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So there’s you know our series our popular minecraft series minecraft murder run Nico had the idea to do the exact same thing Inside a fortnite. So what we’re doing we explain all the rules during the video But what I want to ask you guys if you guys want us to do this again I don’t know maybe in a different part of the map with different guns with different perks for the killer for the hiders let us know hit the like button down below the more likes the more awesome you are I Don’t know you guys want us do this again. Hit the like button down below also hit that little beeeeelll Hope you guys enjoy the video So there’s welcome to you guys you guys know our series in Minecraft this is the outer murder run in fortnite, so They do the robot. So the first murderer is gonna be we have we have Nico Craner and mr. – hello. Mr Chang is first time playing election The first killer is gonna be Crainer crater go ahead get all your stuff So what we can do the rules are the killer can get two weapons of his choice. He can get a jet pack and He can get one utility item of his choice per round. We’re at the racetrack Whoever has the lowest time at the end of all four rounds wins So Craner get your guns get your jet pack and get your get your utility items You can only get one utility item Okay, why do totally the item two guns right and one Jet pack Yeah, and as as the hiders we can choose five different utility items to hide with so Chang okay, Nico get your utility items. Let’s do this round one Alright, so I think what I’m gonna do for this round we can get five different items I might just get five impulse mates Okay, okay, hold on there’s but I how do I do this, how do I okay eight? Hold on X and Drop three now. I have five these are my five items for this first run I’m just gonna throw Craner all across the map and if Craner dies It just adds to his overall time because he’s got to fall back down and we can kill him okay, round one crater is the killer as What character is that? I? I don’t know picked a lady. Let’s do this. Alright crater. You ugly freak turn around The rules are we cannot use any guns or building materials as the kill or as the hider the killer? Can bring how much building material on your building material? Okay, drop it all and only bring 100 we’re gonna go hide No Chang, don’t die whatever you do don’t die Okay, we have so we have to stay inside of the the racetrack area Yeah, look at is the rule okay within reason Right, where am I right? Alright, it’s odd credit. Okay, I’ll let me get the timer. Let me get the stopwatch Everybody ready? We’re doing just count down. What do I do? Do I count down? I’ll count down in three two one With your document, I’m like a million. I see somebody Have to kill us to confirm the right right you have to kill us, okay Okay, okay he goes down Nikko’s yeah if you die Shield, yeah, that’s good. Good job. Nico, so I forgot to pick up shield Am I allowed to go back and pick up? She’ll know you had full shield. I see Okay, ignored Nico, he’s just coming down to spectate ignore him. He’s in that suit you can see my nametag Okay Chang may actually have had the best spot so obvious that it’s not obvious Attack I’m gonna come to you can we just come to you? Why wait he’s far away Keep giving to loose snow chase stop giving clues dammit coucher I see My blind He’s coming I mean, I’m just as bad as fighting you guys as a Meal. I mean I know where they are brother gonna tell you, okay? They’re only allowed to be inside this race Yes anywhere in the building We’re trying to win Yeah, I mean Who died here whoever died here come pick up the stuff as a dead person to bring it back. Okay? Okay. Okay, okay Wait, okay. I know I know where you are then All right Craner got like four guy there’s craner’s time. I’ll write it down. All right. Let’s go to the next round Nico Do you want to be the next killer since you were the first one to die? I’m down. I’m down All right, let’s do it. All right, Nico. You’re the next killer what you already? Have your guns. Oh, no, what did you choose? He’s got a hunting rifle Okay, I gotta think of a strategy hold on Craner crater I will protect this city Dude I think what I’m gonna do this round Too far I’m gonna bring one fart bomb so I can have 5 different items And I think I think I’m gonna bring hold on So I have one fart grenade and four c4 this hopefully this will go well. Okay is everybody ready? Everybody good? Okay, okay one hi – turn around turn around you’re ugly. Okay turn around All right Jiang what’s that? What’s the plan for this round Chang? That’s the plan. We’re gonna go somewhere. He’s never go to one a cow Where’s that me the way Chang? Okay is everybody ready? Okay Always