Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus

-Miley, here’s how it works. The Roots are going
to start playing a song one instrument at a time. Miley and I can buzz in
and guess as soon as we know the song. But if you guess wrong, the other person
gets a chance to steal. -Okay.
-You can play along at home. Roots, let’s hear
the first song whenever. And, by the way,
I am ready to win. Let’s go.
-Ugh! -Whenever you’re ready, Roots.
Let’s do this. -One, two, three, go. ♪♪ -Please. ♪♪
Wha– ♪♪
Oh, no. ♪♪ It can’t be what I think it is. [ Buzzer ]
No. -“I Love Rock and Roll”?
-No! -Joan Jett.
[ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay.
-Joan Jett! Joan Jett, baby!
“I Love Rock and Roll”! How’s it go? It goes…
♪ Wah-wah ♪ -We did push the button
at the same time. Did everyone see it? -♪ Wah-wah, wah, wah ♪
Wait, what? You pressed the button, too?
-I pushed the button at the same time.
I didn’t get to say it, but you got it out,
so now it’s really on. -Oh, bring it!
-Now I’m furious. -Let’s go.
-All right. -Let’s go, Miley.
-He cheats sometimes. -Here we go.
That’s ridiculous. -Yeah.
-Here we go. Let’s hear the song. -One, two, three, hey! ♪♪ -I need telepathy, come on. ♪♪ -Distraction. ♪♪ -Bob Marley?
No. Marley, Marley, Marley.
-Yeah, yeah. -What is it?
[ Buzzer ] -“Could You Be Loved,”
Bob Marley. [ Bell dings ]
The best! Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] Whoo!
Whoo! -We all heard the Bob Marley.
-Whoo! Whoo!
[ Laughter ] Whoo! ♪ Could you be loved ♪ ♪ Be loved ♪ ♪ Da, mm-daga, eh, mm-aa ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ Could you be loved ♪
-Whoo! All right, here we go.
Let’s hear the next song. This is the best game ever.
Oh, my God. -[ Sighs ]
[ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Mm.
You whispered it. Now I feel like you’ve… ♪♪ Hold on.
No. Oh, yeah, I know this one. If you know it,
you have to push it. But I can’t think of it. I can’t think of it.
Tell me! Tell me! ♪♪ [ Buzzer ]
“Call Me Maybe”? [ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] It’s not my fault that I have, like, my biggest fans
in the audience. -You can’t tell her the answer. Carly Rae Jepsen?
That was “Call Me Maybe”? -You guys love me.
Yeah. -♪ Na na, na na ♪ Na na, na na♪ ♪ Now here’s my number ♪ ♪ So call me maybe ♪ -Okay, yeah.
All right. ♪ I just looked right
at you, baby ♪ -Okay, good, yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] Whatever.
I got Bob Marley. Anyway, here we go.
[ Laughter ] -We’re on a team.
-Let’s hear the next — -We’re on a team.
-No, you guys are not on a team. -We’re on a team.
-Let’s hear the next song. Here we go. ♪♪ Hands behind back. ♪♪ Ugh! ♪♪ [ Buzzer ] -♪ You can feel it all over ♪ -“Sir Duke”?
-No! -What does “steal” mean?
What does — -Stevie Wonder?
-I get to steal? Oh. -No.
-It’s not? -I get — ♪♪ -♪ There’s no taking
and no giving ♪ [ Buzzer ] ♪ Working 9 to 5 ♪
[ Bell dings ] ♪ What a way
to make a living ♪ ♪ Barely getting by ♪ ♪ It’s all taking
and no giving ♪ ♪ They just use your mind ♪ ♪ But they won’t won’t
give you credit ♪ ♪ It’s enough to drive you ♪ ♪ Crazy if you let it ♪ ♪ 9 to 5 ♪
-Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Singing indistinctly ] ♪ Ba-da ♪ [ Laughter ] All right, here we go.
-One, two, three, four. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Buzzer ]
-Oh, my God. -“Party in the USA.”
[ Bell dings ] -Took you that long
to get that one? [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my God. I wish I had a number-one song
they could play. [ Laughter ]
Oh, my gosh. -That I don’t recognize? [ Laughter ] -All right, here we go.
-Here we go. -Yeah, here we go. -One, two, three, hey. ♪♪ -Oh. ♪♪ -Dance —
[ Buzzer ] “Dance With Somebody,”
Whitney Houston?! No?
-That’s right. You got it. You got it!
-Yes! -Oh, my gosh.
-Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. [ Bell dings ] You keep pressing
and then giving me a hint. -I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. I’m a team player.
-Because that was — ♪ I wanna dance with somebody ♪ -♪ I wanna feel the heat
with somebody ♪ ♪ Yeah I wanna dance
with somebody ♪ ♪ With somebody
who loves me ♪ -All right, here we go.
Now — -We’re not good at the game
because we have to, like, perform it for like whole nother
verse and chorus after. -And it’s time
for the final song. This one is worth 10,000 points. -You said dollars backstage.
-So it’s anyone’s game. -He said dollars.
-It’s Bitcoin. -Oh.
-10,000 Bitcoin. -That’s actually
negative dollars, so here we go. -I agreed to this.
-Here we go. Roots, take it away. ♪♪ -Oh.
♪ I can feel it co– ♪ Right?
Oh, okay. [ Light laughter ] ♪♪ [ Buzzer ] -Biz Markie.
♪ You… ♪ [ Bell dings ]
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪ You got what I need ♪ -You suck. -♪ But you say
he’s just a friend ♪ ♪ But you say
he’s just a friend ♪ ♪ Oh, baby you ♪ ♪ You got what I need ♪ ♪ But you say
he’s just a friend ♪ ♪ But you say
he’s just a friend ♪ ♪ Oh, baby you ♪ Miley Cyrus, everybody!

89 thoughts on “Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus

  1. Jimmy Fallon needs to record a live type album with the roots. They should cover jolene and other great hits.

  2. Miley was talking , trying to guess song, making some sound in between those band music and it still sounded like she was singing

  3. I feel some people think jimmys a good singer , but it sounds like jimmys having an asthma attack every time he sings 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️💀

  4. They're doing a lot better than me I can't understand any of that band's stuff and although songs are from my era and I can't even hear it even when I know the song it doesn't even sound like it to me that's just me


  6. Needs to do more great segments like this and less of his very lame game show stuff. Great songs, and watching the Roots doing a awesome job showing their talent.

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