My Hockey Workout with Petr Straka

hello I’m a better Sokka from HC puddin and I’m here to show you two exercises to strengthen your body so this is a squat back squat what you’re trying to do is go as deep as possible obviously try to push your buttons back as possible and top of your knees shouldn’t go over your toes in the same time your abs need to be flexed and try to keep your lower back straight we kinda have to work out everything because one moment you need to be real fast for first three four strides and next moment you need to be able to skate like that for thirty seconds and your core is to be strong so you don’t fall over like leaf and your upper body needs to be strong so you can you can win the battle for a box so next we’re gonna do bend over rows and this is for your upper body strength what we do we bend over to the bar make sure our back is flat at the bar these things stand very stable and we just pull with our arms we can do as many reps as we can I like what I do and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world and I just love hockey so I just do it to to be able to we’ll go back next day and perform again and hopefully do it for a few more years actually you

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