New Planet 11 Times Larger Than Jupiter Stumps Scientists

A group of scientists have discovered a distant
planet that is 11 times bigger than the largest planet in our solar system: Jupiter. But the
size of the exoplanet isn’t what’s stumping the team of researchers. The newly discovered planet, dubbed HD 106906
b, orbits a single star, like Earth, but at a distance so far it’s baffling scientists.
(Via KPNX) The exoplanet is so far away from its host
star in fact, that according to current planet formation theory, it really shouldn’t even
exist. In most commonly accepted planet formation
theories, planets that orbit a parent star are thought to begin as relatively small,
asteroid-type bodies that got clustered together in the disk of gas and dust surrounding the
host star. (Via NASA But that theory doesn’t explain how a gigantic
exoplanet like HD 106906 b formed 60 billion miles away from its host star, more than 650
times the distance of the earth’s orbit from the sun. (Via KMFB) In comparison, the furthest planet away from
the sun in our solar system, Neptune, is only 30 times further away than the earth’s orbit
from the sun. (Via Discovery) The lead researcher, a graduate student at
the University of Arizona, says the perplexing planet really doesn’t fit any other models
of planet or star formation either. “Systems like this one, where we have additional
information about the environment in which the planet resides, have the potential to
help us disentangle the various formation models … Future observations of the planet’s
orbital motion and the primary star’s debris disk may help answer that question.” (Via HD 106906 b was discovered using a thermal
infrared camera mounted on a telescope in Chile, and was confirmed using data from the
Hubble Telescope.

69 thoughts on “New Planet 11 Times Larger Than Jupiter Stumps Scientists

  1. i think we need an interesting news like we have found a new life in a planet not news of planet we dont have the technology  even to reach it or we dont know if it is exist , the whole galaxy full of billions of plants with different variety of shapes and colors

  2. Could it be that the massive planet formed much closer to its star earlier in that solar system and drifted slowly away due to the planets orbit speed? The planet may not orbit its sun fast enough to continue its earlier closer orbit.

  3. interesting……..cause this show that it is possible that other planets could exist in our solar system we still hasn't discovered yet that might contradict the planet formation theory around our sun.

  4. It seems the comment section believes this is either a rogue captured planet, a brown dwarf star, or a bigass planet that simply got tossed out of it's original orbit.

    I agree. I'm betting $1 this slightly sensationalist interpretation of this find will be devoured by the scientific process and one of the aforementioned explanations will rise to the surface.

  5. Interesting it could be a rogue planet just passing by, or a brown dwarf. At that distance it will be dozens even hundreds of years before they'll even be sure it's orbiting that star.

  6. So when the doctor meant to lock gallifrey in time he acidently sent it to a parrel universe witch happens to be our universe


  7. if the star has a lot of gravity, in proportion to the distance and size of this planet, etc,  perhaps it shouldn't be so baffling.

  8. Wrong the farthest planet from the sun is Varuna look it up there are like 9 other planets in our solar system Pluto Eric makemake haumea ixion orcus quarour and Sendai do research

  9. Not true!
    One most common theory is that large planets are cores
    of once exploded stars as supernovas and could come in
    different sizes, or remnants of their gazes, left over after
    new stars were born.

  10. Our science is limited due to comparing everything with what we already know and see. These scientists need to think more outside the box but that's just my opinion. 🙂

  11. Maybe the planet just drifted out from where it formed? Planetary migration seems to be common because we are finding gas giant planets in places where they shouldnt be like close to the star where it couldnt form cause all the gasses would get blown away to the outer solar system, so the only way they could get there is if they migrated inwards.

  12. The planet HD106906b is most probably a gas giant that was accelerated out of its home solar system. I believe it is a rogue planet that was captured by another solar system. This would explain the extreme orbit and how the planet is so giant.

  13. Not really a misery – its a failed star that turned into a very large gas giant. 

    These types of planets, due to lacking a star, are called rogue planets.  Its only later that this rogue gas giant entered the gravity well of the star it now orbits.

  14. makes me laugh when they get stumped because lets be honest THEY DONT KNOW EVERYTHING. AND TELL US SO MANY LIES ABOUT our solar system and mars and much more ceres is a planet like earth and vesta. yet the greatest technology in the world cant give us a clear image of the simplest of things like the back side of our moon for instance. or they seem to always show us mars as a red dusty planet. and the real fact is not true. and the terra-forming done to mars is amazing and beautiful. something they just dont want us to see. there are many amazing wonders in our world they know about today. that we will never see. but some of these lies can be undone with a great pc software called photoshop.  its time we demand some truth. stop these animals from lieing to us so they can dominate us all. they are so scared of lettingus know there is life out there. cause they think it will deminish there power over us. just shows you what kind of people we are dealing with. what menaces they are. and how selfish and the humanity they simply dont posses. anything i found id want to share with the world. with humanity. wee should know. its what helps us to grow. but for far too long. we have been under there control. shown only the simplest of things and not in the right way. we are lied to and deceived every single day. and all our lives. so when you see something for how it trully is. you will reject it. ive seen this so many times. if only people would oopen there minds. when i started using photoshop on mars to take away the false reds nasa puts into the images then use brightness and colour hues to find the correct image that just pops out at you you think. how could they lie to us all so easily. for such a long time.and what else have we been told that simply is false. get out there guys and find your own truths. these elites these men in power. are evil and out for themselves. what we are shown is a joke. imagine when we finally find out the truth. and see how we have been lied to since school. imagine then how we will feel about the people that are suppose to be there for humanity and not for themselves. we are being ripped off. the elite are out there gaining the beauty and the richness of the universe and our own homes and there taking it all for themselves. we deserve the beauty of our universe. these men these greedy  unnatural men dont deserve it. they are like spoilt children and they dont want to share.

