And the microphone wasn’t on ya Good one Tanner well again What is going on guys today we are back And today I’m here with Quentin and I’m here with Tristan because it gonna be sibling Hide and Seek Ok But Taylor was like I have school blah blah blah so she did’int want to be in it last second she changed her mind so actually she never said yes in the fist place but Taylor if your watching this you failed me. But today we have three giant flash lights and we have light switches in our house that go like this wait we could of use our phone flashlights no there not bright in enough dude. These are underwater like look they have Camo on them there country boy stuff you know what I’m saying country lights dude these are for frog hunting you never had frog legs those are some good eating right there. Just kidding there’s only one camera one and it belongs to me you guys can have the two normal black ones ha Thanks Loser So if you guys missed he first Episode of this with Dylan and Quentin basically there is three rounds and ever body has a turn to be it and the seeker has to count in my room. Witch is of limits to hide in you can hide anywhere in the basement you can hide anywhere upstairs or up up stairs you can’t go outside you can’t go in the garage and what else. So yeah let me get this light out of this little box here and where gonna get stared we’ll see you guys when its dark. Ok forget about seeing us in the dark Hey Hey these things came with little car charges and stuff like if I ever go camping I’m set. O my gosh this is amazing best thing best purchase I ever made ok we’ll see you guys when it’s dark. (Sound) Oh o hey Tristan Hi So Tristan has volunteered to bee the fist seeker That’s bright Dude look how creeper this face look like I got my eyes on you. So yeah Sixty Seconds Quentin and I are gonna go run and rules are no lights you turn off all the lights upstairs right. Yes You Promise Yes Well actually the bathroom in Taylor bathroom on cause she’s in there. You should of turned it off Your ready Ah I think that’s a yes let’s go Yes Tanner I stared this clip Ha Alright Let’s go let’s do this O Look at that juicy booty. 1 2 I kinda what to get that foam pit first round I’ll just do it right now we don”t really don’t have much time soon ok hopefully he’d don’t see my camera. I wanna set up my phone. 25 26 27 Gotta a blanket lights going off I’m under O how can I get up there how did Tanner do it My counting’s off because it hasen’t been filming for almost 50 seconds and I was only on 30 Alrighty guys I go my phone just in case cause there are ghost I think i hear somebody hope know one went in my room cause it really dirty right now HA hi Hi! Nah no way I saw your arm AH dang it I thought i was completely covered up that’s bull crap dude it was so hard to cover my own self and it was hard to breath in there my camera kept trying to focus cause it on auto focus so it’s really loud I just heard Tristan find Tanner looks life I win this one HA Guess I’m counting next ok I have no idea where Quentin is and wouldn’t help you anyway cause I’m a good Hide and Seeker so have fun. Oh shoot Wasup Hi I heard you find Tanner I win tell I i hid in the closet. He was in the closet. That was my first hiding spot in the first one Well he was on the floor he didn’t even try Ha I thought I herd them up there alrighty you count next I feel like i’m a prison guard Ok i’m gonna start counting once I get to my room what did I do last time for 60 seconds Hm I think I spun around and skiped all the number’s I’ll give them a little more time to find some good spot Crunches I actually watched Jurassic Park today this looks like one of them And that’s a deer I’m gonna hide where Dylan hid last time cause Tanner comes out from right there and hopefully he will just go up the stairs or around the corner. And that’s a snake. And that’s a dog Shh Alright it time to get there probably wondering where I am Oh Children Ah do I have to I kind just want to stay here wait know no body would be down here I’m not gonna even check no one hides downstairs flashlight ho Rose you scared the crap out of me. My light turn’s of automatically oh these probably need charged ok I’m gonna have to be doing this ah there’s Luna k Quentin HA Dylan’s hiding spot. For the last I put my cham over here so my phone behind it so that the screen doesn’t He just found Quentin Quentin’s not really good at this. Dude my I have to go charge it for a little bit Here just use mine and I’ll charge your wireless well I wait to count. OK Now I gotta go find Tristan Ah dududu you think he’d won’t be in the foam pit that was just there that’s to easy whh. Tristan Ok I think he’s coming Sister’s closet is he in here no you gotta remember this is Tristan he’s probably laying on the couch or something not on top off a closet whop there’s a bug did I kill it I don’t know. Tristan your room might be as dirty as Taylor’s in the last this is actually taking me a while first surprise this flash light hasn’t turned off yet Guys I literally feel like a prison guard right now. Lets check this closet no Did u see an unathletic gay cansen come in here No Ok I’m still checking I can stay that because he’s my brother and