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(Drawing) Are you not ready to go till now?
I have wasted my time and got ready early morning. Hide and seek..! Who is this boy? I have already told you that Iam writing the story
of a boy who is a fan of M.S Dhoni. Story of a fan of Dhoni?
Cricket..! Are you planning to submit this as your project? If you dont like it, then you dont read it.
I know that you always hated cricket from childhood. This is not for project but I’m writing it for myself . Ha..ha..
Those might be your unfulfilled dreams about cricket. Get lost.! You. Thanks. M S DHONI : A FAN BOY STORY Allu…Chicken curry is ready.
When will Illukaka come? Illukaka will not come now,
he has gone to sell tea. ‘AMEEN’ – Illu, If you are planning to go outside kerala, then go to Delhi.
– Hmm. Shilshadka had been playing for a club in Delhi and
thereby got the selection to play in the National team. It is a mere waste of time if you are
planning to play for any teams here. You will end up sitting at home,
if you try to get a job in sports quota. Yeah. You are right I will ask permission at home. Okay. You ask permision. But i dont think my mom will allow me to go. My mom always want to me to play for Indian Team,
but she is reluctant to let me go. If this is the condition i will defnitely leave my home Where? To Delhi?? – Yes.
– I too will come with you. I only have money for myself. I have money for myself. – From where did you manage to get the amount?
– The profit which i made from selling tea. The profit is mine. The cycle which we use to sell the tea was mine. If you take the cycle back, I will sell the tea without it. I will take my cycle, you sell the tea without it. Dear, two tea please. Sorry.Tea is not available. Hey..Give him. Hey, do you think I will get selection like Shilshadka? Bro.. Match at Chembikkad temple.. One moment. Bro.. Yes tell me. – Only three ball was remaining.
– Hmm Needed 12 runs. Hmm. Do you remember how u have played to win the match ? Yes.I do remember. You are the next Dhoni dear.. – Go to hell man.
– Yes,I mean what i said. Hmm..
I somehow should manage to make it to Delhi. First we will leave this place. I will also come with you for sure. I will think about that..! Mom, can you get me some food? Where is Illu? I didnt see him for a while. Illukaka is busy selling tea mom. Go to hell! 650 rupees If we manage to sell tea as we have done today, – We will make a profit of 1300 rupees.
– Today morning I have to go to prakash brother’s place to wash the utensils. Then can I go now? Don’t go now.your mom might be at my home. No! No! I am going. Hey don’t go.If I am alone, muthappa will definitely scold me.Come with me. Hey,If I am with you,do you think will he leave you without scolding? No,you just come with me. Where were you idiots? We went to attend the festival at the nearly temple Why did you go to sell tea? Mm..
fool! There is a selection to the state team next week,so I want to buy a bat. I already promised you to buy a bat, right? Do you know why I am taking care of you,your mother and all these kids,
It is not because I am expecting a reward from God. It is only because of the love which I have towards my brother. I have already told your mom not to go for work but she hardly listen to me. You are just like your mother. I wont let you to do any job till the day I am alive. If you need anything, I will get it for you. Moothapa, the bat will cost rupees 6000/- Don’t worry about the bat,I will take care of it. It’s okay Moothapa. – Did you have something?
– No Moothapa, I didn’t. Then go inside and have something. Illukaka.. Joppa.., Will your mother come for the feast? No dear.She will not. You never used to sleep here right,so go and sleep there. So which means you don’t like me. I like you. Then come and sleep here. A bit upwards! Allu..
Why did you tell them that I went to sell tea? I didnt tell them.Joppan did it. If it is so,then its fine.I thought otherwise.. Who will switch the lights off? Pranchi.., just switch off those lights. Hey, does the parents of these children visit them? No Amminichechi. They are just like our own kids. Do you get donations from people like you used to receive earlier? I had! And vellikka’s business is also fine. With God’s grace everything is smooth. Where did Illu go this morning? He had gone for the selection to the state team. Is this the second time,will he get atleast this time? He will definitely get this time,thereby all our financial problems will be solved. I have not given birth to him.
But I believe that he is a gift from God to me. He had promised to call me after the match. Ok. (Phone Ringing) Hello.. How was the match? Oh..Is it? A little more! This is enough. – I had only a little this afternoon.
– Enough. Damn! Are you still thinking about it? I don’t think i will be able to join the Indian Team. There was a coach named Sreekanth,
He told me to join the cricket academy to learn cricket after watching me playing. He might have told this after seeing my interest for the game.
It needs a large amount of money. And i have no idea on how to Arrange a large amount. I think I have no luck for this game. Why are you talking like this? You used to tell that Dhoni struggled so hard to be what he is today. If you struggle hard you can definitely cross all those hurdles and win. If Dhoni too had thought disheartened like you,today he won’t be the one whom you admire. hope you understand. Mom.. Sreekanth sir had told me one more thing. there are few cricket academies outside Kerala,
where you can learn cricket for free. Then can i join there in Delhi? – Delhi??
