my friend goes to paragliding school.

so my buddy Perez decided to fly all the
way over to Europe from his home in Miami Florida he packed his bag said his
farewells and started on his journey to the
Austrian Alps Perez always had a dream to fly and he knew while he was here that
he wanted to make that dream a reality by learning to paraglide once he arrived
we got in touch with a local paragliding school and made all the arrangements
Perez was signed up and ready to go in a matter of minutes and the only thing left
to do was meet up with his instructor at the training hill okay we’re at the
training hill now we’re walking down here to meet up with Fabi from human
Eagle paragliding school I was going for it all right
yeah harness wearing your machine and the helmet all right so the first thing
he needs to learn is how to use the harness the instructor shows him the
proper way to wear and connect the harness after that it’s his turn the
instructor watches him connect the harness and make sure he can do it
correctly all by himself it looks like he’s got it ladies and gentlemen first
try the next thing he needs to learn about is the wing itself the instructor
teaches him how to properly unpack and set up the glider even gives him a brief
explanation of how a paragliding wing works and why it’s designed the way that
it is he then moves on to the line the instructor teaches them everything he
needs to know to control his glider he shows them the different sections of the
risers where they connect to the wing now that he knows everything about his
harness and glider it’s time to connect them together the instructor shows them
how to connect the risers and a forward launch position will be connected now
the instructor shows him how to properly pick up and hold the risers and brake
once he’s fully connected to the wing the instructor teaches him how to
perform a pre-flight check after the pre-flight check the
instructor gives him a full forward launch overview he teaches them about
the three steps to a proper lunch inflation control and acceleration in
less than an hour he’s already learned everything that he needs to know in
order to start doing pull up runs here we go buddy first attempt you got
everything down we’ll find out the pull up runs allow him to feel what it’s like
to launch without actually taking off it does the full launch procedure several
times in order to get a feel for what it’s like to inflate the wing produce
them lift and use the brakes during and after each pull up run the instructor
give some feedback on what you did right and what it needs to improve on whoa you got it yeah okay
the time has finally come Perez is ready to make its first real flight we are
making the hike up now Perez after only about an hour has graduated to the top
of the hill and he is about to make his very first real flights with the
paraglider excited oh yeah here we go Perez inflates his wing
controls the position and starts accelerating only to have his flight cut
short just before takeoff oh no he hikes back up and resets the launch position
and prepares themselves for a second attempt oh my god there it is rahmel Perez soaring like an eagle oh god here we go
he needs a bit more work on his landings but Perez the guy from one of the
flattest places on earth just flew like a bird from the side of a mountain and
made his dream become a reality oh man you did it how did it feel first
flight ever goes awesome it felt really really really cool
yeah it did awesome dude I thought I was gonna keep on going but I was rig off
yeah nice looked awesome dude nice job whoo so there you have it the
paragliding beginner course I hope that this video can convince some of you to
take the step forward and learn paragliding if you have any questions
about getting into paragliding go ahead and comment here or contact me over at
big thermal comm if you like this video please like it and if you want to see
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23 thoughts on “my friend goes to paragliding school.

  1. Another great vide!
    Reminds of my basic course. The 1st take off is such a magic moment…
    … i got scared as hell since I had no clue how to land. But 5 seconds later I was back in the ground with a big smile and running up the hill again.

  2. Yea Boy!! That was freaking awesome bro!! Couldn't stop laughing when he fell. Great vid, was entertaining from beginning to end! Strong work dudes! My turn next time! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  3. Wha do you think about doing a paragliding course behind a towing winch? Theres a lot of them offered in European countries.

  4. Hi Jesse,
    go forward with your Style creating Videos. Hope have my first Flight over 500Meter this Week.
    Best regards
    Rudi from Chiemgau

  5. 'high as fuck' shirt xD
    not yet buddy.. staay on the training hill til you dominate that launch game

  6. Random question, did your buddy Perez join the Air Force in 2001? He looks and sounds really similar to a guy I knew in the Air Force…

  7. The technique instructed in phase 1 looks peculiar. I think it's not the best way to bend your arms. The feedback from the glider is way stronger when stretching the arms out wide.
    Also it's not good to look up so early. Your friend leans back really hard by doing so. This leaves him unable to stay stable and in control of the wing. I know it's just one hour in and for that timespan he's done a great effort, but when that's the way Fabi told you, I'd really reconsider my starting technique.

  8. What happened to your old videos. I was looking for the Little cloud videos and they are gone with what looks like most of your videos? Is this your doing or youtube?

  9. I remember when this guy used to release really great content. Been about a year. Wonder what to expect if, every any new videos.

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