(Motor)Bike Ep15 “Javră, te bat” / “I’ll beat you!”

Heyyy, what are you doing? What do you want? Dog, I’ll beat you “Pfff, is stinks so bad” I’m feeling like Moses “Poor dog… It’s the one we already met with” I’m feeling like Moses, I’m sliptting sheeps “Instead of splitting the sea, you’re splitting sheeps?” Well..That’s what I can do right now Should we turn back? What the f*ck? You’re letting people to cross and they’re passing you. Hello Dog, I’ll beat you Ohhh, I need to paint my helmet What the f*ck? What’s a steering wheel? It has auto pilot Steering wheel? Neahh, the cigarette and the phone. Go f*** youself I love to drag my feet on the ground Free massage Well..It cost a pair of shoues I shouldn’t hit that “Omg, I got so scared” I saw it and that’s why I turn right a little bit And now, few good people Thanks Mehh… Poor guy Thanks “That’s enough” Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks “From now on I’ll make you a board withmessage on it” That’s what I wanted to ask you Thanks Thanks Thanks

100 thoughts on “(Motor)Bike Ep15 “Javră, te bat” / “I’ll beat you!”

  1. Javra te bat îți zic tie muie umflata cu pula ta ca nu ai așa ceva muie ca nu ști sa faci youtube sper sa faci raie

  2. ce pui de catel ai e foarte dragut miasi dori sa am si eu unul ca la tau 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  3. Nu creeeeeed ce voce avea si ce voce are acum :)))))))
    La 3:21 puteti auzi un minunat voice crack din cauza procesului de maturizare :)))))

  4. Uitandu ma constant la tine nu mi am dat seama ce mult ti s a schimbat vocea, ce voce subtire aveai😂 si ce mica era Aida 🐶🐶🐶

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