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We have excellent news The matchmakers found you a auspicious match It is decided Come and sit down It is what is best for our family Yes I will bring honor for us all Quiet Composed Graceful Disciplined This are the qualities we see in a good wife This are the qualities we see in Mulan It is my duty to fight

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  1. This story insulted Mongolians.
    Mulan is a lie. Shanyu was never defeated in China.
    This animation is misleading of history.

  2. What don’t you get about live action reboot??? Suppose to have Mushu and the lucky cricket!!! SMDH…

  3. This seems more of the actual story of Mulan, but I like the Disney version. WE NEED OUR PRECIOUS MUSHUUUUU

  4. I know it's the remake of the original story but since its Mulan, it's not going to be the same without Mushu and even the cricket. I feel like this movie will be too serious. It's supposed to be for kids like the remake Aladdin or Beauty and The Beast. I still really want to see it but it's not going to be what I wanted from this movie.

  5. The background music is so frustrating becuase it sounds like Reflection yet not quite.. Eeeeee!!!

  6. Erm, do they really have to make her keep her hair loose while fighting? So unpractical. What's wrong with ponytail, bun or braids? Pretty sure if Mulan was a really person she would have kept her hair out of her face while fighting, like everyone else always has.

  7. I love mulan ever since I was a kid I try to learn to fight like her with apples as the bad guys and my metal bat as a weapon on the front yard lol

  8. I feel sad the songs aren’t in them but I honestly feel like they could have incorporated the songs in a way where it would have been respectful to the asian culture (that’s the reason they didn’t put the songs) but they still could have done it respectfully by changing some lyrics here and there and make it so that it’s not as goofy but instead shows them training and whatnot😂idk just feel like they still could have done it in a way where it isn’t making the asians seem weak or whatever

  9. Why aren’t people understanding that this is supposed to be a serious version of the original Disney animation. Yeah, I understand that the original songs aren’t there and they removed Mushu, but you have to understand that this is a movie with cultural leverage. Not a comedy. It’s not just about the songs people😂 I’m sure if they did a Moana remake, it would be a similar situation. Or even a Brave remake. The movies are meant to not only remake the movies, but highlight the cultural differences in each of them.

  10. Disney: "This has gone far enough."
    Fans: "Well done, Lion King was a hit, but nobody liked it, so leave them alone."
    Disney: "We can't do that. You'd see too much. You all have."
    Fans: "But it doesn't have to be this way."
    Disney: "We have no choice, times has changed. Original movies isn't enough anymore."
    Fans: "But remaking classics?"
    Disney: "We'll remake a thousand classics before we let this company die. And we'll silence anyone who's gets in our way!"

  11. None of this happened in the real movie the bottle was clear Emma Snow Mountain is she never fault all the Huns the last part the end of it at the palace and where is the Dragon

  12. Why does it look like Mulan is already adapt in fighting? Please tell me they don't go that way. I really hope she keeps her goofy and lovable quirkiness and free-spirited nature from the original film

  13. Uhm. Wheres mushu? Cri kee? LI SHANG?! I disappointed, even in the original Mulan there was a general who fell in love with her. Come on Disney… You messed up

  14. 1. No Mushu or Cricket= No Interest.
    2. The fact that they're not showing Mulan developing into the strong amazing warrior, ruins the shattering revelation of what the cartoon did. Again, not all women were taught in swordsmanship or war tactics. If they were, what would be the point of matchmakers?
    3. Rumors say the main villain is a woman, which ruins the point of Mulan being a woman hiding in a men's military. When she reveals herself, everyone will just be… "eh, another one"

  15. When I see this trailer it reminds me of the ‘Once upon a time’ Mulan but focusing on her life story or just a different version..

  16. When I see this trailer it reminds me of the ‘Once upon a time-Mulan’ but focusing on her life story or just a different version..

  17. How can people be mad when we are getting a war epic with one of the coolest Disney princesses? like if you're mad it is not like the original, maybe you should just watch the original movie? I mean seeing it in live-action is kinda redundant if nothing is changed anyway. THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM MOVIE WHY IS EVERYONE MAD?! I WANNA SEE SOME ACTION, AND LIKE BLOOD(or implied blood as long as it looks cool)!

  18. Out of all the Disney films, this could possibly be the one live action remake that is fairly good. Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Jason Scott Lee? At least you know the fight scenes will be great i guess lol

  19. OK, why the heck does she have her hair out? She's suppose to be pretending to be a man and i see other flaws within the movie SKJ KJS BOSBV I think i'm gonna be very disappointed XI I thought this was suppose to be a DISNEY remake? or am i wrong?

  20. "I will bring honer to us all" If your not going to give us the song then you should not give us the title of the song, It just makes us remember what we are missing.

  21. I get that the movie is supposed to be realistic. But In the real story she kills herself after refusing to marry the emperor at the end. So I wonder, will it be that realistic or just a piece of garbage ?

  22. If there is no main character like mushu and no Shang then what the point of recreating the movie if the only point is to make China happy what happened to the rest of us and this is dishonor dishonor to your whole family

  23. I really really really really am tired of changes to classic movies and the way they all need to showcase the women in the same way. I thought it was a real art form when women in the classics could show their strength in more subtle ways. No one would argue that original Jasmine was strong and independent and she didn't need to go to lengths the live-action one did (her own song that was completely out of place despite being a phenomenal song and her arguments with her father on wanting to lead the country). Same with this movie. There is nothing wrong with classic Mulan wanting to follow the traditions of her people and find an arranged marriage and being bummed out when she f*cks it up. We have all been there. That feeling of betraying those we love. But then she make a snap decision to save her father from the war. She does it out of necessity, even if she then betrays the traditions of her people. I really hope the live action movie doesn't betray this simple narrative, but it looks like they are with her match-maker finder her a husband. Mulan should struggle – she was never trained to be a warrior. She should find it difficult to keep up with the men, but just like in the classic, she should find her own way of doing things and look outside the box. THAT is what made Mulan strong, lovable, and connectable – her wit, compassion, dedication, loyalty, and endurance.


  25. This is definitely going to be a wonderful and fantastic birthday treat, as it comes to theaters a couple of days after it.

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