MR & MRS. S2 | E04 Sasurji Shame Shame! ft. Nidhi Bisht, Biswapati Sarkar, Sharat Saxena | Girliyapa

It’s about last year. Like every normal father-in-law
and son-in-law, me and him were watching the
match in awkward silence. But as soon as Bumrah took the
last wicket of Australia, I felt… …We need to have a real conversation. Bumrah is best. And father-in-law also spoke openly to me. Hmm. It felt that finally we both
were becoming acquaintance. Then what happened between you both that
you ended all contact with each other. Yeah. Including eye contact. Sanju, the awkwardness between the two
of you is not only troubling us, but also the maid in the house. Yes, didi. You’re absolutely right. You both make the room so awkward
that I can’t even come to clean it. Sanju,
what exactly happened that day? Say. Madhu, that day Australian
tailenders were not the only one’s to get ripped
off Bumrah’s bowling. – Get out!
– Sorry! Sorry. Sorry! Really sorry! The lock… Idiot! I tried a lot to delete the high
resolution image from my memory. But like an annoying pop up,
it comes in front of my eyes every time and crashes the whole system. But son, it’s nobody’s fault here. You should deal the relationship issues. Let me make him understand. You too try. Alright? Sanju, me and my mom
will resolve this issue. Now you don’t do anything to
make the situation more awkward. – Don’t do it.
– Brother, you do it. You considered didi’s uncle as a
driver and spoke about to him for me… …didi, please disconnect the call. Always on the call. Sorry. Actually the lock… Sorry. Your mom was appreciating a lot about
the kitchen cabinets and the wardrobes. But I love the new look of this hall a lot. – Really?
– Hmm. Then why are you letting the old carpenters
and electricians work for your new house? It’ll cost more money and you’ll
not get such good service. Dear, we’re very simple. You guys can do fancy things
like interior designing but we can’t. But dad, in this generation, interior
designing is a necessity not luxury. And it’s not that difficult. You just… …look, visit the website of
Livspace and book a consultation… …for the designs
of your choice. Rest their expert designers
will come and handle everything. Really? Actually Sanju told me about this. Mom, please come and sit. I’ll sit here. Okay. Sit. Let’s start. Madhu dear, please pass the dal. Sanju, please pass the dal towards dad. No, no. It’s okay. May be it has onion and I’m fasting today. I can’t eat onion and garlic. Dad, today you had
onion uttapam in breakfast. With garlic sauce. And on top of that,
you made me cook chicken for lunch. Which chicken? The one which is there on your plate. Which chicken? Mom, I was thinking you and me
can go to the parlour after lunch. Yes. Anyways, dad and Sanju will
be watching a match, right? No, no. Bumrah will handle it. I’ll also come with you. I can go there and get the shave done. Why? You’ve bought your shaving kit, right?
You can do it in the bathroom. I’m not going in the bathroom. I don’t find it safe. Anyways, I’ve talked with Mehta Ji. If I want to go to the
bathroom, I’ll go there. What? For peeing,
you’ll go to Mehta Ji’s place by metro? Yes. Do you have any problem
if I come with you? Not at all but Sanju will be alone at home. Let your mom stay with him.
I’ll come with you. No. Why? I’m not going to stay alone at home with
son-in-law. You stay with him. Hold on. Hold on. You don’t want to stay alone
at home with son-in-law. But he’s your favourite. Whenever Kung Fu Panda
comes on television, you always say that he
looks like son-in-law. Now what happened? Nothing like that. No Sandhya. There’s something wrong. Something happened. – Madhu, serve rajma to dad.
– No, Madhu. Before I eat your rajma, I want to know the secret of your mom. Actually, when I was taking
a bath in the morning… You didn’t even spare your mother-in-law? I didn’t know there’s someone inside. First of all your entire family
takes bath in silent mode. And don’t even lock
the bathroom properly. We didn’t know that our son-in-law
wanted to see us how we take a bath. I immediately closed my eyes, dad. And I didn’t even say ‘shame shame
puppy shame’. Not even in my mind. So should I honor you
with a President’s award? What exactly you want? Let’s call her uncle from Kanpur. Watch him too while taking a shower. He has seen my whole family naked. I didn’t see anything much. I just saw a small tattoo of a
moon in mother-in-law’s waist… …that’s a wart. Dad, it was an accident. Accident happens on the
road, not while taking bath. This ashamed fellow likes to
watch his in laws taking a bath. Brother you should have
at least knocked the door… Didi, why haven’t you
hung up the phone yet. Okay, that’s it. That’s it. What crime have I committed? Each one on this table has seen each
other naked in different combinations. Yes I have seen the most
and shown myself the least. But that was not intentional. If I have committed a mistake,
then I’m ready for the punishment as well. You both also can see me naked
and let’s finish this here. Sanju, no. Sanju sit. Don’t treat me like a dog. Sanju, I’ll give you a
chicken leg piece, sit. Sit. This… this is you choice. You selected good designs for
bedroom, hall, kitchen from Livspace, At least you should have selected
a good groom for yourself. Okay that’s enough dad. All this is happening because there is
no communication between both of you. It’s been 2 years to our marriage, You guys are still stuck at the
same conversation about weather. This should end today,
In fact this will end now. You guys will go inside the room and
solve all your issues and come out. Now either you both guys will go in or… …I’ll cry. Follow me. We will just speak the truth. Okay. I don’t like you at all and I don’t
care if you also don’t like me. Even I don’t like you. But I want everyone to like me. Sandhya wants me to
consider you as my son. But I already have two sons. And I cannot consider
any outsider as my son. Even I have… No I only have one father. And even I cannot consider someone
as my father all of sudden. Since childhood I have
been my daughter’s hero. Now I cannot see
you as her hero. You and me are completely
different people. But there is one thing common between us. We like the same person. Jasprit Bumrah. Madhu. Jasprit Bumrah? Also Jasprit Bumrah,
we both like him everyone likes him. Look, a father-in-law and son-in-law
cannot be friends anytime. But for family at least they
can be pretend to be friends. Are you suggesting that
for wives happiness we pretend to be mildly
awkward than super awkward. Yes. I think they deserve it. Okay done. Sorry dad, sorry mom. Will take care
next time onwards. Be it bathroom or bedroom, I’ll first
hear what’s going on inside and… I think they understand. It’s okay son, what is done is done. A person learns from his mistake. You know in childhood I fell
down from the cycle very badly, I got 3 stitches on inner thigh then… – There are four stitches.
– There are four stitches. Anybody wants to
watch the match? Dad look Bumrah.

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