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my name is Laura. And I’m often asked what is my favorite batting. Well, I have a lot of favorite battings for a lot of different projects, but I do have a favorite all-purpose, go-to batting. My go-to is Toasty Cotton and there are a few reasons why I like the Toasty Cotton. Number one, I like the size that I can buy. You can always buy it in small packages in different-sized rolls, but I like to do the roll that’s 90 inches by 25 yards. It’s not too big so that I can’t handle it, but it’s not too small that I have to piece it it a lot. Having it going 90 inches gives me a good size so I’m able to use that width more than the length. When you get the batting this size, it’s folded in half on the roll, so you’re not getting a 90-inch roll, but you have that 25 yards wrapped. And you can see all that yardage right here. It’s a nice low loft so it’s easy for me to use. I like to use a low loft. It’s easier for me to put more under the arm of my sewing machine. You can see how thin that that loft is. It’s about a 3/16th. Now if you want thicker, you can double up with this. That’s what makes it really versatile. It is very soft because it’s 100% cotton. There’s a little bit of a synthetic scrim and that makes it really durable and it makes it hold it together really well. You’re able to quilt this 8 inches apart and it only shrinks anywhere between 2 to 3%, which makes it really nice to use. There are no little bumps in it so it’s great for hand quilting or machine quilting. My craft projects have a nice weight to them. The other bonus is because it’s 100% cotton, I can make it and put things in the microwave using this batting. It’s very important if you’re going to put things in the microwave to warm them up, like a potato bag, that you use a batting that’s 100% cotton. Heat and polyester do not go together so they’re not great for the microwave. And you’ll see me use this board all the time. I use it to lay out all of my patterns so that I can pick this up and bring it to the machine, and I can iron on it. So I have about three layers of the batting in here. I can pin on it and I can press on it, and it’s just a board underneath. The batting is really nice because it does give my quilting some dimension. If I want more dimension, I can double it up, but I find one layer is great. Cotton is also breathable so it keeps it cool and yet it keeps it toasty warm. So even though the name says Toasty, it doesn’t mean it’s used just for the microwave. It just is a nice toasty-warm batting. I use it for quilts, crafts, wall hangings, bags, microwave bags—lots of things. You don’t need to pre-soak it. If you do want to soak it so you have no shrinkage, you can do that also. I can get about eight queen-size quilts, nine full-size quilts, twelve twin, thirty cribs plus some extra craft projects, and at least 50 craft projects. When you buy the rolls of batting, oftentimes you’ll have a large piece that you need to cut off. So I take all of those leftovers that I need to trim off, and I keep them in a bag. That way, I’m able to pull through that bag if I know I have something smaller in that bag for a project. Or if I want to test out my quilting before I start my quilt. I keep the batting the same in the same bag. So this batting would go in one bag; a polyester or another brand would go in another bag. That way the battings will act the same inside of my quilting and I know that’s exactly what I’m using. And before you buy a large roll of batting, be sure to make a list of the things that you want in your all- purpose batting. You can always find it in a small package and give that package a try to see if you like it. And thank you for asking what is my favorite batting. Thank you for joining me today on Tuesday’s Tips. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time in the sewing room. Bye for now!

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  1. Never heard of that batting. Will have to investigate. Beautiful curved log cabin quilt behind you! Would go perfect on my bed ๐Ÿ˜‰.

  2. Thanks for all your tips. So I can use this bedding to make coasters is well? Believe it or not I'm still on them. I bought 100% cotton bedding but it's very very thick are lofty I guess is the word i'm not worried about he just worried about water going through. Thanks again love your videos

  3. Hi Laura and thank you very much for sharing the information with us. I certainly will try it one day. I haven't started using batting yet. Ciao! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒธ

  4. We dont have that large amount and brand here in Hawaii i will look on amazon. I usually buy it in small amounts. Different name brand but excatly the same stuff. I love it. And it doesn't really shrink so no need to launder.
    You look beautiful as always ๐ŸŒบ

  5. I'd not have the room to store that amount ! However I will try cotton batting I've only ever used wool , and now that I'm on this life support machine I find I don't have the strength to move my quilts under my machine so I'm going to have to do hand quilting . Thanks again wish I'd found you years ago I'm learning so much now that I am not able to do so much . ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. Thanks for the tip Laura! I was able to purchase a large roll last winter and love it! I really enjoyed the quilt in the video! The pattern and colors were wonderful!

  7. I have never heard of this brand, did you purchase it in the USA or Canada, I will have to give it a try

  8. Always great informational videos Laura! I never fail to learn something and mostly lots of somethings from your tutorials! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and time.

  9. I use Warm and Natural which sounds like about the same as the Toasty, but I'd Like to know which Polyester you like.ย  I know very little about them or when they might be better than cotton. Thanks.

