Hello everyone ! Tim : “Hello alone !”
Hello alone ! And welcome to the Sonchaux Acro Show take-off ! Hey look ! He are with the greatest pilots worldwide Theo De Blic ! My first run will be against Tim Alongi ! Tim, we have to battle against each other what maneuver did you choose ? Tim : “A Cork, Corks are cool !” And I’ll put a McTwist to Heli It’s gonna be so much fun ! Actually I have no stress at all, I know I’m dead already But I will try hard ’cause I’m not here for nothing ! I’m just hoping Tim throws his rescue Let’s go for the first run against TIM ALONGI ! If I was told last year when I started acro that I will be battling in the World Cup Finale against Tim Alongi I think I would have laughed ! Tim : “still vlogging ?”
Me – “Of course !” I’m so cold ! Gab, this one is for you, If I hadn’t met you I pretty sure that I would not be here today Same for Matt So if you’re watching this, and I hope you are little motherfuckers Thanks so much for everything you gave and teached me I’m living the dream life from now on Go for the landing ! If you ever asked yourself how pilots are hosted Here is the hotel entrance… …the main room Some high level athletes are here Here is the four stars bedroom A dream place where you will feel like home Next round against Francois Ragolski I let you picture this ! François : “Oh Maël, so what ?” So what François ?
François : “Are we gonna do paragliding ?” What are we about to do ? We’re about to do PARAGLIDING That’s nice ! What do we do François ? François : “I heard about a McTwist To Heli as last maneuver, am I right ?” Yes that’s right
François : “That’s not fair !” François : “That’s unfair !”
Me – “I know right” selfmade bullshit song Here for the last run against Thomas Schlögl Facing this beautiful sunset over the lake Nobody wants to go, it’s too nice here Egor : (speaking french) “ça va, ça va” How are you Egor ? Egor : “Uh, my name is Egor” Maybe we’ll have the privilege to have some words from the famous Jack Pimblett “Jack Pimblett, what do you think ?” boring stuff about McTwist to Tumbling then emotional stuff So as you could hear, he’s gonna die soon ! Let’s go for the ultimate run of the day against Thomas Schlögl The “Mad Austrian” as we use to call him here We planned to do the last McTwists synchronised, for the show Theo De Blic is among us ! Theo : “If you dont put the scene where i’m winning the game in your Vlog… “…you’re banned from my house forever” We are the morning of the 3rd day Yesterday we didn’t do nothing (except poker) because of the rain So because of the lack of time they decided to cut us out of the comp And as a reward because we’re not flying for the comp anymore we were asked to do a show flight in front of the camera Like big stars some synchro McTwist to Rodeo Helico with Egor A moment full of emotions… It’s already over for this World Tour Season We had a lot of fun I’m finally 13th in the overall ranking So what more ? I’m happy ! See you next year !


  1. trop heureux d'avoir attérris sur t'a chaîne frère oiseau!
    je m'appelle Robin RougeGorge sur Facebook
    je t'invite de te connecté avec moi et les papillons de "@la tribu des papillons" pour partager tes vidéos et tes tricks de ouf!!!!
    mon gars je suis acro à l'acro comme toi hâte de te rencontré en l'air
    Namasté & Plein d'amour papillon!
    Robin RougeGorge & La Tribu Des Papillons

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