Mr. Orlando Learns about Baseball | CBC Kids

Hello! Mr. Orlando here,
I am sitting with Ben. Hello, Ben. Hello. So Ben, do you like sports? Yes! Yes! Ben, what would you say
is your favourite sport? [whispers]
Baseball. [whispers]
Baseball? [laughing] It’s good that
we’re whispering. We don’t want to let
too many people know… ..about baseball. [laughing] Now you’re holding something
from the sport of baseball. Hold that up there, Ben. Let me see that thing. What is that?
What is that thing? It’s supposed to be a baseball,
you throw it, and then– and then
a batter bats it, and then you try
to catch it with this. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up that. What is that? Uh, a pitcher glove. A pitcher glove. Of course, because in the sport
of baseball, as we all know, we frequently stop to
have a glass of lemonade which we pour
out of the pitcher glove. [laughing] Is that correct? No! Yeah! No? [laughing]
No. Oh my– Well– well what
do we do with that? What do we
do with that then? You to try to–
when the batter bats it, you try to get
it in this glove. [sighs]
Of course. So now we know. Thank you. Do you
want to play catch? Yes! All right. Hold on, hold on. I’m– Now, I’m new to this. You throw the ball, I’m going
to stand here and catch it. [laughing] On the count of three. One…two…three. [ball clattering] I missed. [laughing] There it goes. Oh! How do I catch the ball? Just– Just use it
with your hands like– Oh, oh. and just grab it. And say — Yeah. I hold my hands out like that? Okay, okay. One…two…three. Oh, oh, oh, three! Go! Go! [ball bounces away] [laughing] There it goes again. Last– One more try
and you’re out! One more try? And then I’m out? Yeah! Oh my goodness!
So many rules! One more time. One… One…two…three. Oh! Ugh! Oh! [ball bounces away] [laughing] Am I out? You’re — You’re out! Well, I guess I can go, I’ll just go and drink
some lemonade then. [laughing]

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