New Zealanders are easy to work with – Thilan Samaraweera

[Applause] wake knack and you tell us how you found it I think really good New Zealand people are very cool and humble and love to work with them and the moment so far everything went really well I think today we had a very good session three four hours I think boys maximized the conditions I think that’s very important because normally goal having spinning spinning we got Sri Lankan love to play gold Sri Lanka team obviously being under covers a lot for you know and it might be some on the covers tomorrow as well what how did what does that maybe mean for the pitch that they were playing on I think for at the moment what I saw I can’t say ball one turning but it’s normally five sessions believe it all the wicket then after that started to spin but star spin very slowly normally but very less bounce you’re paying quite a lot and the needs it looks like trying the spinners how do you think New Zealanders these guys are team placement I think they may improve locked I don’t care no need to say leading top players in the world I think other boys getting really really well and they want the UAE after many more years you a good win against Pakistan very happy to beat in new way and Henry because a lot of boys playing spin really well oh and have you enjoyed working with coach Gary steed and Peter Photon Oh brilliant I think all the coaching staff I suppose start really really cool and very easy to work and very easy to communicate that that I think that’s a main thing oh and finally what tips have you given the boys about playing in the heat over here and trying to you need any hits for that oh not much tips I think I stalk about how to play spin and general local rope no local knowledge and playing knowledge I passed to the players and the support staff oh and hats uh faculties to you think obey it stuff I think Sri Lanka they have a very good team honestly and especially they won the last of a series against South Africa that’s a massive win they are pretty confident I think this one is a keen keen hustle but good thing is New Zealand Air Force peanuts that’s I think that’s a very plus point for New Zealand subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and don’t forget to hit the bell icon for a latest content

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