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Big brother, do some work which no one has done before. Come on lets repair trains puncture tier. Now even you started making fun of me. Motu, my friend, its healthy to joke, but now lets keep fun aside and talk about work seriously. Yes, lets do some big work. Ok, I have an idea. Big brother, let us listen to it. My plan is that we should all get together and make a mobile tower. Oh my lord!! This is a brilliant idea; I have twenty years of experience in this work. But look here, I have a mobile, its tower is already put up in Furfuri nagar. Then what the need to have another tower. Motu, my brother, it’s not mobile phone tower, its mobile tower, which means a building which moves around. Whenever people want to change the view they can move it. When they shift to new location they can take tower along with them. Good idea, come lets go and find a place for tower. Here, at this place platform will land and on it we will quickly put up the tower. Let me remove this from the way, otherwise the platform would be crocked and so would be the tower. Big brother, help!! Where has Motu disappeared? This Motu is a very irresponsible man, he disappears when its time to work. He must have left to eat samosas, he doesn’t think beyond samosas. Stop it!! What is this, why are you playing in mud and dust like a kid? I was not playing, I was under that platform because of you. Patlu, this looks very strong, it will give a good support to the building. Hey Patlu how come its become dark, has the electricity gone? Its not the electricity, the roof has been fixed, now we are trapped from all the sides. Hey! Is someone around, remove us out, open. Oh my lord! This Motu has again disappeared. Hey Ghasitey I can’t see Patlu also, where have they gone? Motu must be hungry and this time 100% he must have gone to have samosas. These people are very greedy, every time they are after food, nothing else. Stop it!! Now what happened? What happened? We got blocked in that wall because of you. Patlu! Lets go and look at the flats inside and see how good they are. Hey crane driver, bro move the crane slowly, can’t see the flats properly. Patlu, why is the crane moving in such a speed? It’s not moving in speed, its falling down, its hook has snapped. Wait there, we are coming!! What happened? Before you both can come and beat us, we beat our self up. Who does this building belong to? This belongs to us, do you want to buy a flat. How did you build it so fast? With our hands. You are great, please show your hands, we would like to give them respect. Call Chingam sir!! Why did you beat us? This land belongs to us, and you constructed the building and are selling the flat, how did you come here? We came walking on our foot. Come on start guys. Hey what are you doing? Stop, stop in the name of law. Chingam sir help! He has beaten us up. Chingam sir, if someone builds a house on your land then what would you do? I will beat them up and make a chatni of idli dosa out of them. Thank you sir, hey guys beat them up more. You are saving us or beating us sir? Hey please don’t do this, we will shift the tower from here. Hey, where have you brought this, in the middle of the jungle? Where is our house? We are so far away from the city. There are wild animals here, take us somewhere away from here. King, this is our land, how can any human come and capture this? Yes, today they have one tower here, tomorrow there will be another one. Then third one, then one day they will destroy the entire jungle. Then where will we stay? In their flats? Hey this is no time to joke, we have to face them. Ok, lets go. Move it from here!! Why are you shouting? Look around, its such a beautiful place. There is peace everywhere, listen to cuckoo voice, listen to peacocks sound, listen to birds . Motu, I can hear, tiger and leopards voice also. lets go, before people catch us and ask for their money back and beat us up badly. Wait!! Motu Patlu!! Big brother we are not in the mood to take the beating, we will not wait. Don’t worry, we will not hit you, instead we want to thank you. Yes Motu Patlu and Dr Jhatka, what a tower you have made!!! Flying in the air you have landed us in such a good place!! That means now you don’t want to shift from here? No, never, what a beautiful view we have!! We don’t want to leave this place and go.

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