Mr. Orlando Learns About Hockey, Swimming, and Running | CBC Kids

Hello. Good professional
day to you. I am sitting here with Aiden.
Hi, Aiden! Hi. I noticed you’re, uh,
holding something there. What is that? A hockey stick. Dex, I understand
you like sports. Now what– what is that you’re
holding right there? A hockey stick. Could you hold that up for me? Let me just get
a better look at that. Yeah. Hmm. The hockey stick. And as we all know,
the hockey stick, in sports, is used to brush the
visiting giant’s teeth. Is that correct? No! [laughing] Yes. Oh, it’s not? No! If you’re playing the sport of
hockey, and you get lost in a hockey field as it were, you wave the stick – please hold
up the stick, Aiden – and say, “Help, help,
I’m quite lost. Can anybody get me out
of this sporting match?” Is that right? No. The hockey stick, of course,
is used to sweep up all of the pasta that the giant
spills on the floor. No! [laughing] Is that right? No. [laughing] Oh my goodness. Well, you better just
tell me what it is ’cause I have no idea. It’s for passing the puck. And then what happens? If you have the puck, you’ve got
to, like, shoot, and then– [gasps] Oh! You hit the puck
with the stick? [laughing] Oh my goodness. I was way off. Where do you shoot it?
In to the hockey field? In to the net. In the net. In to the net. And what happens when you hit
the puck in to the net? You get a point. Then what happens? Woo! Ha! It went in! We won! [cheering together] [cheering together] Oh, we won a trophy!
We get the noodles. Call the giant! Lincoln, I have a question. Do you like sports? Mm-hmm! Oh! Mm-hmm. What– what’s
your favourite sport? Running. Pareet, what other kind of
sports do you like? Running. Oh, I love running! Do you run fast? Yeah. Are you a good runner? Yeah. You are? Where do I run? Well, you run outside. Because if there’s so much open
space, you can run. But make sure there’s
nothing around you that you can hit it. Oh, that’s a good idea. Less walls. How about on a running track? Yeah. Okay, Lincoln, you and I right
now, running race. On your marks, get set, go! [grunting] Okay. Keep on running. [panting] Oh-ho-ho-ho! No, no! I can see the finish line! Oh, no. I’m falling behind. He’s winning! He’s the winner! You’re so fast! Ohhhh! Pareet, you won! Yeah! I’m exhausted.
How do you feel? Not exhausted. My goodness, I’m old. Hello, I’m here with
my good friend, Pareet. Now Pareet, do you
like, hmm, swimming? Yeah! I heard from a friend that
you like swimming. Is that right? Yes. I want to learn swimming,
but I’m not sure I know how. So where, Pareet,
would we go swimming? We swim in water. In the woods.
Just like I thought. In the water! I swim in the water. Oh, in the water! Oh, I was doing
it wrong all this time. So, we just,
maybe, fill up a sink? No. ..Or the bathtub? We swim in a pool. Oh, of course! You’re so smart.
I’m glad you’re here. Okay, when we go swimming,
what do we wear? Could I just wear what I’m–
what I’m wearing now? No. No? [sighs] I don’t enjoy– You have to wear
swimming clothes. Oh! So wait. When we go
swimming, what do we wear? A bathing– A bathing suit. A bathing suit. Very smart. What’s your favourite– do you
have any swimming moves that you could teach me? Okay, show me. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. That looks like a– that looks
like a front crawl! Watch this, I can do this. [grunting] That’s it. That’s a backstroke. That’s a backstroke. Phew! [gasping] I can do that easily. You can do that one? Ah! Can you float in
the pool? Yeah. I lie down in the water, and the teacher counts to five,
four, three, two, one. And I even know a doggy paddle. Oh! Show me the doggy paddle. That– Oh! Oh, I see. Well, thank you for teaching me. Pareet, you taught me a lot
about swimming today. Thank you.

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