New Zealand Māori Schools cricket play first match

The newest national Maori
sports team took to the pitch today. The group making history is the NZ Maori
Secondary Schools Cricket team. As Irena Smith reports,
Cricket NZ created the initiative to encourage more Maori
into cricket. A game that is carrying
the Maori name for the first time. This is the first
Maori schoolboy’s cricket team playing a Governor-General’s
invitation team in Wellington today. Earlier, they were presented
with their caps and pounamu by a renowned Maori Black Cap. It’s an initiative put into play
by Cricket NZ, and the players selected
from all over the country are proud. The team is staying at a marae. It’s a first for many, but players already
value the experience. It’s hoped this is only
the beginning and a girls’ team will be added. Hitting back at the saying
that cricket isn’t a Maori sport. The pathway is now open
for young Maori wanting to make it to the highest levels
of the game of cricket. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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