My Cafe Baseball Style

Hey everyone, I’m Ola, and today we are going
to play My Cafe: Recipes &Stories. In this video I want to show you the new American
Retro style called Baseball. So, let’s go! So, in this video I wanted to show you the
baseball style from scratch, I wanted to build it from scratch here, so it’s going to be
a lot of work right now. However, in the end I’m hoping to get a really
great cafe. I’m not going to make it really crumped, i’m
just going to install everything that is needed here. And i’m also going to visit my storehouse,
where i have all the stylish equipment. I will just install not really many of them. May be, just one-cup equipment, so far. Because i want to show you the tips, and the
overall look of My Cafe with that. I have installed the red piano at the entrance,
because i don’t want the customers to come in. And there is just one single Comet, who is
walking lonely in the huge cafe. I have purchased all the possible extensions. So, let’s see how much money I have now, it’s
1 330 mln coins, roughly. And I’m going to see how much I’m going to
spend on the Baseball style, and how many tips I’m going to get from it. So, let’s start. So, let’s take a look at the wallpaper. It looks like that. It looks really sporty. I like it, I like the stitches on the walls. So, let’s place it just right here. Now let’s take a look at the Baseball flooring. It’s green, and probably it reminds us of
a baseball field, the grass on it. And it costs 9 mln, let’s install it, as well.So,
alltogether, it looks allright, but we definitely need the windows, because without the windows
it all looks a little bit dull. Actually, this style is all about the windows,
because just take a look at them – they have really great impact on the overall look and
feel of my cafe. They cost 3 800 000 coins, and I’m going to
install all of them right here. And it’s very convenient to place them by
the stitches. It looks really even right now. Let’s proceed to what else we have here. And it’s definitely the menu, and the stands. So, we definitely need to install 40 of the
stands, each of them costs 2 800 000 coins. And we really need to install 40 of them,
because we need to fit in all of the devices that we have. Well, the stands themselves are dark red,
with the milk color, and they also have these metal inserts. And actually, it all looks allright. Just take a look at my staff, they all just
came over there. I’ll take a short break from filming the video,
and I’m going to show you all of the stands, when I’m finished with them. Allright, so here are the stands, and I also
have placed the equipment, in the amount that i have told you. There are just one-cup equipment everywhere. But I have placed a lot of stands, because
we will definitely need more stands and will have more equipment on that. I wanted to create something looking like
a baseball field, so I made the central position here. I have also placed the phone right here, because
I really need my staff to move fast. For that reason as well, I made a lot of isles
here, because I don’t want them to be cramped and to stand in lines. Let’s also take a look at the menu – this
is the Baseball menu that costs 4 200 000 coins. And we will probably just place it on top
of everything, and I really think it fits nice here. Now i think it’s time for the bar counters,
and stools. Yeah, I want to finish that square right here,
so I’ll probably place the bar counters, to make it a square. Actually, I really like it that the bar counters
look very similar to the stands. For that reason, I can really make it a square
here. I also want to leave as much space as possible
for my staff to move freely. Ok, here we have the stools. The last thing that we need to install for
our customers to be able to come in, are definitely the topping shelves. And this will be it, we will be able to serve
our customers. For that reason, I install 2 shelves on the
left side, and one shelf on the right side from the menu. I really like it, when it’s symmetry in my
cafe, for that reason I also place the award shelf and the TV on the right side from the
menu. Now we can invite the customers in. And let’s move the piano somewhere here, I
guess. Or may be just to that side. Oh, the last thing that I have forgotten is
definitely the service table. I’ll just place it right here. Now we are able to serve our customers, and
let’s also place the tables for 2, tables for 4, couches, and decorations. So, tables for 2 basically look like that. Each of them costs 8 mln coins. I really like coffee cup logos here, just
take a look at them! And i really want to remove that one magical
fountain and place the coffee tree here. Now we have more space here. We can proceed to Baseball tables for 4 – those
are the most expensive, besides the couch. And they cost 13,5 mln. We have 26 customers, in total. That’s why we need to place 26 seats for them. It’s 18… now it’s 22.. and then we place
the Baseball couch. So, this is actually it, now our customers
can sit. I can also place the special seats, like date
tables for 2 from update 2019.8 right here. Just because i have them in the storage, and
they should complement to the overall Tango style, for instance. We have the vases of flowers, which are cactuses,
actually. And we can make a composition right here,
may be. As for the prices on furniture, you can check
it that the baseball table for 4 costs the same amount of coins as the philadelphia table
for 4. Actually, the prices on the furniture don’t
really differ a lot. And at higher levels you can just have a choice,
whether you want to stick with Philadelphia, you want to stick with the California, or
you want to go for the Baseball. So, I will place a couple of those vases of
flowers , of cactuses, actually. I just spent a little less than 300 mln on
all of that. And now I can make decorations here. Everything is fully equipped. What else do we have here? We definitely need that spotlight lamps. Oh, they hang on the wall, actually. Allright, let’s do it. And we need a lot of them, because at the
baseball stadiums we have a lot of those guys. Let’s take a look at the Golden Bat. It costs almost 10 mln, and I’m going to give
it the honored place just right here. Actually, this bat needs more accent on it,
that’s why I’m going to place the wall lamps just right here, to place some accent on it. And we also have the baseball floor lamps. Let’s take a look at them. We will probably just scatter them around
my cafe, in different parts of it. And we will also decorate that square. I think we also need to place another cactus
right here. Now I’m ready to ask Fernando about the tips
in my cafe, actually. What he will tell me: he says that the american
style gives me 3178.57% tips. Now i just need to place more stylish equipment
for different cups. All the rest is done really good: I have enough
room for my customers to walk, I have enough room for my staff to walk. If you want more tips, you can just place
more furniture here. May be, from other sets like the Philadelphia
looks ok…then we definitely have a lot of those guys like sconces, and centerpieces,
and all other stuff from american retro. Like that retro clock, for instance. In all, the style looks wonderful. I spent around 300 mln on that. If you have a lot of coins, then you can just
play with your cafe styles. Well and thank you so much for playing with
me. I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you did, please put your thumbs up, and
subscribe to my channel, and let’s play together. Don’t forget to click the bell to get all
the news and tips about the game from my videos. I have rewarded 5 best comments under my previous
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so don’t forget to leave your player ID – this is the combination of numbers in the bottom
right corner of the game settings. Till then, have fun in the game, and see you
next time, bye-bye!

