Mysterious UFO footage stumps meteorologist on live TV – Spacing Out! Episode 59

Greetings everyone, and welcome to Spacing
Out! I’m Jason McClellan. And I’m Maureen Elsberry. Thanks for joining
us. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for UFO-related
news, so let’s jump into it and talk about some of the stories that have made headlines
recently. A team of British scientists believe they
have found alien life in meteor shower debris they collected during the Perseid meteor shower.
The samples were collected with a balloon that was sent into the stratosphere. Once
in the stratosphere, sterile slides were exposed, capturing small biological organisms that
the scientists believe could have only come from space.
The team of scientists was lead by astrobiologist Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe who is credited
as a co-developer of the theory of panspermia. This theory holds that life is abundant across
the universe and the “seeds of life” are spread from planet to planet by meteors.
The team from the University of Sheffield found microscopic algae and two unidentified
complex microscopic biological organisms. Wickramasinghe told the Daily Mail, “Biological
entities of this nature have not previously been reported occurring in the stratosphere.”
[JASON] Skeptics of the findings claim that these biological samples could have come from
Earth and were somehow carried in to the stratosphere. However, Wickramasinghe says that the entities
they found are too large in mass for that to be possible.
The team’s findings were presented last month at the Instruments, Methods, and Missions
for Astrobiology conference in San Diego. A UFO appeared over Lincoln, Nebraska on ABC
affiliate KLKN’s towercam on the morning of Wednesday, September 4th.
The station’s morning meteorologist Sean McMullen noticed the object just before 6:00 a.m. He
explains, “I have never seen anything like this before. I even say that several times
while I’m on air describing the object, because I want to let people know even I don’t know
what this is, so I can’t exactly tell you what it is.”
The flashing triangle or teardrop-shaped object in the video appears to hover motionless in
the sky. According to McMullen, the UFO was visible for about 45 minutes, but disappeared
from view when the sun rose. McMullen says the object looked almost like a weather balloon,
but points out that weather balloons are not equipped with flashing lights.
Local resident Rich Webb, who is a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), told KLKN,
“It’s an unidentified object. We don’t know if it was flying, floating, what it is.” Webb
also informed the station that this same UFO was possibly seen a couple hours earlier that
morning 200 miles southeast of Lincoln in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.
KLKN contacted the FAA, but officials say nothing out of the ordinary was reported on
the morning in question. The station also spoke with University of Nebraska-Lincoln
physics professor Timothy Gay who says he “can guarantee the non-existence of extraterrestrials,
and suspects the Towercam footage was a government aircraft of some sort, or perhaps an odd lens
reflection.” His unfounded claim about the non-existence
of extraterrestrial life aside, Gay is correct in suggesting that secret government aircraft
should be considered when attempting to identify an unknown aerial object. And although odd
lens reflections are responsible for a fair number of UFOs captured on photo and video,
that is unlikely in this case, as it was potentially observed by another witness in different location.
KLKN continues to investigate this UFO mystery. A game maker is seeking funding for a new
board game titled UFO Hunter. The game’s creator, Mark Hanny, launched a
fundraising campaign on Tuesday, September 10th utilizing the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.
According to the game’s description: “In the board game UFO Hunter, each player
travels across the globe looking for tangible, extra-terrestrial evidence. In order to beat
the competition to this acclaim, players must carefully choose the best time to travel,
buy just the right equipment, conduct the proper research, and publish rumors of new
sightings. Rumors may turn out to be nothing, or even a trap set by governments or private
individuals. Even exposing hoaxes can be beneficial to leading you to the truth and ultimately
to victory.” Hanny is a veteran board game designer who
has designed games for more than twenty years. He describes, “I make games that I would want
to play and that I myself find entertaining and challenging. I’m really in it for fun–because
games should be fun. And the social aspect of board games makes each one an event. There’s
nothing I enjoy more than seeing that spark of enjoyment and to have another gamer say,
‘Wow! This is really cool!'” UFO Hunter has already been developed and
designed, and is ready for production. Supporters who pledge more than a certain dollar amount
will receive a copy of the game when it is produced. And according to the Kickstarter
page, the game’s estimated delivery is December 2013. A woman photographed a UFO over Minnesota
on Monday, September 2nd. Science teacher Allison Barta and her friend
Neil Peterson were outside her home in Cass Lake, MN taking pictures of pelicans when
they noticed a translucent, disc-shaped object in the sky. The Grand Forks Herald describes
that the UFO “spanned the horizon in just a few seconds at an incredible speed.”
The photo Barta took shows the mysterious object and two pelicans in flight. Although
the UFO resembles simple lens flare, she explains, “[I]t’s definitely not a lens flare, cause
we saw it with the naked eye.” The pelicans appear more in focus than the disc-shaped
object, suggesting the UFO was closer to the camera than the pelicans were.
Barta recalls, “For the moment, we were pretty dumbfounded. The two of us are watching it
zoom across the sky, and I’m trying to get another picture of it, but I couldn’t catch
it.” The witness is dumbfounded by what she observed. She explains its not an aircraft
known to this planet I don’t really know what it is
I know what it is what is it
it’s a ghost flying saucer it does look like a ghost flying saucer doesn’t
it that’s all I can explain
yeah so in this instance yeah when you look at it, it does look like lens flare, we see
this in a lot of photos but if we take the witness at her word saying that they actually
observed it with their eyes in the sky then its pretty fascinating
it would be nice to have that quote from the other witness as well
yeah corroborating evidence sure I mean basically you have this little cloudlike
round ball shooting across the sky, I don’t know
right and its not in focus like the pelicans are so we really get no detail from it, except
this disc shaped kind of translucent thing flying through in the sky, so its an interesting
photo but we really got nothing else to go on but that. So but this Lincoln tower footage
is fascinating to me and they still don’t know what this thing is, it was on TV, on
live TV, during the broadcast, and you know a lot of times when this happens on the tower
cam footage the meteorologist’s are the first ones to jump in and say oh well yeah that’s
obviously this, this meteorologist was extremely interested from the get go and said I’ve never
seen anything like that. its a really strange object. And you know
there are a few things that would suggest, you know maybe him to think it’s a weather
balloon or some sort of other strange its flashing all these weird lights so its such
strange time of night as well, its like sunrise basically
yeah sunrise so it’s not really being affected by the sun yet and were seeing lots of different
colors, changing colors, that happens a lot in the daylight because of the sun you’ll
see things looking like they’re changing color but it’s just an affect of the sun but this
is a dark sky changing colors and somebody saw it 200 miles away too, so we don’t know
if that’s the same object but it’s pretty fascinating
right I think that we should take timeframe from when that object was reported to MUFON
and sort of scan how fast this might have been moving because it was shown on the tower
cam for 45 minutes that’s a long time to be slowly hovering there. So I think there are
a lot of details that need to come out about this story but its interesting in this point
in time. I’m surprised we haven’t had project loon taking responsibility for this one as
well well if they follow suite they’ll wait half
a year or whatever they did to come out and say it, but hopefully the station will continue
to investigate they did at least one other follow-up story to it so hopefully they stay
on it and maybe we’ll find out what it was but I don’t think they will, it’s an unidentified
object, and its pretty fascinating so what actually pisses me off the most about
this story is Professor Gay’s asinine comment about the fact that he can prove without a
doubt that there is absolutely no extraterrestrial life in existence
that was the award for the stupidest comment I’ve heard in a long time, that frustrated
me to no end, hardly scientific, what a bonehead, I have nothing more to say about that guy.
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