Mosquito Bat Circuit Working Principle and How To Repair it – मच्छर मारने के बैट को कैसे ठीक करें

Hello friends my name is Shahbaz Malik and i welcome you at Electric Point in this video i will show you to repair Mosquito Killer Racket it is used widely nowadays it is China made product so it damages easily we are recieving queries from viewers to make a video on Mosquito Killer Racket PLEASE SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL TO GET LATEST UPDATES dont touch its wire mesh as it contains 3000 volt in this video you will learn its working, circuit designing and repairing the red wire contains 220 AC volts after passing the volatge through rectifier diodes and filter capacitors, it goes to battery and low frequency voltage converts to hight frequency voltage this circuit control the charging of battery only so if you have charging related problem check its diodes, capacitors and resistors in charging circuit. SEE THE DESCRIPTION TO WATCH
HOW TO CHECK RECTIFIER DIODE now if you click ‘ON’ button the current passes from battery to transistor transistor convert this volatge to high frequency voltage then flyback transformer convert this 4.2 volt to 3000 volt finally filter capacitors will filter this voltage and it goes to wire mesh it is complete overview of Mosquito Killer Racket most vulnerable components are filter capacitors, rectifier diodes, transistors and ON/OFF switch

31 thoughts on “Mosquito Bat Circuit Working Principle and How To Repair it – मच्छर मारने के बैट को कैसे ठीक करें

  1. Hamare p.f. 2000v. me sating tez aarahi hai jab jaali me jodte hai to halka sa spark karta hai aur karnt gayb ho jaata hai , jabke jaali saat nahi hai Kya kharabi hai ?

  2. Sir .. my mosquito bat , when I press power button it showing light but after some time no light is showing .. I changed transistor and capasitor ..but no result … Bat is charging … Plz tell ur opinion

  3. Charging part is working. Battery shows 4 volt. Switching transister is 882 and working fine. Problem is the weak electric spark and not enough to kill the fly. The diodes at the secondary filter capacitor shows forward voltage as 1.6 and no part number mentioned. what do you think the problem could be?

  4. Musquito mat me battery se connect hone pr indicator jalta hai but mat me screw driver rakhne pr sparking sound nhi aata hai kya problem ho sakta hai?

  5. Mere mosquito bat me dono indicator sahi kam kar rahe hain, lekin machchhar marne ke liye jo spark hona chahiye wah nahi hota hai, jabki battery bhi naya lagaya gaya hai. Please batayen kya problem ho sakti hai

  6. What is values of transformer ?
    Like volts, amp , waat क्या होती है
    Whatsapp no 9461966886
    में आपके जबाब का इंतज़ार करूंगा

  7. Sar ji mobile charger ki pin mein current a raha hai is per video banaaiye please mera naam Rajpal Katrina up se hun

  8. Mosquito bat charging , when using a screwdriver to check it shows spark , but when actually trying to kill mosquito ,it does not kill , what to do?

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