griffin] 1001, 1002, (laughing) – [Justin] And then he ran! Why does he run? (laughing) Did you forget what button ran? Is that what happened? Obviously, obviously.
– Oh, man listen. Listen, listen, I got
stress-induced arthritis. My legs lock the fuck up,
you know this about me. (Justin laughing) – [Griffin] Oh, there he is. Yes! – [Justin] Go go go, run run run! Go for two, go for two, you got it! Keep running, you got it! Oh, nevermind. – [Griffin] Yeah, I touched
the Don Bradman logo. And they can’t have that. – [Justin] Wouldn’t it be cool if Don Bradman were all the umpires? – [Griffin] That would
be fucking cool, man. – [Justin] That’d be cool as hell. That should be a setting
or DLC or something. – [Griffin] Boy, my
perspective is much higher than most of the other boys here, huh? Whoa, shit. So now, oh, we’re still playing. Thank Christ. 570 to win, looks like
it’s, we’re back at 0-0. – [Justin] You know, in test cricket, which is the oldest form
of cricket that is supposed to last five days–
(in game yelling) – [Griffin] They keep getting so excited about what I’m doing out there, but it’s the other team,
which makes me think that I’m fucking up. I know the rules of cricket. I’m saying it’s a fucking
bug that every time I get up to bat, the other team cheers, and then I stop playing. (Justin laughing) I think it’s mixing up the– I think it’s mixing up
the teams, and it thinks I’m on the other team,
because I do something, and everybody gets
really excited about it, and then I don’t have to play anymore. I’m almost certain I lost
that one, yeah, yeah. How do I make him bowl? I want him to bowl. I think maybe I sign up on the team? – [Justin] World XI? World eleven? – [Griffin] Right, that
was his alien planet that he came from. Uniforms, those are good, batting lineup. So, let’s do a new one. – [Justin] Jim Johnman,
captain, number one batter. – Wait.
– Love that. – [Griffin] Right, he’s number one batter, I want him to be the bowler. I just need to find who
all the bowlers are, and I need to delete them from the team. And eventually, I’m gonna get to be there. Justin, I think we’ve
been a little bit selfish. I’m gonna go ahead and share Jim Johnman. (Justin laughs) I didn’t get it, just send it again. – [Justin] Yeah, so anyway, you wanna give Don Bradman your Twitter
password, or what? (both laughing) – [Griffin] I think we’re
gonna get a lot more favorable calls this way. Gonna make everybody else unavailable. Sorry, it seems that the rest
of the umpires got poisoned! We’re leaving only one. (Justin laughing) Fielding– edit fielding positions! Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. This is nothing. Silly point. Alright, well, let’s
just get back in there. Maybe they’ll let me bowl this time. I fuckin’ hate these guys. They look so, they’re so cocky. We’re gonna beat them
into the pavement, bud. – [Justin] Isn’t that your team? – [Griffin] That’s my team,
yes, I’ve just realized. – [Justin] Okay, good. Drill it. Jim’s giving you secret, secret info. – [Griffin] Is he? Zoom in. – [Justin] Hey, look through
your eyes over there. See if you see anything. – [Griffin] Uh, you’re gonna
wanna hit it right, other Jim. Thanks, real Jim. I’m gonna hit it right. – [Justin] Pop! No, don’t run, no, don’t run! – [Griffin] Dive! Oh shit, going for two! (Griffin laughing loudly) – [Justin] Did you have the first one? No, yeah, yeah, even yourself. Have to call you out on that one. – [Griffin] I think he was good, actually. I think he was safe, but then… – [Justin] Then it was, whoa. A lot of control here. – [Griffin] I’m not doing anything. I’m not touching anything. The game wants me to see this. Umpire Jim Johnman looks like he swallowed a toothpick or a cocktail
sword, or whatever, and is desperately just trying to get it out of his throat without
the use of his hands. (Griffin grunting) (Griffin laughing quietly) Maybe I’ll get to hit now. Nope, I’m still just sort of
in the fucking running prison. Because of my cricket crimes. No, don’t run that. – [Justin] No, don’t that run one! – [Griffin] I think we’re good. I think I scared him so fucking bad, that he didn’t want to
get anywhere closer to me. When you see Jim Johnman charging you, your body won’t let
you move closer to him. I don’t know what this
is supposed to tell me. – [Justin] Alright, this time, give it a nice, lofty hit. Pop it up into the fucking sun. – [Griffin] Like that? – [Justin] Oh yes, baby! That’s Jim! That’s Jim all over!
– That’s Jim all over, baby. J-I-M! Good work son. Shh, don’t tell him! (Justin laughing quietly) – [Justin] Don’t tell him
I’m undercover, twin John. – [Griffin] Fucking wow, oh my god! – [Justin] Your stats must be
so fucking (wheezing) crazy. – [Griffin] This fucking guy
is playing baseball out here. – [Justin] Brutalizing it. – [Griffin] It’s like he’s
hitting it so strong and hard, that he’s actually playing baseball! – [Justin] (laughing) oh my god! I think they’re gonna give you an out.