  10. Which 100% cotton battings do not have synthetic scrimmage? I am looking for microwave-safe batting choices.

  11. Let's say that you want to double Otis up to make it a little more puffy, how to do you do it? Just lay it out a spray bast it to get it to together or what do you do? I'm thinking of ordering this big roll and I want to get the best for my money. I love your tutorials and I love you! ๐ŸŒท

  12. Laura, when I asked you which cotton battings do not have synthetic scrimmage for microwave-safe batting, I did that because of stopping to comment the question and moved on from the video fron there before hearing you mention it is microwave-safe. However and still yet, I personally do not have confidence in synthetic scrimmage to try it in the microwave even if it is labeled safe and others have used it. That's just me though, it's just my 'feel safe' preference. I wanted to at least say why I asked it to begin with and why I still inquire if you have the information on it and if you have the time and interest to answer it on this post. If you have a previously made video already made answering it, i would be glad to watch it. Thanks again for another great video. mentioning great videos, your rubber band tip to open obstinate lids…helped me so many times.

  13. This is the kind of batting I use too. I actually ordered it by mistake one time and was really upset but didn't want to waste it so put it in my next quilt. That's one mistake I'm glad I made. I've been using it ever since. I love the feel of it and I really like that it doesn't have creases or lumps!

  14. Do you have a video on how to make your pressing board please? Its exactly what I'm looking for right now. (shown at approx. 2 mins 30 seconds)

  15. I love my ironing board. I used 3 layers if toasty cotton. Mine is a folding table, so I don't need to get up every time I need it. (Im sure that seems lazy but I have arthritis in my knees) I just turn to the side. I use a craft sized iron, like 5×3 inches. My covering is a bright yellow fabric that got in with the red load of fabric by mistake. The colors are quite pretty.

  16. Thank you for sharing your favourite batting. Mine is Hobbs 80/20 but I don't do any projects that would need to go in the microwave. I'll keep yours in mind for an all-purpose batting. Edit: Do you very often pre-shrink your cotton battings? Sometimes I really want that puckered-antique look and sometimes not.

  17. Love this batting and it can be sent to our troops as well. They need everything in cotton so nothing sticks to them in a fire of any sort. How can you tell if a fabric of any kind is not 100% cotton? Use a fireplace lighter, carefully burn just a tad of a corner – there's a big difference to melting and burning! Only takes 4 or 5 seconds to check this all important fact. This is also very important for our wee babes and children, actually for any of us.

    Thank you for all of your hints and skills you teach us.

  18. Laura – thanks so much for this batting video – I purchased one of these rolls online (got it on sale AND a coupon – wonderful price!!) and it's wonderful. My husband, Mr. Retired, was home when the package arrived :>. … and yes, I told him to expect it BUT I didn't tell him the SIZE of the item … LOL, I got a hilarious text from him about 'muscle-ing' that big a$$ package into the house and 'shoe-horning' into my tiny sewing room. My response was that perhaps I need a bigger sewing room … yep… he's a hoot!!!
    But seriously – I love all of your videos – every single one has so much information, even if the item you're making isn't on my list of things to do – the knowledge you share during the video is priceless!! Thanks so much

  19. Thank you very much for sharing with us about all kind of batting, I will buy the cotton batting. Have a good week. G.R.

  20. Hi Laura – I ordered your "go to" batting and have found I need to "double" layer to get Hobbs 80/20 thickness.. If it didn't cost so much to return this huge roll, I would have done so. Also, this batting shows layers bonded together vertically – I've never seen this.Hope this input helps you and others….
    You're the best and I can always look forward to your Tuesday postings and other tutorials. I'm loyal to you, girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. For some crazy reason this product (90×6 yards) is only $22 on right now. It is $76 on the fairfield website. I went ahead and ordered 2 rolls, to guarantee me the price, and i wont be charged until it ships.

  22. Do you find that the type of batting used reduces bearding, or is it the type of fabric, i.e., high thread count that prevents bearding?

  23. Do you every use wool? Washable wool, I believe. I have often wonder how wool batting would work. Love your instruction and work.

  24. I have an old WWII era flak vest. I'd like to remove the ballistic armor that is inside and replace it with batting, effectively turning the flak vest into a nice hunting/outdoorsmen vest for chilly days. Would this batting be good for this purpose, or do you recommend something else for clothing?

  25. I just found your channel and love all of your videos so far. In this video, you show a pink jacket hanging on a dress form in the background. Did you make the jacket? If so, can you possibly tell me where you got the pattern? Thanks so much!

  26. Hi Laura, I have a question about the scrim and putting it in the microwave, is there a % of scrim that can go in the microwave?

  27. Hi I have tried to subscribe to your channel it says there Is a problem with server 503 can this be fixed please so I can subscribe these tips are helpful and good to kn

  28. I would like to make oven mitts, what kind of fabric do i use? Over time I plan to make a cooler backpack for lunch or snacks for grandson, I found cooler fabric at fabric wholesale direct. Thanks Sam

  29. I was wondering,u being Canadian like me i also would like to buy the product u showed( batting). But it seems its only sold in the USA… can u tell me where u got it? Thank u so much!!๐Ÿ’–

  30. Thank you for your wonderful tutorials. I just ordered a 20-yard roll of this from JoAnn's because I trust your opinion (and the Black Friday pricing couldn't be beat). I've never used this batting before. How does it compare to Warm and Natural? Is it thicker? Thinner? How does it drape in comparison? Thanks again.

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