MVCC Baseball

[music playing] The best part about baseball for me is
the team aspect of the game. You got to be with your teammates all the time, you
know, working out, going to practices together, you know playing a game
together. So getting to meet your new teammates and being with your teammates
all the time I think that’s the best that’s the best part about baseball for
me. Before a game I got the same playlist that I like to listen to when I’m on the bus
ride before the games. This year I’m probably gonna add a couple more songs
on there. But, I like Band on the Run by Paul McCartney. That’s like just gets me
in the right state of mind, and I know that I’m feeling good if I’m going into
a game after listening to that. So I think that’s probably one of my number
ones. When I first came in, I didn’t really know how to expect like me how
hard it would be to balance out classes and sports, but here at Moraine they do
really make it easy for you to excel and succeed both in school and in
athletics. I think a misconception that people have with baseball is that it’s
not that gruesome of a sport, you know, there’s no contact in it. Just because
you’re not getting hit or you’re not getting bumped up all the time that
people think that you’re not getting injured but I could I could tell you
right now you get injured in baseball, a lot. Geoff, our athletic trainer, he’s the
best in the biz, you know, he’s he’s good with connecting with all the with all
the student-athletes, you know. After Moraine Valley I want people to remember
me as a good person, a good student, good athlete. All three of those things. If I’m
remembered as a good person most first and foremost, I think that’s probably
the most important thing. [music playing]

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