working on my golf cart crap Chang Chen. Why did you die already? Dude You got cheese boys. Let’s see. Okay. Here’s my plan. I just muted discord I’m gonna load up an area with c4 as soon as he walks in. I’m gonna destroy and kill him. Here we go. What’s Okay, okay Crater bowtie crater don’tdon’t crater. Don’t die. Please crater get away Where are you? I hit the wrong button How much damage did you do to him hundred 100, okay. I’m just spectating up here Man Dang it. All right jack. I had such a good plan for that run Okay, let’s rebuild the map really quick the parts that we blew up Chang You’re the next killer since you die first. You ready for this, homie? Let’s do it. All right sang you’re up there you got your stuff already Okay what I think of a strategy let’s do Like a mile away Okay Chase we’re gonna get your switching teams. Okay, we’re gonna go hide. We’re gonna go hide. Okay, I’m ready So I just need a discord. Here’s what I’m gonna do up here. I want to do this I’m gonna set it all in here Okay, okay I see Betsy miss you see the gingerbread man. No, he’s not. He’s not a gingerbread man is everybody good. Well you guys You through a portal for LA. Yeah, I guess Nico dude Oh I’m saying nothing. I’m not saying oh he oneshot Okay, quite Chiba he’s incredible what so Chang has his 100 materials It has his guns. Does he have a sniper? I don’t know what guns he has. I got one sniper bullet You only got one bullet Oh, I see him he’s trotting down the racetrack, dude He’s trying to get the high score He’s trying to beat you Oh Oh, here’s somebody Oh What did you do? What did you do you throw clingers hanim or something? Oh my gosh, you’re crazy he’s coming Granger No, I Was really camping him, dude The whole pregrated job you can change a Little this is a prank, bro Is over there? Okay All right, Oh Missy and stop being mean wait Wait, you got a jet pack. No. No, that’s me. That’s me. A300 You see four Oh my god, this this is so good We should we should set up a rule where but like in our murder run series where if you get to the truck That Was changed now it’s last stuff I am the final killer let’s do this. Oh, no. All right you guys ready now? it’s my turn I Get two guns I get a jet pack There we go. Okay. Got a jet pack. Uh And I get one utility item on this is gonna be good. Okay, okay Dude, hold on a muting. Good. Goodbye. I think what I’m gonna do I’m gonna use the guided-missile right, I’m gonna use the guided-missile and oh I think I might use the compact SMG guided-missile compact SMG with the jet pack and also, oh I don’t know clingers. I can use one clinger. This is gonna be good guided missile SMG and clinger and let me get I got to get the full health as well. Actually. We’re probably gonna start a new round Yeah, let’s get our I’m gonna get my stuff Compact SMG guided missile clinger jetpack, let’s do this. Alright, you guys you guys hiding? Oh wait you guys already hiding? Oh you guys already going to find okay. I saw somebody so you might want to change your spot Hiding I’m not looking I’m not looking you guys are you guys all hidden already? Okay, okay, hold on okay, I’m gonna I’m not looking I’m just getting to the edge so I can start the timer is everybody ready Okay, well let me get the timer okay, okay, I’m gonna do the countdown everybody ready In three two one Yeah It is time What is it two million? Oh, yeah. I know. It’s a lizard Oh, no, he’s using guided missiles to fight us, dude I might have to run from who do that. Sure Who threw that who threw that who did it better run gotta run? I’m gonna run Nobody’s gonna see me I’m gonna ride and nobody’s gonna see you gotta run. Nobody He’s gonna see me and I’m nobody’s Nobody’s gonna see me Over Craner I got so lucky when I dropped that bomb right there. I had no clue Was good well play okay. So let’s get all of our times will flash them on screen We’ll see who did it. The quickest. All right is everybody ready? I have the x type down. I’m gonna hit Enter key whereas the lowest time is the guitarrist the guter is Okay, okay okay in three two one I Won by what That’s well. I don’t even know Because that was way too close to though it’s way too cool. That guy to rocket is Opie Man check we are the losers. That was good so dude cheeseburgers For now, we’re gonna have this episode here. You guys want us to do this again? Of course hit the like button down below Let us know what guns are what things the doc hiders can use the guns that the killers can use anything Let us know but that was fun To do it yeah where to do it Where’s the new spot on the map to do it, but for now, we’re gonna end this Hope you guys have enjoyed hit the subscribe button dat little beeelll That just happened

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