– Yes. Hope Moothapa don’t hear this. Usually it is like this when mothers speak about other children.
They are liberal in decision. But when it comes to their own son,they are not liberal at all. – Illu..
– Yes. – What..?
– Nothng! Tell me. Mom.. Look at that stone you have tied to the thread.
If you hit it, will you be able to predict its movement? Why are you telling this now? Leave it. Incase if a bounce ball comes against me, what would I do? What would you do? What would I do? You will hit it, Wont you? Yes! you are right.
Our life is also the same. We should always act according to the situations in life.Right? I know, you are telling all these to remind about your Delhi trip? Mm.. Illu..
I wont let you go, even your Moothapa will not.
Now go to sleep. Mom..There are only two people from kerala, Sanju Samson & Sreeshanth got selection to play for.
Except that no one else. Just think about it.Right? Illu, you need go anywhere else, you can practice in our surroundings itself. Mom, you are absolutely right when it comes to a 15 year old child. But I am 19 now. boys of my age are already playing for India Team. Illu,
Whatever you tell me, nobody is going to give you permission to go. You go and sleep now. If my father was here, he would have definitely let me go. Just go and sleep instead of telling some rubbish. You are discouraging someone who would be known to the entire world in future. Dont forget! Give me some space.. Joppaa! Illukaka..
Where are you going? – Quiet!
– Where are you going? – I am going to Delhi.
– What..? Delhi? Quiet!! You mean Delhi?
will you meet Dhoni? Yes of course. Okay, then convey my regards to him. okay! Can you do me one favour?
Can you go to kitchen and bring the bottle? Okay! Illukaka.. What is this? You are going to delhi, right?
So keep this with you. You..!! – Go and sleep.
– Hmm.. When is the next train to out of Kerala? Bangalore? Only in morning?
Ok.One ticket please. Are you deaf? No..
I.. I came for the cricket selection. – You came for cricket selection?
– Yes. Hey listen! you can’t just walk in and be in the team.ok? Its has got its own procedures.Step by step. did you understand?
It is a step by step process. – Are you a malayali?
– Yes. Mallu.You ask him. Tell her in our native slang! Sir, I want to know about cricket selection. A selection is going on for the vacation course,
If u happened to be selected, you have to pay rupees 10000 only. 10000 rupees?! Sir, can i get a job here? Bangalore is a really vast city. You can search for it. Sudhi.. One moment. Send me the details of these students. Who are you? Sir, fish. I have seen you somewhere. Even me! Have you ever come for the selection in cricket academy? Yes! Ok, how did you come here? So this is your story! What made you love cricket so much? – When my father was there, I used to play cricket.
– Ok. He always wanted to be a cricket player. Like that.. So you are here to fulfill your father’s dreams, aren’t you? No. I really want to be a good player. But I don’t know what to do. Shahbas, this is a competetive world. There are so many people working hard to achieve. You have to beat them all if you want to succeed. Luck is also a main factor. – Ok?
– Luck? If only luck was the factor, there wont be any successful ones like Dhoni. – Dhoni?
– Yes. Don’t you like Dhoni, Sir? Yes! Are you a Dhoni fan? Yes! I really like him. I have a reason for it. What Reason? The reason is.. If you are the captain of your team, And if one of your player let the other team to score, Will you rebuke them? Rebuke means? It means, scold using bad words. Yeah, I will definitely scold. Yes enactly, but Dhoni is different. He wont scold them. He will remain quiet calm. All these made him different and hence I like him. And I Trust him too. Trust? It is because, in our place he is called as sedulous. Sedulous? Someone who hits the ball without even looking at it. Ok! Earlier we Indians will automatically switch
the TV off when sachin is out. But, now we watch till the end, it is only
because of the trust we have on Dhoni. Even I’m a fan. Whose fan? I will tell you.Now you give me the fish. – Fish?
– Yes! How much? Rupees 250. Ok! Sir,Are you familier to that cricket academy? – Do you want to participate in the selection?
– Yes. Sir, whose fan are you? MS is on strike! Let’s see how he is going to handle the situation. Looks like they are in big trouble! They need 10 runs from 2 balls. Kumar balls now! It’s a Four! MS have outdone the same situation in the last Semi Final! And now 6 runs needs from a single ball. Looks like MS is under a lot of pressure right now. Looks like Kumar is planning some winning strategies with the captain. Let’s see if it works or not! Yeah.Needs 6 runs from one ball. MS.. You can! That’s a great shot.looks like MS did it. Oh no.That’s a four! Yeah.That’s a four. Even though it was a full tose ball,
MS couldnt make it. I think it’s a very unlucky day for the Karnataka. MS used to be the backbone of the team. But he has failed to show his excellence today. MS..! – Media is ready.
– Ok. Hmm..Its good! I have been honking for while. No you! I got ready by 8.30 AM and was waiting from then. If i say 8:30, you should understand my time to be 9.
Right Gundu? – Hey..
– What? She is impossible!

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