78 thoughts on “*New Footage Fight Between De Kock and Warner Leaked | Aus VS SA 2018 Test Match

  1. Well i still remember Starc teasing pollard in IPL ..but when that guy Gets serious Starc just back off …I would love to want to see warner especially against West Indians or maybe Asian players of Pakistan or India ..becz they get super aggressive as well

  2. What you stupid fucks don't understand is, Aussies don't back down. Candice, maybe what she is. But we don't stone women to death or necklace them.

  3. "His wife and family is out of bounds" as Warner says, is it in the cricket book rule of sledging??? You start it and someone else will end it . Lets see if Warner opens his big mouth again with his typical sledging!

  4. I’ve a serious doubt on Australian players for their maturity….. I mean I’ve not never seen such stupidity at club level cricket also…….

  5. Warner is escape goat for CA and taking advantage of warner and de cock fight to protect smith , as a captain its his whole responsibilty….

  6. They are frusrtarede since they are not winning any games. They are going down day by day. They cann't losses anymore. They need play positive cricket and need to work hard, because other teams are not like teams of 1999-2007.

  7. Cricket is gentlemen's game and ausis are not. As they all are cheaters .😂😂😂😂😂😂 Now everyone should know how they wone world cup

  8. From what Warner is, he can only inspire people to be ruthless hypocrites who believe that winning is more important than sportsmanship. Rahul Dravid or Jacques Kallis should be requested to mentor Australian players about aggression on the field.

  9. For all of you complaining that it is Warners fault you clearly missed the attitude coming De Kock FIRST.
    The guy in between Warner and De Kock reaches back his arm to motion to De Kock to stop it whatever he was saying. Look at the video again and then judge.

  10. Best is their true colours came out. And now they are all sorry and crying but lets face it justice was served accordingly

  11. Just a little sledge mate. When people whisper cheat in your ear from now on it's not going to be to do with your missus.

  12. David warner… Oh i love to see those press conference.. After this… Those fake tears.. Whatever it is. God is real. You got. What u deserve…..
    Lots of middle fingers to you my dear warner..

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