69 thoughts on “My Cafe Baseball Style

  1. I have FRENCH STYLE Cafe, the reason being France one of my fav country to visit n its the first style i choosed. Player id: 79811150

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    I love the French style more feel guides the form of the cafe and I feel its colors and shape of the guidance and comfortable form very very beautiful and Ashan as well as I chose and put him to the cafe right
    ID 85313759
    وانا مرره احب لعبة المقهى وكثييير مسليه وأحب قناتكم ola
    I passed it I love the game of the cafe and many entertaining and I love your channel ola ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Im still level 25 and im using american style…by seing your video i want to level up quickly i love that sub style even im pink addiction.

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  5. I love the English style because It's so sleek and elegant. I love the wooden counter and table that give me traditional vibes and still very beautiful. It also reminds me of my favorite cafe in my hometown which I had a lot of memories there. I'm at only 20 now, don't know if I gonna change the style when I see other styles in higher level but for now the nice and cozy English style is definitely my favorite.
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  7. I am level 31 and I chose the French Opera Style, because i love pink color and France 😍 because I visited Paris. Thanks to your videos i will chose the French Accordion Style ♥️
    Goodbye from Italy , and I hope my English is correct😂♥️
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  8. I love so much this style, it is so beautiful. I have some suggestions : 1. when the employees finish the delivery order should pass to the next without take it by the player . 2. New task for earn diamonds. 3. New characters for barista and sever. And a employees give the player the gold spice . Player Id :21438155

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  11. I'm not sure if anyone's going to read this, but i'm having confusion, and i hope someone could explain to me.

    In festival, I don't seem to understand why my other township members get to do up to 5 personal tasks (gold/yellow tasks), while i only get 3. I've finished 6 tasks for this week's festival (3 white tasks + 3 yellow tasks), and the other member is doing her 5th yellow task (she collected 32100 trophies for 4 tasks, and is currently doing a 8000 trophies task).

    I want to know how the personal task in festival works.

    Thank you in advanced 😉

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  13. I love your YouTube channel and your great ideas so I told my friends👭👬👫 about my cafe game as well as your YouTube channel and they have installed my cafe and subscribed your YouTube channel.
    I have northern lights style actually from your video only I took that idea.

    ID Tanisa Biswas 12

  14. I love American retro and already upgraded my cafe to baseball style. Placed all the furniture (40 stands, 10 cactus, 25 table for 2 , 25 table for 4, 10 stadium lights, 10 baseball lamps, 1 service table, 1 baseball couch, 3 windows, wallpaper and flooring) and I get 9300% tips
    Really in love with these new sub-style 😍😍😍
    Thank you devs for making these new beautiful sub-styles
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  15. hey olga! you probably don’t remember me anymore, but i’m sandra! i was in an accident, so i had to stop playing the game. especially that my mother couldn’t join me anymore. i finally recovered and i searched for my comments on all your videos for a reply, but i couldn’t find them. so sorry to bother you again but please help me!
    i kicked out my mother one day thinking she can re join my township, but she could never and since then i was very sad. i don’t want to make a new township because i spent money to put 10,000 diamonds in my township! although i’ve been inactive all this time, i believe i can still come back and maybe my mother can join me.
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    2.) Make the serves stand literally anywhere but in front of the machines when idle. I'll fill the event orders manually to get more rubies and without failure, at least one server keeps getting in my way by idling in front of a machine again. And again. AND AGAIN. Can they like, NOT stand right in the freakin' way and go by the customers or something instead?

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  22. Hi.
    I'm new to this game and, so far, I LOVE IT! I have to say that I love the French Style. And, I also love, love, love your Baseball Theme. It's so COOL!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    i think Your update is the best it is have some more happy for game but my level is 8
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