muhammed hafeez man of the match pak vs ban 1st t20 match

Good for a part 1 movie click people Pakistan tell me is there any kind of pressure on a player coming back into the team? At all. Yeah, definitely. There’s always because You know, the expectations of the people is always there and once you get that You need to meet Expectation of the people so that is the pressure is always not about the media But I’m really happy like the way we as a as a team Clinically win the series so far and we need to continue that momentum further moving forward the next match and also for the next series Well considering the past record. It was important for Pakistan to be winning this series. Yeah, definitely as like, you know, I said earlier like We missed couple of opportunities in the in the last couple of two series, but that this is how it goes But we are really happy like, you know everyone is it’s coming into the team having a mindset to win the game for Pakistan that is more important than anything else and to me that’s what I said earlier, I spoke to Malik and he’s always been a Best friend and he always helped like last things he played very well and I was feeling a little bit on my pressure Like on my shoulder like have to do something because he already shown like, you know He is one of the senior so really happy to contribute for the one more one more victory for the Pakistan Judging by that innings. It seems like you’re aging backwards Well, like, you know you need to be hit the criterias of fitness You need to hit the criteria of your performance, and this is what I always believe on really happy That’s what I said like, you know, hitting all the criteria and getting back into the side. All right Thank you so much for your time and go about in the next one. Thanks

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