100 thoughts on “My Son STILL Cheats at Football!

  1. I hope he plays tackle im 12 too going into my second season its real fun but I would say it’s like triple the work and dedication practice is hard

  2. Why dis boy playing flag football in middle school. He needs to play tackle its more fun. Also where i live to oldest u can play flag is 4th grade

  3. I wanna play tackle but I'm 60 pounds 4 foot 4 AND I'M 11 in fifth grade all of the pads just don't fit me 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😣😭

  4. It’s not a big deal that he’s playing flag at this age it’s a big deal that he’s 2 ft taller than everyone and he’s playing flag football

  5. You should let Lincoln plays tackle football. He is tall and fast and is prob pretty strong. He will love it , it’s not as bad as people think it is

  6. In tackle football you dont get hit every play because im a starting fullback and linebacker and i dont get hit every play. Just let lincholn try it, if he dosnt like it he does not have to do it

  7. This is sad in my area kids start playing tackle football at 4. We had flag football but kids would rather tackle , then grab toilet paper from kids shorts

  8. I think he should be playing with is own age and play tackle food ball and be pulling toilet paper from 7 year olds pants

  9. When your the oldest tallest person on the team but you still need to cheat to have a advantage

    Also why is he still playing flag football I’d be so embarrassed to be 5 years older than everyone on the team

  10. The first game the dad said he ran a good route but the ball was thrown to short by 15 yards when he didn’t even move and couldn’t even catch the ball when is is a foot taller than everyone because he is 12 playing flag football

  11. Dan doesn’t want him playing tackle, and that’s ok. I’m 13 and i play flag because my parents dont want me playing tackle.

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