It is completely different watching a free fall jump, than actually doing it. I was very stressed for the hour before the jump, surely the fear of the unknown. It’s impossible to imagine the feelings you’re about to experience, or the way it might change ourselves. That stress was mostly a reaction to the waiting. Once in the plane, the greatness of the scenery almost made me forget what I was about to do. A sort of euphoria came to me when it was my turn. You’re better off not thinking about it, or you might not go through with it. When you give it a thought, jumping from a plane sounds completely crazy, but your brain just goes into standby for a fraction of a second, the time it takes for your legs to hit the edge, and push yourself into the void. If I remember correctly, this state of euphoria made me say a few curse words, which I’m sparing you of here 🙂 The free fall was most adrenaline-filled part of the jump, the sensations were almost exactly the opposite of the ones I expected. Even though our speed reached 200km/h (125mph) while falling, the strength of the wind seemed to support our weight. I wasn’t feeling any kind of physical pressure, I was just, amazed by the jump, and even forgot to close my mouth there. When the chute opens, I was suddenly thrown backwards, feeling as if we had awoken. I then started realizing where I was again, where adrenaline gave way to poetry. The landscape was unbelievable, I perceived all the depths between interweaving plains and mountains the greatness of nature, it was definitely changing my perception of the world. The instructor helped me take control of the chute for a moment by tilting go completely to the right, or to the left, we ended up turning in circles. And it just blew my mind! The reality is that the jump is only 6 minutes long, yet felt like it was only 20 seconds before we moved on to the landing. I don’t know why I was wary of that moment but it was actually very smooth. Your first few steps feel somewhat heavy, but the feelings are just out of this world. When I look back at these shots, it feels like I was 5 years old again, for 5 minutes. I’m sure I’ll head back into the sky to live this experience again, maybe in the USA, or on the other side of the world


  1. Carlito lâche des dabs et Petit Biscuit fait le signe de Jul en plein vol, j'adore 😂😂😂

  2. J ai tjrs voulu sauter en parachute, mais vraiment je crois que mon coeur ne le supporterait pas 😂😂
    Ca du être une expérience de folie!!
    Bien joué Petit Biscuit!!

  3. J’adore ce type de vidéo tu devrais en faire plus souvent 😁❤️❤️❤️ps:Jsuis une graaaaaanndeeee fannnnnnn ❤️❤️❤️

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