30 thoughts on “My favorite thing about flying paragliders – BANDARRA

  1. Looked like you had the site all to yourself, a big thanks to the young and lovely camera girl, such a steady hand Gemma, till next time then.

  2. When it comes to paragliding I know very little, can you use a wing used for paramotoring? I have a 22m nitro and a 28m core, the core wants to lift me pretty easily in any winds over 10mph… but I've always been afraid of being lifted with the wing without the motor.

  3. Beautiful area. Is the site near Santa Barbara? I fly Torrey Pines a lot and would love to check out the site when I'm up that way…if that's the area. Love that stuff sack by the way!

  4. My new favourite video of yours, guys. Love the hilarious quick captions, loved the editing with the music in sync with the soaring sequence, and loved the great shots of a beautiful and soarable site. 10/10

  5. It's indeed amazing. It's like when you count 1 to 2 minutes after an aircraft/airplane takes off. After that short time it will be flying already high and far. Many great pioneers of flying/aviation "deserved" to see how (nowadays), after all, it is so easy to take off and fly…

  6. I can't understand why EVERYONE isn't doing this OMG! Of course then the skies would become crowded and rules would follow etc etc etc

  7. Question
    I enjoy your video but have some questions, I want to learn to do this, I used to fly ultralight quicksilver till they turned it to sports pilot. Any way what harness do you use and I will be a beginner and I am 180 lbs what is a good beginner wing. Just looking for a good sport to have fun
    Thank you

  8. "Yeah, but you haven't been flyin'" BIG difference! 😉
    Looks like one of the best flying days, wind wise, I've seen in your vids for this kind of fun.

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