New robot flies just like a bat

Bats are extremely agile flyers During flight they morph their wings– changing the shape of the bones and skin during different parts of the wingbeat Bats have more than 40 joints in their wings In order to capture this agility in a robot, researchers created Bat Bot based on the most important joints in the bat wing Bat Bot is a fully autonomous flying robot, Weighing in at 93 grams And its articulated wings are covered in an ultrathin, 56-micron membrane It also moves its legs in order to shape the wing surface With this design, Bat Bot is able to fly straight, dive, and even make banking turns Not only is Bat Bot a new more agile type of aerial robot– its design may give insight into how real bats use their legs to control pitch during flight.

6 thoughts on “New robot flies just like a bat

  1. Nice progress in a compact shape. It seems to be not able to gain altitude on its own in any part of the video though. Some older slightly larger bird-like flapping wing robots succeed in that for many minutes though, like this one in 2012.

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