Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

As you enter this baseball museum in Kansas
City, MO a question is posed. What are the Negro Leagues? By the time you leave, you’ll
know.>>Raymond: It was in February of 1920 when
a meeting was held at a YMCA building on Pasail Boulevard to form the first successful black
baseball league, the Negro National League and from there, the history of black baseball
takes off in the spring of 1920 with a number of midwestern teams forming, traveling across
the country and playing great baseball. Within the walls of the Negro Leagues Baseball
Museum there are hundreds of amazing facts, extremely rare collectibles and objects that
tell compelling stories without saying a word. This is where it all began.>>Raymond: With Kansas City’s natural historical
connection to the building of the leagues, they wanted to form a museum that would showcase
that history. The goal was always to build this permanent facility, ten thousand square
feet, multimedia exhibits, chronicling that history on a timeline of African American
and baseball history. And of course the centerpiece of that exhibit is the field of legends, the
life size bronze sculptures of some key baseball players from African American baseball history. As you become immersed into this inspirational
story a newfound respect begins to emerge. A respect for these players who never gave
up on the American dream.>>Raymond: I think for most fans, who are
mostly baseball fans who are the ones who come to the baseball museum, they may expect
to see information on great players and maybe some statistical information but are surprised
to see how this history is greatly interwoven into not only African American history but
American history in general. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum truly is
a place of champions. A place where quitting was never an option and a place where these
moments in history will live on forever.>>Raymond: It is a unique part of America’s
past to learn about baseball. We are connected here to African American culture, this is
an example of how African Americans and Afro Latinos were able to broker their culture
against the backdrop of oppression and segregation and of course play America’s game, baseball.
It is a unique experience, it is an emotional experience and one that you will never forget.

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  1. Love the bench made from bats.
    I appreciate your informative videos. I know that the next trip we take I will check to see if you have done any videos for locations near where we will be!

  2. This is a really great museum to visit and the video really brings this to the forefront. Thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚

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