Most Emotional & Beautiful Moments in Football

Rafinha leaves after eight years at Bayern Munich.. Robin Van Persie plays his last ever game in professional football Joao Felix celebrates Benfica goal with brother Hugo Per Mertesacker farewell.. Aaron Ramsey and Cech say goodbye to Arsenal..

100 thoughts on “Most Emotional & Beautiful Moments in Football

  1. Minute 8:ich war da auch,spiele im tsv pattensen Fußball und Stefan mertesacker ist mit einem anderen mein trainer(c1)

  2. ポチェッティーノ完全にアヤックス側の監督の反応やん

  3. Football is beautiful.
    I can't say anything.
    Football can make people's happy all over the world because I can see many languages only watch there comments, which say happy.

  4. А причём тут Ливерпуль-Барселона?? Выиграли благодаря ошибкам судьи и команды….

  5. Nada me fez mais chorar no futebol do que a tragédia da Chapecoense. Inexplicável e inimaginável! E todas as homenagens recebidas em todas as partes do mundo. Agora, tem muita coisa igualmente emocionante no futebol brasileiro: devia fazer um vídeo só com elas!

  6. As someone who doesn’t particularly like kids all that much, seeing these players have so much fun with not only their own but other kids is so wholesome. We need more people like this in the world

  7. え、全くわからんねんけど。ただサッカーしてただけじゃないん?え、わからん

  8. Meeste grootse voetbal comebacks
    10 Borussia dortmund schalke 04 4-0 4-4
    9 fc Groningen ADO den haag 5-1 5-1
    8 Reading arsenal 5-7 4-0 4-4
    7 sc cambuur fc Dordrecht 1-4
    6 Heracles Excelsior 4-5 4-2 4-5
    5 real madrid vfl wolfsburg 3-0
    4 fc barcelona ac milan 4-0
    3 as Roma fc barcelona 3-0
    2 Liverpool fc barcelona 4-0
    1 fc barcelona psg 6-1

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  10. ja ja ja ja ja, pero sin duda uno de los vergonzosos es la BRUTAL FALTA del "sucio" Ramos a Salah y la NO expulsión!!! Y en premio les dieron la Champion. DOBLE MORAL de la Mafia F. Pérez-UEFA

  11. Обожаю кам бэки в футболе, как же круто Тоттенхам Аякс победил, думаю каждый фанат Аякса заплакал.. 👍😟

  12. I wil never forget garbage lucas maura im stil crying beqeuse qe could win the cl im.a ajax fan aswel 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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