MUKKA TOUSER BOYS cricket special .India vs Australia

[Cricket commentary] Don’t bite my fingers, dude! Hey, what’s he doing! Yeah, wicket! That’s awesome! Stop! Didn’t you bowl a leg spin? Continue the same. They are getting out only when you bowl leg spin. Don’t you think you are pushing it? Did a wicket fall when you bowled off spin. But it fell now. The batsman is getting confused when you bowl leg spin. How will he get out when I bowl? Wait and watch, you will see! Make it fast, bowl leg spin delivery. BOYS IN THREE-FOURTHS Hey, baby! I’ve come to watch the match at my friend’s place. Hi dude! Next wicket! Awesome Dude, come stand here for a minute. Dude, stay! What did he say? Ask him to repeat what he said. Third guy: Hi dude! I asked you to repeat. See, he scored a six. Why did you stop spinning the ball? Bowl leg spin. If you squeeze it like this, it’s googly. This is leg spin. Try now. You guys are never serious. Take it easy, no hurry. Hi dude. Missed by an inch. Why don’t you smile when you say it? What have you got to lose? This is you duty. I’m doing it today. What about tomorrow? I’ll do it tomorrow as well. Who moved this pillow? Wasn’t it here! Don’t smile, moron. You continue. Other guy: Hi dude! Out! Bro! Let me out, bro. Stay there. India never wins when you watch a match. Please open the door. What happened? Is it a four or a six? They stopped a boundary. Bro, please give me my phone. I’ll watch the match on that. We’ll lose if you watch. I’m not giving it to you. I’ll only talk to my girlfriend. We’ll lose even if you talk to her. Alright, I’ll call home and inform my mom. We’ll lose even if you call her. What if I talk to me? We’ll lose even then. Pour some water. Where are you pouring, dude? Continue pouring it out! Pour. One ball, six runs. Dude, go back to your position. Go! Bowl leg spin with you right hand. Pour water with your left. Isn’t the pillow in position? We are going all guns blazing! [Cricket commentary] Look at the amount of effort we have to take to make them win. Why are you standing there? Didn’t you come to watch the match? Come sit. Guys, the highlights is coming up. All of you back to your positions. Hello… Anyone home? If you like the video, like, comment and share. And, if you want India to win subscribe to Haaf-boil

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