Hi everyone and welcome to this first vlog and YT channel présentation done together to gain time. So, the idea of this channel is… I have only been a freestyle paragliding pilot for a short time but i’m really motivated to reach the highest level, so the idea of this channel is to share my passion with you through Vlogs and short movies/edits I will try to produce all along my… progression and possible career so I will share with you the places where I will go to fly and train and also a bit of acro-lifestyle and also a bit of acro-lifestyle Today I just came back from one month of training in Organya Where I lived in my car in a “almost total autonomy” so neither camping nor flat I will show you the stuff I used during this one month trip to survive Organya’s unbearable heat and ferocious wild animals and also how I organise my stays there. I just took a few days break before going back again for one more month but before let me show you my gear …some useless chat bullshit… so… let’s start by opening the trunk so… I just bought this 26L cooler bag It replaces my old completely useless cooler Here it is my very tiny table (as usefull as the subject of this video) some pans aluminium’s stuff I just bought this brand new camping stove way more powerfull than my old one Try to cook 500g of pasta twice a day during one month with that sh*t …some useless explanations… One 15 liter water bag …blah blah blah… something about a 5 liter plastic bottle …blah blah blah next step : the flying gear again…. something useless about letting the car dirty to look more authentic….blah blah blah laziness excuses… Here we get this little F-Gravity glider 20sqm from Niviuk my freestyle and heli-learning glider which I used all the previous month This nice looking Acro 3 harness from Sup’Air probably the most stable and confortable harness I ever flown with Just under it in its bag My AirG Emilie Peace 18sqm My first acro glider whith wich I will fly all the next month One book… (showing-off chat about reading)… that I’ll probably never read A tripod walking sticks some water for running and some climbing gear A portable and foldable solar panel more or less 50€ on Amazon very practical to recharge my cam, my phone and other tiny electric stuff some toilet paper… of course probably the most important thing you must have A foldable camping chair always very pleasant to sit on something confortable when you’re awaiting on the takeoff A big LED lamp And finally behold my old banger a 306 Peugeot she looks old and she is ! but for the record and for those who wants to go to Organya once or those who have already been there Organya is a very dusty place full of thorn bushes so when you have a completely wasted car like mine you dont give a damn going into the wild to find a place to stay the night and she’s still working well so… I think we are done here (finally uh ?) hope to see you a.s.a.p in a next video Bye fellows !

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