  15. Million or billion? Three or thirty? Dude you talk too fast or not clearly enough. Remember being taught 'pronunciation' in grammar school and language?

  16. It sounds to me like it didn't start out as a planet but as a dwarf star and this could considered a failed two star system. They probably started out in a much more elliptical orbit and once the two bodies came to an electrical equilibrium the failed star was brought into a more circular orbit as the find it today.

  17. I liked the information after I listened 3 or 4 times. I know the commentator was speaking fast to get everything in, in the amount of time he was allotted, so this is for the producers of the information, please slow down. Not everyone is young and thinks fast any more. Even that slows down with age. So be kind to yourself and be heard by all that you would like to reach. We are interested,  that's why we listen.

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  19. You know how sometimes planets could fall out of orbit and drift along the cold endless space for billions of years and are called "rouge planets" maybe this is one of them, a poor huge planet that lost orbit with its real home star. Maybe this planet is drifting towards this new star which now it is starting to orbit! 😀

  20. Simple: like many stars it's a binary one, and this is no large planet but a dead star, perhaps a very cold red dwarf

  21. John dude you cannot wear that kind of bowtie pattern with that shirt. It is jarring. A solid bowtie or diagonal stripes would have been a better choice.

    I wonder if we in fact do have a large planet sized body in our absolute outer solar system if some distant observer is looking at it wondering where the the earth like planets are and how it also got there.

  22. Kfmb why they didn't name it planet vegeta lmao ,damn scientists or NASA astronomers can't give these planets a proper name

  23. But what size is the sun ,, the so called host star,,because that could be the real reason it's father away because that the sun is also bigger and that could make sense in that the distance and the size is relative to the magnetic field and the mass that is influenced.

  24. In our solar system there are many MANY other planets for us to discover, Top 2 that we know of that are the biggest are Saturn and Jupiter, These two planets were discovered be top 2 biggest for now, based on science the universe is massive making meanings of more stars,galaxies,planets and more races beside humanity. Closest thing we have to a new race to scientists are Aliens, Aliens are creatures similar to humans but shorter and alot smarter with better equipment has in beams or laserish beam guns as in our theory of what they are, there UFOS that have been spotted on earth by others reason why no one believes in this action or theory is because of photo shopping and our air force, we don't really know whats in the universe black holes could suck the earth and all the planets making a huge planet that's a theory as well, Based on science we know planets have different temperatures than earth based how close and how far it is from the sun. Different races can cause new species be born with mutation that we can call aliens but aliens sign of us as aliens as well, If aliens do exist its hoping that we can meet them and tell them somehow we are not a threat to them as they always watch over us as in comics,movies and tv shows aliens appear be a threat to us. Science is not always correct based on our brains and how we think no one knows what can happen to the universe if all the 7 planets we know are sucked in together creating a giant planet. If we can find new races on different planets like us some how maybe we can communicate with them. But heres a quote i say. "The universe is full of beautiful stars,galaxies,planets,dark skies. Our world will be turned evolve has in those groups maybe planets will turn into one of those kinds, For now we must fine whats in our universe and see if aliens exist or do they or any race besides us and animals exist to threaten us". As in galaxies in school we learn that farest stars are younger and less hot ones in the middle are concered be oldest and hottest but why would a planet be in the sort of middle operation based on science we have figure more about space and our oceans.

  25. Amazing how we can never visit Pluto or a far away but we can get in a rocket ship and fly and discover a planet outside of the Suns frost zone

  26. Question: The surface temperature of HD106906 b, is about 1500-1600 Degrees Celsius(Sun is 5500 degree Celsius), or about 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

    As HD106906B is so far out from its parent star, lets assume it has a "Mini-Solar system around it". So as it generates so much heat and I assume some form of mild light could we assume some of that heat/light goes out into the local/surrounding space, AND would it be possible for planets around HD106906B to be warmed up by this "Large Hot Jupiter" despite it technically not classed as a star? Also I would what would be the Habitable zone (for water) if it had planets around it.


  27. I am still having a lot of trouble understanding how it is that we can see planets around other stars. No matter how close(?) they might be. I actually think it's made up news.

  28. Well, this planet may be a captured rouge planet, or a planet that was flung into its current orbit by another planet closer into the star. Either scenario means that a larger object ejected this planet from where it formed either a larger planet or a star. Alternatively this planet might not really be bound to the system and we just happened to catch it as it passed by. Very interesting find.


    Think again everybody………………..??

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