it’s 11 hours before the game I’m gonna show you guys who the real king is today Madrid you’re mine what’s up villains welcome to another video this video is very special for me as you guys know what’s the date June 1st she’s streaking Champions League that’s right I said it I’m on the watch list I don’t think you do it but I will be the backup baby you’re a badass so all the things they see you do all the craziness do you know I think sometimes I’m crazier than you alright but you can do it yeah I think I do it it’s your life your choice and I’m trying to drill it through people’s brains that it’s like get out of your comfort zone you something you know what I looked it up and it’s four million dollars for a 30-second ad for Champions League what are we promoting today vitally uncensored Vitaly how much you paying free why free use your girlfriend no because everything is free in life literally if you think about it just go and grab it I don’t know like what do you think everything’s feeling like like about the money no no not everything’s free and I buy anything that you want you can do it anything you just have to put yourself out there and be willing trying to be crazy that’s right so anyways I am super excited nervous I’m going into makeup for 5 hours right now because I’m gonna be a backup if she doesn’t do it but guess what guys fucking bad I know zero doubts but there’s a lot of guards down there so and I’m gonna be in the stadium by myself just standing just by myself so I don’t know how I’m gonna feel once I get into the stadium that’s what I’m cause right now I feel calm I feel really good I a guy meditated this morning I am in control of my emotions I got this fear is only in your head no guys look out for her on the field cuz failure is not an option I love you baby what she loves let’s go [Music] shine why are you wearing this huge well I didn’t have a ticket to the game so um I went to the print shop and made 100 that shit scans – no it doesn’t yeah look I swear I’ll scan right now ready stop all-access baby let’s go yo wait wait before anything so I googled the media kit so I could learn about the match yeah looks on the second page wrote game disruption profiles bro it’s crazy yeah outlet World Cup they know you’re coming bro yeah I mean your submissions although I gotta give you props I official what do you think about me I think you look like you’re fuckin long-lost grandpa yeah yeah but we’re soul yeah let’s do it ready yeah that’s me guys BAM five our makeup realistic handmade beard brown contacts clear glasses cheap-ass outfit can’t forget the rip-away pants can’t forget the easies and of course what are we promoting battalion sensor if you haven’t joined the link in description below make sure you join now ok gold digger ah baby what if something goes wrong hey don’t focus on go wrong let’s focus on what can go right we got this oh the shit yeah we’re gonna have it for the game let’s go all right so he’s downstairs I’m up here I’m in those weeds there’s so Street to walk down there I don’t know I’m gonna get down there but I’m not fucking giving up I’m fucking sick to my stomach baby I know you got this guy’s if you watching this one of us did and if not we took a big fucking hell James are you fucking god cysts I love you I wish you best luck battalion censored let’s go [Music] take [Music] guys I can’t believe this my fucking baby girl the girl that I’m gonna marry I’m so fucking proud of you Kizzy I love you guys make sure you go give this girl a follow she’s a brave beautiful woman teamwork make the dream work that’s right ditalion sensor check out the link in description we’re trending everywhere in the world right now every newspaper in the world right now writing about Kinsey just like the World Cup in 2014 for me Champions League Pass Pavillion people were watching it live and dating caught up some TV married this fucking girl that’s right or wrong guys let’s get this video to a hundred thousand likes for Kinzie right now I love you guys so much I don’t know where she’s at right now but we’re gonna find out later hi guys so we’re picking kids out of jail looks like you know what’s going on right now are you training number one in the world right guys Gio was really bad so no you make you go get in hey we have a plan we’re gonna go we’re gonna go pick up your phone the guy just is down the street your phone stays any pay you on TV did you flash no oh why everyone started screaming it’s together you know but you’re eight no Tom’s gonna stop comment on bar stools and everybody the security got a highlight of his job she’s smiling son but you’re on the number one largest news articles page in the world [Music] you that overnight they that’s my fucking baby girl say for all these people supporters haters whoever I can’t even believe what just happened it still does not feel real at all but Wow the feeling of being on the field the feeling of overcoming my fears and oh how many followers you got I’m super patient on for three days she was growing rapidly you got 2.6 million followers and a day no well but guys literally is your life it’s your choice do things that scare you if you want to go skydiving if that scares you go and do it because overcoming those fears is gonna be so exhilarating and make you feel amazing life is literally about living we only get one life so do crazy things I’m gonna remember this for the rest of my life and I’m gonna look back and be like oh my gosh I was crazy and I was young and I had so much freakin fun no I definitely can’t let you go you got all these followers in a ring knowing you safe from you oh wow the Liverpool guy just message oh I gotta go Oh actually no speak of that Liverpool players have DM me so obviously I’m leaving Batali’s yours or what I just kidding I love you I’m never leaving Vitaly I’m just kidding I say goodbye to the people cuz you’re robbing your shadow now so that’s it ah yeah yeah I love you [Music] [Applause]


  1. All these people crying in the comments its a just a soccer game damn 😂 Theres a lot of betas in your audience

  2. It’s very appalling the amount of people in the comments who thinks that was cool thing to do, first, she done something illegal, and then she’s promoting whatever she was promoting for using her body,,,,,, female body is not a product nor a material to be used in any commercial activity, specially when it’s Porn industry …. so , in my opinion, in the worlds opinion, from all nations morals prospects and aspects…that was wrong thing to do and very degenerate , nothing to be proud of, and they lost their respect and dignity … unfortunately, in those days we’re living in , women’s body become a material many industries depending on such as marketing, Porn( which is very easy to access now a days even for children) ….etc ….and that’s why we’re having people agreeing with this kind of action.

  3. He, his mom and his gf should be put in a jail for a few weeks for doing this shit!! He would be happy to even pst that and make money.

  4. Actually trying to convince your following that she did something positive and you're proud of her. Fucking idiot. Cunt

  5. Vitaly , do whatever prank you want but don't you ever mess with the sacred Champion's League Final match !!! And this was not fun . You did it for what ? For fame ? You think this fame is gonna last long ? As early you do it people's gonna forget who you are unless you keep doing it ! But why don't you care about all these hundreds of millions of fans all around the world that just want to see a football game ? Why don't you think about the players on the pitch that don't wanna their game to be disturbed ? Don't you think that you mess up all the event ? People wanna see players play and players wanna do their job and live their dream , getting to the final . Why being selfish and only think about your instant of fame and disrespect everybody else ? The players , people watching in the stadium and the viewers worldwide ? Pathetic !

  6. One thing I can't handle with is that promis always only get to or rather try to love other promis. That's disgusting. But the words his girl said at the end are just true and good quotes of her

  7. this is the most motivational video for me it will change my life…fuckk yeah nothing is right or wrong in this fucking world

  8. If you want something go and get it …by something you mean social followers. I.e. take advantage of media to get 5 minutes of Fame so you can get rich 😶

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