New Caney Lady Eagle Volleyball

The New Caney Lady Eagles have a new coach
and a new attitude going into this season. Currently 7 and 14 overall and evened out
in district play at 2 and 2. Kristen Lemoine says her first year coaching
the ladies has been a learning experience for everyone. “First off gaining their trust, gaining their
respect. You have got to be able to gel with them on
a personal level, you can’t immediately go in and drill, drill, drill. You have got to get to know them, every single
girl on a personal level. Build trust, that is how you build team culture.” Lemoine says she sees a lot of potential in
all of her starters so far, she is just waiting on the leaders to work their way to the top. “Progress, leadership, who is going to step
up and do what it takes. I don’t care about wins and losses at the
end of the day. I care about if they grow, I care about how
they succeed at every single position every single ball being made.” The Lady Eagles are showing in their intensity
on the court what many of their opponents should take note of, they are a team on the
rise. a team with a purpose. “Effort, heart. I tell these girls every single day have effort,
have heart, have a purpose every single time you touch that ball.”

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