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(upbeat music) – [Isaias] (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) – [Jose] (speaking in foreign language) – [Announcer] We’d like to welcome you to Punta Cana. For your continued safety
and those around you, please remain seated with
the seat belt fastened. Seat backs and tray
tables are pulled upright and in the locked position, and all your carry-on items stowed. (upbeat reggae music) – Just arrived in Punta Cana. Jarret, what do you got for us buddy? – Nothin’.
– Nothin’? – It’s hot, it’s different. (upbeat reggae music) – Just excited to get out
and run around, and go play. The weather’s beautiful,
the sun is shinin’, and don’t have any idea about the team that we’re playin’ against, but it’s been what, almost two months now since we’ve taken the field as a team, so, just excited to get our
guys out there together, and go play. – Pretty nice ride out. Little bumpy, but got here all right. – Crazy. (laughs) Not what we’re used to. (laughs) (reggaton music) (clapping) – We’re from Dominican Republics, so wanna play, is wanna play. You’s can do it, you can do it. (tapping) – (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] May the best team win, but I hope that we win. (all laughing) – Well thank you for
having us, I appreciate it very much, thank you.
– Thank you. – This is Danny Gleaves, it’s nice to be here
in Dominican Republic. I’m really close to
Justin’s face right now, talkin’ into his mic.
– (laughing) – Is that their pit… Oh, there he is. – He was literally just
long tossing the outfield. (bat cracking) (crowd yelling) (ball smacking) (yelling) – Yeah! – (laughing) Yeah, si, si. – Give me the ball, give me the ball. – Give you the ball? You want the ball? – (speaking in foreign language) – (chuckles) (ball smacking) (umpire yelling) – (speaking in foreign language) – No, I don’t speak Spanish. Huh? – English, no?
– English, yeah. Do you wanna say anythin’
to the people back home? (bat cracking) (indistinct yelling, cheering) – Good game, good game, game, game (hands slapping)
Good game, good game. (indistinct chatter) – Thank you guys. (mellow music) – Painting some houses. (indistinct chatter) (motorcycle engine rumbles) – (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) (mellow uplifting music) (indistinct chatter) – MSU professional painting crew. Yeah. – (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] He said he’s very happy that his house is being painted. – (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] He’s content, he’s happy. – Uh-huh. (laughs) – [Man] (speaking in foreign language) – He says, he asks him
if he likes the blue, he says he likes the blue. – (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] It’s a common custom here to have your house painted for Christmas, so he’s happy (speaking
in foreign language). – (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] He said,
thank you, I’m happy. – (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) – Oh. (mellow uplifting music) – Incredible, little
different perspective. Not what we’re used to. – [Boy] (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat reggae music) – It’s interesting, for sure. It’s a little different than back home, but, it’s still a baseball field. It’s what they got here. It’s nice to get they get to do this in the last year, you know? See somethin’ that never
thought you’d see before. And, we’re just tryin’
to make the most of it, and enjoy ourselves here. You know, play some baseball. (crowd yelling) – Good luck. – (speaking in foreign language) – Play ball. (bat cracking) (crowd yelling, cheering) (team cheering) (indistinct chatter) – [Man] Let’s go! (bat cracking) (crowd cheering) (ball smacking) – We got Colten Panaranto on the mound, he’s number blank. 2-2 in the bottom of the 5th. (indistinct yelling) We’re gonna steal a bag, here. (team cheering) – USA! USA! (crowd cheering) (players yelling) – Good game, good game.
(hands slapping) – One, two, three. – [Team] (yelling in foreign language) (team chanting) – Spartan Senior, shortstop, second base, Royce Ando here. Welcome to Spartan all-access. It’s a Monday, and, no, we’re not studying for
exams this time of the year. We are about to go to the beach, and so far it’s been a great trip. (upbeat reggae music) (splashing) See a good rally right here. Yep, yep, c’mon Slee, hit that, yeah! Oh! Let’s go. – [Man] (speaking in foreign language) (traffic, engines) Good afternoon, everybody! – [Man] (speaking in foreign language) (“National Anthem of
the Dominican Republic”) (hip-hop music) (crowd cheering) – This field is interesting. If you hit a home run, you’re
hittin’ someone’s house. (laughing) Wha? Did this guy just say that he’s the number 29
prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays? – [Announcer] (speaking
in foreign language) (crowd cheering, applauding) (speaking in foreign language) – Good game, good game. (indistinct chatter) (dog barking) – [Man] Let’s go, let’s go. – [Man] C’mon, no cheatin’ let’s go, Gabe. (splashing) – [Man] Forward! – One, two, three, (team chants) (dog barking) (mellow uplifting music) – I just wanted our guys to experience a different culture, I wanted them to experience baseball in a place where it is so important. I wanted them to see that it doesn’t take a whole lot to make you happy. And there are a lotta
people that live down there that don’t have a whole lot, but are extremely happy people. – People found happiness with
not much of anything else, and I think that’s important to see too. Sometimes we can get
materialistic with things, and we’re given a lotta things
here, and a lotta perks, but I think it’s important to realize that people are finding a lotta happiness and joy in things that are very simple. I think for some of the guys maybe, found baseball to be even more enjoyable than they already did. – It really put things into perspective, I got to see how basically
50% of the world was living. So it kinda humbled me, and made me appreciate what I have. – [Jake] So I think
it’s a thing down there where the game brings
the community together. And it is the one commonality between a lotta different
groups of people down there, and so you see kids without
shoes, without shirts, but they have a glove. And if they don’t have a glove, they’ll figure out how to make one. (kids giggling) – It’s kinda crazy, you can still, no matter how little you
know of their language, you can still communicate the
game of baseball with them. And I was kinda curious
about how that would work, and it was, you had fun
with the guys out there. We were messin’ around with each other, and I think the biggest thing, just the way they play is, they’re all really good, competitive. But they just, it’s super relaxed, they’re havin’ fun, and if anything, I think that’s somethin’ that
we can take away from that. We played well out there, and it was cool. You usually don’t get to play in December in 85 degree weather. And just being able to go out there, instead of be inside, just
taking grounders and stuff, and just being able to actually
play competitive baseball. Talkin’ with each other, playin’ the game. And I think that’s really
gonna help us this season. – No matter who we are,
or where we come from, baseball brings us together. Anybody can play, we all love the game. (intense hip-hop music)

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