Newbury & Thatcham Hockey Club shares their Club Matters story

I’m Club Chairperson.
I’ve been with the club for 15 years. In that time the club has
evolved substantially. The Club Matters story has really
been a bit of an evolution. It started off at the beginning of last season
with a greater engagement I think, of hockey. A lot more dialogue,
a lot more communication and then we were invited to come
to a Club Matters workshop. During it, we started looking at the demographics
and the product offering to hockey. Is it relevant nowadays? How can we make
it more enjoyable and how can we grow it? I’ve been here a season and a half,
so a year-ish. For me, I’ve seen a lot of
development through people, so a lot of people coming in,
progressing through the teams. Within the club, I’ve had many hats:
committee member, men’s representative to the men’s section;
I’m a head senior coach. Club experience has probably
made me the person I am today. I walked in those doors nearly
10 years ago now, probably about 100 kilos, whereas today I’m sort of
stood here about 75/78. So my fitness has changed,
my confidence has changed. I probably wouldn’t be stood here
talking to you 10 years ago. So what we started to work out
was how do we promote, how do we get more engagement
with other players, with former players, and to really look at how
we can improve ourselves and be more effective. We’re hoping to build up our own pitch over
the other side in a couple of season’s time, we’ll be having a brand new AstroTurf,
which we need because with the ladies session we’re out here with, you know, 40+ ladies,
who want coaching on a Wednesday night. I try and get as many of the juniors
involved as quickly as possible, so making sure that the environment
for them is really good, so making sure that even if we do
lose a game, it’s still really fun, so then they’ll come to the social events
and then we build the community. This whole idea of Club Matters,
it’s about the club, so that people feel engaged
and people want to participate.

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