Must See! This Hidden Beach Was Better Than The Best in the World: Anse Source d’Argent

Have you ever wondered what might be the most
beautiful beach in the world? In this video I’ll tell you about a beach
that I found even more beautiful than Anse Source d’Argent in the Seychelles! Let’s go and explore together! And please
like the video and subscribe if you enjoy it!! In 2018 we visited the Seychelles and stayed
on Praslin for a week. We were lucky enough to go to La Digue for a day and visit Anse
Source d’Argent. This beach is often said to be the most photographed and the best beach
in the world. The reality compared to the pictures we had seen did not disappoint. The
beach is amazing with the typical Seychelles big boulders and some beautiful shallow waters
to swim in. We were so happy having been able to see this special place on earth. But recently, we went back to the Seychelles
and were able to rent a sailing catamaran with our friends. Our captain took us to a
beach that was even better than Anse Source d’Argent. It is located on one of the sister
islands of the Seychelles. There is perfectly clear turquoise coloured water.. A lush green jungle as backdrop. Gentle waves lapping onto perfectly white sand.. and those typical Seychelles boulders surround the beach on both sides… What do you think?
Which beach is more beautiful? If you’re wondering what other parts of
the Seychelles look like, we are creating a vlog of our whole sailing week around the
islands, you can find them linked here in the corner of the screen, and also down below
in the description of the video. Be sure to like and subscribe this video to
enable me to make many more!! Thanks for watching and byebye from The Ultimate Freggle! What do you think, is it the most beautiful beach in the world? Yes! Why? The green palm trees? Yep! The blue water? Yes!! The big rocks? The white sand? The perfect weather? The blue water!! The blue water right, that’s what you love most!! Whoohooo!

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