17 thoughts on “News Now Stream 07/30/19 (FNN)

  1. 400 Year Anniversary of the U.S.A. The Constitutional Republic! (A democratic government is like two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch!)

  2. Weeboo 247 you must have some mental issues this great president has done more in 3 years than any other in 8!!! obama blank man did nothing for blacks!!!

  3. Marking the Re-Birth of our nation. Thank you for saving us all, and God Bless you Mr. President.

  4. 24 Hour False Flag Alert (A Deep State Attempt to Deflect From News Damaging to Their Narrative)
    [24hr Warning]

    Be vigilant.

    See something.

    Say something.

    Know your surroundings at all times.

    end fake news. end the fed. slaves no more. WWG1WGA

  5. Please read this!

    Do you agree with me that our politicians all talk like lawyers? and do you agree that lawyers talk in a language that we can't really understand? watching the government trying to pass a bill, is like hearing a lawyer talking, and we need a person to explain what the government is saying, so we turn to the reporters to explain this to us. and we have been doing this all our lives. so now to learn that the reporters were lying to us. and the government has been doing things behind our back that we had been lied to about. and now we don't know who to trust anymore. who is lying and who is tilling us the truth. in the past, we have had help with this by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and now we have others but the news reporters are all saying that these people are not to be trusted but only they are to be trusted. and what is fake news? doing what was normal is not normal anymore. it is time to stop going to what we had been doing because that didn't work, so we need to find a way that does work. stop letting someone do the job for you, do your own fact-finding, watch the live show and then go and hear both sides say about that live show we just watched, we then get to see which one is changing what we just watched our self. and you make up your own mind on who you want to believe.

    Do you also agree with me that our congress is not working for us anymore? So what do we do? clean the swamp? just what does that mean? vote everyone out and bring in a completely new group. people who are not being paid off by lobbyists and or big money who have paid our congress to vote for them and not for us. to remove the ones who have been bought off, with a new person. and we tell them what we want. stop letting them tell us what we should want. I really want to know your answer! do you agree with me or not let me know!

  6. Responding to a question about commercial liens under the common law on Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Christine Lagarde.

    Hochgeladen von Karen Hudes am Jul 30, 2019

    Donald Trump went into default because he could not answer where the US' monetary gold reserves are (with a trust at the World Bank and IMF called the Global Debt Facility). James Trafficant…Vollständige Beschreibung

  7. Wonder if Fox will report on NK launching a 3rd missile or the stock market crashing? Nah, Trump just has to fart and Fox will be there to taste it and tell Trump's Cult base how amazing it is.

  8. I wonder how many realise the quality of our president’s presentation despite the massive opposition… important moment..

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