yeah I’m kidding i love you Tristan there’s no way he’s up there. Ok that check’s out Laundry Room is like the last Room I’ve Check bruh he’s no in here anywhere hey there we go Hi Found you you won that one Behind the freaking washer I was about to check in the washer then I was like no he’s not in there Did you hear what i said about you Ya unathletic gay Kansen Quentin turn I guess I found Him first so that works out he would have to count anyway ha Your cheating I’m watching an Instagram video You turned the lights on you jerk your under areas OK i want my camo one back even if it’s not charged OK have fun Ok i think it gonna stay on it’s yellow now it’s not re i’m gonna go to the guest room. Ok I think it gonna stay on it’s yellow now it’s not red i’m gonna go to the guest room Yeah We were supposed to count to 60 but i don’t really want to count what i’m gonna do is gonna record probably the celling until the time get’s to 60 on the camera ah that’s when 60 seconds. Now i’m in guest room I’ll kill you O my god my room’s so dirty O K i’m gonna try to get up in the attic Tristan gonna be in there guest room Why is the door so hard to open That bug still not better not be here um I’ll go in the bedroom closet he probably won’t check in here Oh my gosh Tristan your quite the Lego collecter What if i get up there ho that’s perfect this is so skinny. I don’t know if i could fit o it just died Oh were at 45 I think i can fit a he’s probably coming Guys look at this i’m litterly squshed the door’s over there OK i’m gonna be quite now and turn of auto focus I could’t find anywhere to hide and my flash light stop working i don’t know where to go I could go to the foam pit but i will get myself buried i am curtenlly really hot, sweaty in my mom’s coset Hey were at 60 There’s know he’s gonna find me first K heard footstep’s upstairs so there could be someone upstairs Luna This sucks so bad I’m getting probabilistic Ah did you find Tristan first No Holy crap dude How did u get up there I literally stepped on that to avid the legos look how tight this place is Oh I see it Oh my gosh it so hot up here my only friend’s were these Legos and that celling tiddy right there. I’m about to start sweating just walking in here Yeah it’s so freaking hot there’s no air there is a vent right there but it’s doing nothing Do you need help down or a you gonna swing down Oh I’ll fall o god try to not step on the Lego’s alright let’s go find Tristan I mean you can our enjoy the ride Alright He is very close to me, not in this room though Sorry if i look gross i’m really hot If he puled the classic under the bed and i didn’t even look ah i don’t see him down there kay litterly where I have him on video running into that room I didn’t check the cabinet’s i skimmed through the bathroom there’s no you could fit in there could you fit in here could a person fit nope I didn’t check you mom’s room I figure it was of limits Where do you put your cloths. I put them on my body actually haha Hi That was where I was last time I couldn’t find a place We just stole each other’s spot last Well who won Not me Ha Do you think you did I found you 2 pretty fast ok also i was the last one to be found both times WHO’S THE WINNER The sexy say cansen yay haha ok alright i’m gonna do the outcro on my camera cause i like it the most Well guys we had some technical diffuses with the flash lights it’s like we just did ha But i found pop tart’s it’s all gonna be OK but i think that one was even more fun then the first one i just like being in the dark with 2 guys with one being my brrother yeah Anything can happen in canses ok that’s enough of that But were gonna go ahead and end the video there and I hope you guys enjoyed it and there was a new house Hide And Seek i keep calling it the new house I don’t know if i called it that in the tittle or not probably should’t off were been here for 1 month and a half but that’s the only name i have for it Call it normal house freez tag Haa Quentin calls it the for crest and should i start calling it that they probably were think were playing in a castel But i hope you guys enjoyed it and thank you guys some much for watching don’t forget to leave a like it you enjoyed subscribe if your new and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out It ain’t my fault (MUSIC PLAYS)


  1. So basically it's like normal hide and seek but the lights are off and the seeker/murderer is armed with a nerf gun. The hiders have to act like they are hiding from a murderer. If they are found, they are bombarded with nerf bullets, and they can't move well it happens
    Like so tanner can see 😂

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  3. Do murder mystery it’s where the hiders hide the murderer shoots the hiders with a nerf gun or punch’s them and the sheriff shoots the murderer

  4. You can do call of duty advanced warfare hide and seek to it’s where the seeker shoots the hiders the hiders can shoot the seeker if they shoot the seeker the become the seeker

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    EDIT:who else heard the illuminati theme in the background in the first bit then it changed

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