– Sorry, Hubble Telescope! I’m playing baseball over here, baby! Baseball, it’s baseball! I’m the ump, and I’m
here to tell you folks it’s baseball! Oh my god!
(Justin laughing) Shit, dawg! – [Justin] That went so high,
you actually hit Don Bradman. – [Griffin] I’m gonna
just keep doing that hit, ’cause it’s working for me. – [Justin] I think that’s
the hit, right there. – [Griffin] I’ll take it. Oh, sorry, sorry!
– Oh! Beautiful. – [Griffin] Oh, we’re gonna keep running? I didn’t tell you to do that. – [Justin] Go Griffin, go dive! Oh, shit. – [Griffin] I was trying to do a steal. He’s still kind of in baseball mode. (Griffin grunting humorously) It might be hard to get a home run from this position, or maybe it’s not! Mm, mm, mm, mm, mmm. God, take me out to the
fucking ballgame, folks. Mm, mm, mm. I think I’ve found my fuckin’ game. – [Justin] There it is, this is your– – [Griffin] I can’t, hold on. Like, I can’t play Street
Fighter or PUBG anymore, I’m not really competitive
– You send that to the sun? – at Dota or anything like that. – [Justin] Oh, that was only four, right? Yeah, only four. – [Griffin] Well, that’s
a little bit embarrassing. But, I think Don Bradman,
I think I might go, is there an esports sort of component to Don Bradman’s Cricket 14?
– Is that another – Do I need to get over–
– big stinky six? – [Griffin] So, that’s
what I’m saying, Justin, do I need, am I on the wrong continent? I need to get over there– Uh, thanks for the good tips there, pal. – [Justin] I don’t think– How do you think it’s gonna look, though, the day that Jim Johnman’s clone goes to referee is the day that he becomes the greatest player in cricket? – [Griffin] Oh, don’t
tell me I’m done playing. I’ve done nothing but hit
the ball incredibly well. Okay, alright! (Justin laughing) Are you not supposed to
smash that fuckin’ fat baby? Are you not supposed
to smash that fat baby? Correct me if I’m wrong, I
read the rule book, Justin, and both times over, I didn’t see anything about it being illegal
to smash that fat baby. So sick of it. Ska-bloop! Are they gonna cheer? They cheered, dammit, I lose! Mmm, mm mm, nope, nope. – [Justin] Nope, nope nope, don’t like it. – [Griffin] Oh wait, oh, okay, wait, I think that was in my favor, thanks dad! – [Justin] (laughing)
Nope, no problems here. Let my son bat. – [Griffin] Ska-blash! – [Justin] Oh, kind of varied it up! By getting six points in that direction. – [Griffin] Well, I’ve killed everybody in section 104, and they’ve asked me to sort of change it up a little bit, so they can continue
selling tickets in 104. Alright, I’m going back foot this time. I’m going switch foot. ♪ It was a beautiful letdown ♪ Oh, it doesn’t matter, I can
do it Switchfoot or Relient K. Gimme any of your fucking–
– I think that brings you to 61, is that correct? – [Griffin] Yeah bud, it’s up there. Good lord. There is one car in the
parking lot over there that is just fucking, just
gears and debris on the ground. You gotta stop, man. You gotta stop, I’m so
fucking tired. (laughing) – [Justin] Please, you’re ruining cricket! – [Griffin] I’m so fucking tired, dude. You’re turning it into baseball and if the world figures it out, they’re just gonna only want baseball. I’m telling you, man.
– Bad news every– Hey, cor blimey, everybody,
but we ran out of balls. – [Griffin] Look at that. – [Justin] Look at that! (Justin coughing)
(Griffin laughing loudly) – [Griffin] They want me to do it again. – [Justin] Please hammer, do hurt them. – [Griffin] Uh oh, that’s
gonna be bad, though. (audience cheering in game) – [In-Game Announcer] Middle of the bat! – [Griffin] Oh, no it’s
not, it’s extremely good. It’s extremely good. (Justin laughing) I’m just like, how have I not won yet? – [Justin] Is there a mercy rule in cricket that I do not know? – [Griffin] I’m gonna try using an unconventional shot, now. ‘Cause they are not gonna
fucking see that coming. (Griffin laughing loudly) – [Justin] Ha, ha, ha, ha, we got him! – [Griffin] He super saw that coming. – [Justin] We got him. – [Griffin] Yep, that’s, yep, sorry son. So, that’s a match win. – [Justin] Match win, a lot of experience. – [Griffin] A fucking
ton of experience points. God, I love to see that. – [Justin] I love to see that. Now this time, you gotta bowl.
