Net kill swipe technique tutorial | Badminton Famly

In this video we’re going to talk about
the swiping net kill. So in situations where the shuttle is real close to the
net, we cannot risk hitting the net by doing this shot. So instead we want to
swipe along the net. The first thing we need to focus on, it’s the position of
our feet and how we jump towards the net. We want to really push off with our back
leg and be aggressive in our jump and it looks like this. The next thing we want to focus on is
really reaching out for the shuttle so with straighten arm and still being
relaxed like this so we can reach the shuttle as early as possible this is a
really really really really sharp net shot and we want to kill it. To execute
this shot we want to rotate our wrist a bit so the strings is along with the net.
We want to be loose in our fingers so we can grip and really use our fingers in
this shot in this position we cannot use our whole arm and we want to reach out
for the shuttle as early as possible and it looks like this… So in situations where we’re doing a
real good net shot we want to stay close to the net so when our opponent hits a
net shot back we are prepared and we can go and kill the net shot with the
swiping net kill.

57 thoughts on “Net kill swipe technique tutorial | Badminton Famly

  1. Early. Been watching ur videos regularly for quite some time. Actually the key points you mention in all your videos are exactly the same as what my coach teaches. Keep up the good work. Being an intermediate to advanced player, your videos are helpful to me. Would still suggest making beginner videos for others. Keep up the good work.

  2. These tutorials – it will only be 10 times more useful and practical if you shoot perhaps from GoPro or something?

    Without 'first-person' mode, it's hard to grasp the concept clearly especially when it comes to net kill. I always wasted a lot of opportunities at Net Kill when it was extremely close to the net.

  3. Not a fault as you hit the shuttle on your side of the net and didn’t touch the net 👍
    That shot was always known as the “brush” shot in my day 👍

  4. One thing that you can do is that you can use that aggressive jump and push your body like doing a net kill…and then instantly stopping yourself and slicing the shuttle such that it just bounces off and gives a great dribble….one of the cool deceptions…! 🙂

  5. What about the backhand side? I find that side much harder to brush off the top of the net! Also love your videos and the BTS sections!

  6. Can you explain how to run with leg each part of court. How to run back to forward and from front to backward of court. Please

  7. Soooooo freaking cool!!! I love how meticulous and detailed both your movements are! The control is so inspiring. I always look forward to improving to get movement like you guys

  8. Yes! I have been waiting for this video since the inception of the channel. Finally! Keep up the amazing work!

  9. The answer to the question u asked… it is a fault as the shuttle haven't passed the net fully before it has been hit.
    Good tutorial for brushing though. 👍

  10. As long as the base of the shuttle is over the net on your side, which it was, and you don’t hit the net it is not a fault.

  11. Sir sometime player play the shot with badminton grip from handle its legal shot or not please tell nd if badminton touch the net after the shot its allowed or not please tell me👍👍

  12. Its not fault for what i see. You hit the shuttle after it passes the net. I was amazed and show it to my daughter.

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