National Youth Speaker Tasha Schuh Demo Video

– When I was 16 I had an
accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. And there were so many nights
where I felt so hopeless. You know thought I wasn’t gonna make it. But knowing that I was here for a purpose, having a positive attitude, having an amazing network of people, and just really having
hope for a better future, are really what pulled me through. Every time I go into a
school I know that there is a handful of students
at least, if not more, that are contemplating suicide. That are harming themselves,
that are feeling hopeless. And for me going in that’s
who we’re aiming to reach, that’s who we want this
message to touch because I’ve been there. And I know what that feels like. And I’m so grateful that I held on. I love my life. Even my wheelchair. And I never that was something
that I would be able to say. We’re really trying to spread this message of mental health and suicide
awareness to as many people as we can. Whether it’s a room full of students, whether it’s special ed
teachers, school counselors, administrators, we all
have a role in this. And we are all in this together. I just want you to know
that your life is valuable, that you are important, and
that you are here for a reason. And I believe that every single one of you are here to do great things. – Tasha shares her heart, she
shares her passion, her hope. And I think students see
that, they want real. – She seems like she really wants to like give out that message that
oh if something bad happens, just keep going. – Yes I can. – I thought she was incredible. She was really engaging and
just her attitude on everything just really impressed me. – As she talked through
what it was she wanted us to walk away with you could
feel there was more and more buy in. There was more and more buy in. I mean, did you hear
it, the kids were quiet. – Certainly I would recommend
her to any school district in any engagement that you would have. So, phenomenal job. – Please take my story with you okay? Thank you. – [Child] Can we take a selfie?
– Of course. Today hope is my favorite word. I would never have believed, I would have never imagined
that I would be up here telling you amazing my life is. I found hope in my journey. Please take it with you.

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