National Apprenticeship Week – Scott Stump

National Apprenticeship week is an
annual celebration of the wonderful opportunities that are available for
apprenticeships in the United States. We often don’t think of it as a way to earn
an industry credential or to get the degree that we’re looking for. But this
week allows us to highlight for all Americans the wonderful opportunities
there are for students to get the skills they need at the right time for the next
step in life. Apprenticeship is a win for everybody involved. It’s a win for the
student because they end up with employable, ready to go to work
skills while at the same time having no higher ed debt and in many cases getting
paid during that process so that they come out with cash in their pocket at
the end of the day. For the employers it’s a chance to test drive future
employees and allow them to be integrated into their system earlier and
get them excited about a work that the student may have never known about to
begin with. And for, you know, the communities and the education system
out there, it really is a way to provide students with an enriched learning
experience that is the most authentic place to learn about the future of work.

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