92 thoughts on “NEW HIDE AND SEEK IN TILTED TOWERS | Fortnite Custom Game

  1. Im tired of people calling it "the zone" the real name is EYE or CIRCLE and some people call the storm the "zone " too. ITS CALLED THE STORM

  2. Hi can we play together fortnite if you are not busy I play on xbox one epic name:DavidsPRO xbox name:fortnite da1ds

  3. I'm always to late never get a reply but if you do see this keep up your channel man your an amazing person and u entertain many ppl I bet it's amazing being someones roll model

  4. I love watching your vids they are hilarious and great i look forward to watching your next vids that will come.

  5. Bro I don’t know how u don’t have like at least 5 million bullets but this was the funniest vid ever

  6. Hey u said u were going to talk to us in the comments so if u can I was wondering if u can say hi to me😀I love watching u vids buy the way

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