Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Aerial 360 video in 5K

The most recognizable castle in the world
is located in Germany, it is called Neuschwanstein. The outlines of this castle influenced the
creation of the Walt Disney Studios logo, while in Disneyland Paris they served as the
inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle. Neuschwanstein was built in the second half
of the 19th century by Ludwig II of Bavaria who was nicknamed “The Fairy Tale King”. The name of the castle translates as “The
New Swan Cliff”. Neuschwanstein stands on a cliff ridge at
the height of around 1,000 meters. Just below, there is a picturesque Schwansee,
or “Swan Lake”, that inspired Tchaikovsky to compose his famous ballet. At the foot of a hill, just a couple kilometres
away, there is another great landmark, St. Coloman Church. In the 11th century, a pilgrim died here and
later he became a saint. A modest chapel was built in his honour and
at the end of the 17th century, it was reconstructed into a beautiful medieval temple. Let’s fly closer! The church towers solitarily over picturesque
alpine meadows and can be easily noticed from a distance. In combination with a legendary castle on
a mountain, this landscape is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Thank you for joining the AirPano flight,
we hope you enjoyed the tour!

13 thoughts on “Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Aerial 360 video in 5K

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  2. 1:22 that church in the middle of nowhere is amazing incredible… nothing to corrupt the peace in that place

  3. Absolutely love your videos the matterhorn and angel falls are 3d masterpieces . Could u use 12k for all your videos? this one is great but it would be awesome in 12k . Keep up the great work .

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