– Mmm, lookin’ good. I do not think that’s gonna
happen in career mode. I think I gotta back out. – [Justin] Okay, do whatever you need to, ’cause the bowling looks so complicated. – [Griffin] I can’t wait, baby. (Justin laughing) – [Justin] Jim. Jim. Bowl. Bowl time. – [Griffin] Jim Johnman
does his fucking thing. – [Justin] This is how Jim bowls. – [Griffin] I just snapped
that man’s forearm. No Dale, get the fuck outta there, Dale! Options, delete Dale. – [Justin] Delete all players. – [Griffin] Oh wait,
well I am still, oh fuck. – [Justin] Now you’re bowling. (Justin laughing) – [Griffin] Alright, alright, the problem is that it’s not my boy. Wait, there’s a guy on
the team named Shreck. – [Justin] Everyone, stop the cricket. – [Griffin] Everyone, stop
the cricket, there’s a Shreck. – [Justin] Got a Shreck on the field. – [Griffin] Got a Shreck on the field, I’m not sure if it’s me or if it’s them. Ska-booey! Go. No wait, stop, no, go! No, stop, wait, no, don’t go. – [Justin] Wait, hold on, no, wait. Still got to fuckin’ run. – [Griffin] Now go, now go! Yeah, run sideways! They got it, they got it, they got it. – [Justin] You understand, all
the players have to be out. That’s the only way you get to bowl. – They have to knock them
– That’s so many players. – all out, or they have
to do, like 300 balls. Or however many overs that is. Like, 50 overs. – [Griffin] Okay, that’s
a lot, it’s a great deal. I would love to bowl, though. Can you tell them that? Please tell them now? Well, we’re just never gonna get to bowl if we can’t fuckin’ figure this out. We may have to look at the manual. – [Justin] I mean, you can
try that, I don’t think– – Oh, it’s a website!
– Oh my god, it’s a website. – [Griffin] Hold up,
I gotta switch to OBS. Now, do I wanna download Microsoft Edge, the fast, new browser
built for Windows 10? I don’t see why not,
that sounds good as hell. (peaceful music) Am I enjoying the app? Yeah, it’s okay. Alright Justin, you’ve
said you’ve figure it out. You said you went deep into the net code. – [Justin] Yes. – [Griffin] Of the video
game, I need to know. – [Justin] Well, let’s wait. First, you gotta bowl,
you have to win this. You have to win this. – [Griffin] Oh god, what happens if time runs out and I don’t do it? – [Justin] You choose
the secret side, hails. (Griffin laughs) – [Griffin] Yes. – [Justin] Yes. – [Griffin] So, we wanna bowl, yes? – [Justin] Yeah, we wanna bowl. – [Griffin] Now what do I do, quick. – [Justin] It looks like if you press right on the directional button, it’ll display the bowler selection menu. – [Griffin] Okay. Nothing? Nothing? – [Justin] Well, it’s a cut scene. – [Griffin] Nothing? Nothing? – [Justin] This is a
cinematic story sequence. – [Griffin] Are you looking at maybe, Don Bradman’s Cricket Quest 15? Get out the fuckin’ way! – There he is!
– No hat, no worries, baby! – [Justin] Look at that fuckin’ dude. Get ready, get wasted. – [Griffin] Here I go. Alright, that one didn’t count. – [Justin] Come on. Come on Jim, now more than ever. How, what is it, what is happening? Okay.
– Okay, look through eyes, that’s good. Go around/over the wicket. Select angle of delivery. – [Justin] This is madness. This is before the ball. – [Griffin] Rub ball! (laughing) – [Justin] Just hand over the ax. – [Griffin] Rub ball! (Justin laughing) Well, one of them was perfect,
one of them was perfect. – [Justin] Yeah, the other one. Look at those little guys running at the bottom right hand
corner of the screen. – I know, it looks like
fuckin’ Mario Kart. – [Justin] So you wanna get like a… Hell, yeah. What is up now? – [Griffin] Now, what
do I, now what do I do? – [Justin] You don’t do
anything, you’re the bowler. – [Griffin] Got ’em. (laughing loudly) – [Justin] Got ’em. – [Griffin] I knocked
their fucking sticks over, I don’t understand what the issue is. Let’s get a replay of that one. Now that’s something. That’s really something, huh? Hey, how many fingers does he have? – [Justin] Just the five. – [Griffin] Alright. – Amazing. Amazing.
– That’s really good. – [Justin] He looks like the weirdest Al. (Griffin laughing quietly) – [Griffin] Hey Justin, how many points would you give Jim Johnman? – [Justin] 387 I think,
I wasn’t keeping track. – [Griffin] I mean,
okay, let’s start over. How many overs does Jim Johnman have? Just as a monster that we’ve created. – [Justin] As a monster,
Jim Johnman has 300 overs. – [Griffin] Okay. Out of… (both laughing – [Justin] Uh, runs. LBW. – Okay, well that’s good.
– I’ll give him an LBW. Of the 10 different ways
that you can be called out, I think Jim Johnman, I
give him an LBW out of 10. – [Griffin] Fuck, yeah. (Justin laughs and wheezes) – [Griffin] I don’t think I’m
doing anything, right now. I don’t think this is something– – [Justin] Well, maybe
you can try a little, why don’t you try a little play-by-play? – [Griffin] Okay, well,
that one was a boundary, so that one’s, oh, but
the ref did not like it. He did not like it. And I’ve been saying to the commish for a long time that the
brim on this dude’s hat is so wide, that’s it’s definitely like, getting rid of some prime
ball-tracking real estate, ’cause that one was clearly a boundary.

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