Morag Hood reads I Am Bat | Bookbug Picture Book Prize

Hello, I’m Morag Hood and I’m absolutely delighted
that my book I Am Bat has been shortlisted for the 2019 Bookbug Picture Book Prize. It’s
a book about a bat who really likes cherries, but you’ll need to watch out for some of his
friends who really like cherries too. I am Bat. I do not like mornings. I like cherries.
They are my favourite of all things. They are juicy and red and delicious and they are
mine. Do not take my cherries. If you take my cherries I will be angry.I will be ferocious
like a lion (but smaller and with wings). I will just leave my cherries here. Do not
touch them. I will know if you take one. My cherries! Some of them are missing! Where
did they go? Who stole my cherries? Was it you? My poor cherries. I will never be happy
again. Oo! A pear! I like pears. I am bat. Do not take my pear. I really hope you enjoyed
listening to the story. Now, why don’t you try making a bat of your very own? You could
make a finger puppet or hang it upside down using pipe cleaners, or there’s an activity
sheet available from the Scottish Book Trust website. Thanks so much for watching. Bye!

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